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    1. It’s on the YouTube posting, just not embedded into the video. The music is ‘For You’ by Parallel Lions.

  1. I’ve only just seen this – at first, I was scoffing, but once he started putting together the boxes, I couldn’t stop grinning, and by the time he was taping, I was in love – with him and the cat! Thanks for posting – may have to investigate making one for my cat when I get back home.

  2. I used to work for a company that supplied me with all the 20″x18″x18″ boxes I could want. I used a 71/2″ diameter circular cutter to cut holes in the boxes simular to what is shown in the video, but I glued the boxes together with hot melt glue. They were made in several different shapes, all over 6′ tall.

    Some were built in a cross shape, some L shaped, some squared with a center with no boxes, some with boxes as steps, but all were very stable, couldn’t be knocked over and completely enjoyed by all of the cats.

    I called them ‘Cat Castles.’ They were expanded in size so I would have to move them outside to finish making them large enough. The cats (10) played in/on them until the rain made a mess of them. By that time, replacement Cat Castles were already grown to the size to be moved outside.

    For the year I worked at the place that supplied me with the boxes, the cats always had at least one Castle. Capturing one on film never occured to me, so I’ll just have to take 2 pictures next time.

    I also made a couple of cat scratching posts from the cardboard 7&1/2″ discs cut from the boxes, attached to a wood disc base with a metal rod through the middle. One was sold, the other I still have & still being used from 20 years ago. Cats have prefered this scratching post to anything else.

    (Why am I just now getting to this email?)

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