Updated: The Best Thing I’ve Read All Week

Saved by a kitty hero (image via Facebook)

An ACO in Shelby Co, KY was attending a required euthanasia workshop where 3 healthy kittens who had been labeled as scared by a pound (not Shelby Co) were slated for killing.  The Shelby Co ACO did not simply go along with this idea and instead brought the kittens back to Shelby Co for care.  Thank you Denise for doing what was right.  It’s often easier said than done but you got it done.

Shelby Co No Kill Mission is seeking homes for these 3 ‘fraidy cats and donations for their vetting.

Update, September 30 (via Facebook): 

Kelly Jedlicki I updated the status of the fraidy cats on Shelby county no kill mission’s page but wanted to make sure for those who may not have liked us yet are updated. The girls have been named Shirley T (brown tabby), Jennifer W (black) and Anita B (brown & white tabby) after three women who are making a difference in this animal world. With these strong names, these kittens will make a difference as well. They are learning to trust people and are LOVING can food and soft bedding.
How do you like that?  Tiger cat FTW!

28 thoughts on “Updated: The Best Thing I’ve Read All Week

  1. I am afraid of the answer but why where the kittens there? Were they the “hands on” work? Thank you ACO who saved them! You are awesome.

  2. What a refreshing piece of good news. Denise, you rock! Good for you for refusing to kill these precious kittens. I will get a check in the mail for them – sorry it can’t be more.

      1. Thanks – guess it didn’t sink in that this goes to the no kill mission and not the shelter. Duh – it’s Friday afternoon!
        I will get a check in the mail tomorrow.
        Thanks again for saving these kittens. Hope you can find homes for them quickly. They are so beautiful.

      2. Donation sent! And if anyone is local to them, their website says they need kitten food and KMR – stop in, drop some off, and tell them how glad you are that there are people like them in the world.

  3. Made small donation, I too wish it could be more. So impressed by Denise, way to go!! It is just shocking anyone could kill these beautiful kittens. Good luck finding good homes, shouldn’t be hard. Doing the right thing sure feels good, doesn’t it. If everybody gets together, the sky is the limit. Thanks, Denise, you have made everyone so happy.

  4. Now, that must have been an interesting scene, an ACO interrupting a “euthanasia” workshop to save the kittens. What would the proverbial fly on the wall have seen?

    1. I’m picturing that scene in Men in Black where all the candidates are sitting in their stupid egg chairs, pathetically trying to write on paper without any flat surface and Will Smith walks over to the only table in the room and drags it noisily across the floor while everyone gawks at him. Substitute kittens in cage for table.

  5. If you have some tissues handy, make yourself happier by watching the video on their home page. It’s titled Shelby County No-Kill Mission vs. PETA and it is just awesome! Yes, you will likely get teary-eyed, but you’ll definitely cheer just as much, if not more. The animals Shelby County No- Kill Mission has saved are lucky, lovely, and loved, and that little part of Kentucky is a better place for everyone.

    1. great song, I love the stats, beautiful pictures. Now we just need someone that can beat into the brains of the idiots at MAS on how to do it.. oh.. I forgot.. those people are like Guineas.. there’s only one half a brain cell if you put all the employees together in one room.

  6. It’s good to hear about good people doing good things for good cats. Shelby County No Kill Mission deserves a donation as the cats do their lives. And thank YesBiscuit for the info.

  7. Ghoulishly they always kill a pet at every one of these “euth classes”. So this begs the question – who did they kill instead? I don’t really want to know – it is a rhetorical question – unless this ended the class and they didn’t “demo” on any living creature.

    1. Well, most of it is just teaching how to do different kinds of injections. And I don’t know about yours, but my vet is injecting things into animals all day long…not fatal things, mind you, but other things.

      So I certainly think that we can teach ACO’s how to inject things any time. Then, when they have a true euthanasia case come in, they can show them how it’s done. Hell, spend the day at any busy vet ER and you’ll see a few euthanasia cases come in.

      There is absolutely NO NEED to “practice” on healthy, treatable animals. Just as doctors don’t need to “practice” heart transplants on healthy humans so that when they have to do a “real” transplant, they can get it right.

  8. From their video, the Shelby Mission has a higher live release for cats than dogs. I think this is the first time I’ve seen this…not just in no kill, but period.

  9. Fabulously done – and thank you Shelby No Kill Mission for being a leader and a steadfast agent of change. HUGS to you Denise!

  10. I know Denise and I am not surprised at all that she did this….she is the most outstanding advocate for animals that I have the honor to know. Bravo!

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