Memphis Pound Kills Kittens Because It Can

Kitten #245167, killed by the Memphis pound.

Three healthy orange kittens were killed at the Memphis pound on August 24, 2012 because, according to the records obtained via FOIA request, “space is needed for incoming animals”.  Not only is “space” an unjustifiable reason to kill shelter pets, in this case – it’s a lie. MAS has plenty of empty cages for incoming animals.  The pound never operates at capacity and always has lots of available space.

Empty cage bank at the Memphis pound.

The only things that ever get filled to capacity with pets at MAS are the dumpsters.  The rest of the $7.2 million dollar facility is just a devil’s playground.

How many more, Memphis? Will anyone step up to defend the rights of baby cats to live? If not, the pound is going to keep right on killing. Because it can.

Kitten #245168, killed by the Memphis pound.

21 thoughts on “Memphis Pound Kills Kittens Because It Can

  1. These kittens could have found wonderful homes very easily in a place that allowed them to be adopted.
    RIP Babies
    The only possible reason for killing at MAS is because they enjoy doing it and they can get away with it.
    What the hell is wrong with the people of Memphis that they allow this to go on and on and on?

  2. This place is a hell hole. Its a state of the art – brand new – model facility that STILL KILLS and ABUSES so many. What is so frustrating is the fact that NO ONE seems to want to step up and do tht work necessary to change it. Shirley – you’ve posted many times asking for help from an attorney or people in Memphis ? Has anyone come forward? There is such apathy in that city – about the animals. Tennessee is HORRIBLE in that regard. I’ve had Commissioners and News Media tell me how sad and frustrating it is to witness the lack of care and support and interest that people here have abouut the animals There are so many of us that do – but the disregard for the value of all animal life is very prevasive in this state. Tennessee “Fighting Cocks” sports team from East TN, Tennessee Walking Horse soaring, etc. etc.

  3. I just e mailed American Humane Society if they can be of help or to try to let us know who to contact…..I am looking

    1. HSUS will not help and does not care. They are perfectly fine with the idea of killing healthy shelter pets.

      Change must come from Memphis.

      1. They will not take action. In fact, they have been known to give out awards to very high kill shelters. Don’t waste your time with any of the big “animal welfare” organizations. They simply do not care about anything but power and money.

  4. The saddest part is that these kittens are at the easiest age to find homes for. Their worth is at their highest right now–old enough to be weaned, still small enough to be ultra cute. People snap up kittens at this age like hotcakes, they sell themselves. I think this puts the lie to the myth that “shelters don’t WANT to kill”, because obviously they do. If they can’t make even a minimal effort to place these kittens, then the only logical conclusion is that they wanted to kill them.

    1. Absolutely! I sent the “gang” (wharton, rogers, hooks and hall) an email this morning and, naturally, have heard nothing back. They must enjoy killing – they surely do nothing to try and prevent it.
      These beautiful kittens belong on a billboard somewhere in Memphis where people will see the lives that are snuffed out just because they refuse to stop killing.

  5. I am going to write a letter to the mayor and hand deliver it to city hall. I had no luck today. The media didn’t show up and nobody else either. I’ll stand up though and write that letter and I’ll call and call until I get a meeting.

      1. Thank you. I am not giving up. It is time to seriously clean house at MAS and city hall. I will not let my voice be stifled.

  6. I contacted animal rescue corps (ARC). The MAS is not just killing shelter companion animals but they are torturing them. How can anyone find this reasonable?

  7. i wish i could move to memphis and help. breaks my hear. the employees need to be jailed. lets do this to their kids and see how fast we get jailed. a breath is a breath no matter who takes it.

  8. It’s not just in Memphis that this is happening and why is it allowed to continue is beyond me…what is wrong with people and our society?? This needs to is WRONG..there are other alternatives.I hate reading stuff like this but in a way it’s good because people need to be aware and know what is happening in these shelters.I have read sooo many articles about some employee”s that work at these shelters that have been caught abusing these poor helpless animals…where do they find these people?? they should be more selective when hiring ..and these “people” whatever you want to call them need to be held accountable for their actions or in some cases lack of.It frustrates the hell out of me that we are powerless to prevent and stop this from happening…Changes need to be made

    1. Thank you. I really don’t need anything, but the animals do. You can write a letter to the mayor or our representatives; it would be awesome to get a letter from someone in Australia!!! I have an email list of all the people you would need to send it to, and I will give it to you if you want. You can email me at Again, thanks.

  9. Just maddening. When will it stop? They MUST enjoy it, that’s the only conclusion one can come up with. Fatalplus costs money and adoption fees give them a PROFITT. If they are willing to forego the profit and spend more on Fatalplus…then that’s the only thing that I can come up with. Plus how many of them have been caught in things involving dog-fighting rings? This won’t stop until they are all out of there.

  10. This madness has to stop. Some of the people who work at these shelters should be fired and not allowed near animals. They are sickj individuals.

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