That Hopey-Changey Stuff: Working Out Fine

It’s normal in any fight for major social reform to feel, at times, that all hope is lost.  These are the valleys we all must plow through in our efforts to ensure the right of shelter pets to live.  Thankfully, it ain’t all valleys:

I just got dropped off at the airport by an animal control director who volunteered to drive me. She wanted to talk about how we could work together to improve the animal welfare landscape in Kentucky.


She can’t change the past, she said, but she can change the future, which she is committed to doing for the animals of her community and for animals all over Kentucky.

The above excerpt is from a post on Nathan Winograd’s Facebook page this morning.  It gives me hope.  Read the full story here.

And to the shelter director in Kentucky:  Thank you.  Let us know if you need us to share pets online, promote your adoption events, help raise money or just send you a virtual high five. We’re on it.


4 thoughts on “That Hopey-Changey Stuff: Working Out Fine

  1. I read that posting this morning and thought :) just what I needed to hear today. I hope that there are other shelter leaders out there right now looking into the No Kill movement with an open mind. So many shelter animals are depending on us having a willingness do look into new ways of doing things.

  2. WOW! Something to brighten up my day! I am so very glad that REDEMPTION got her angry at herself!!! Way to go, Nathan:-)) and hat’s off to that local advocate who would not relent.

  3. That is so wonderful. If theres anyone who can change people’s minds about this, it’s Nathan, and Im very glad that this ACO finally saw the light and will be committed to change. As she said, she may not be able to change the past, but she can do something about the future, and thats the most important thing.

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