Fire Up the Cupcake Machine: Another Dungeon Ignored by HSUS

There is currently some online drama surrounding the Humane Society of Richmond Co in NC.  The basic issue appears to involve money and has the board threatening to terminate its animal control contract with the county.  E-mails and Facebook postings are circulating stating basically that 250 pets at the HSRC have until October 31 to get adopted before the evil county takes over and starts killing animals.  But as Fix NC points out, the HSRC is already killing animals – more than 70% of those who came through the door in 2011.  Could the county possibly be worse?

Reader Dot contacted me about a number of pets at HSRC posted on FB whom she wanted to help network but was unable to because the photos contain no identifying information.  And they depict pets who appear to be suffering in filthy conditions and without veterinary care.  Here are some of the unidentified pets posted on the HSRC Facebook page.  As heart wrenching as the dog photos are, I found it even harder to look through the cats.  Many of them are at the front of the cages, crying or reaching out, apparently starved for attention and desperate to be let out of their cages.

Again I ask, why isn’t HSUS helping the pets at this shelter?  The NC chapter of HSUS is constantly telling us how wonderful the shelters there are and how it’s the so-called irresponsible public that needs to be punished.  Ask them why they are ignoring the suffering of pets at the Humane Society of Richmond Co.

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  1. Instead of asking HSUS about it, why isn’t this being reported to the NC Dept. of AG who oversees and inspects shelters? It needs to be reported to the group responsible for overseeing its conditions, not HSUS.

      1. HSUS or no HSUS, the problem is the NC Dept of Ag. If they find this acceptable, they would find anything acceptable. Why are there such weak animal protection laws in NC? Real change would be to vote out those against animal welfare and vote in those who will implement changes and laws of progress and reform.

  2. They have only NINE pets on They are an Affiliate of HSUS. I’ve just emailed them and reached out with some helpful suggestions and information. I’ll let ya’all know if I hear anything back.

  3. ARH…just read the inspection. The floors are in horrible shape and not sealed…meaning they hold disease. Their records all the way around were deemed Unacceptable. What ALWAYS strikes me about these inspections is that there are NEVER check back dates, or a plan of action to improve, etc. Such a farce in every state.

      1. Again, then THEY ARE THE PROBLEM! This is like blaming the cheerleaders and not the paid coachs when the football team looses the game.

  4. In this case, I agree with the person who said forget HSUS and focus on regulators in North Carolina. It would need a coordinated campaign of lobbying and media outtreach, along with some smart protesting and networking, but it could be done even if no one currently in government wants to do it.

    If HSUS has helped to whitewash this facility, that’s a separate issue IMO from saving these pets or reforming this “shelter.”

  5. If I understand correctly…and I may not…it means that when they formed their 501C3 that they followed all the HSUS formats, covenants and programs and they are part of the HSUS programs. This USED to mean they would get some funding from HSUS too…but we know that’s gone by the wayside long ago.

  6. I don’t get the point of asking HSUS? Or blasting HSUS?

    That does not seem like it is helpful.

    Instead, it seems more prudent to focus on meaningful ways to actually create change other than redirecting people to an entity that isn’t going to make that change (or wasting time even mentioning HSUS)…like governmental agencies that actually enforce laws, getting media coverage, and other community-oriented campaigns.

    1. I’ve emailed this facility…and will wait to hear back from them. however – their website clearly states the following:

      Company Overview
      The Humane Society of Richmond County serves as a safe haven for animals in need, and is the nucleus of Richmond County’s animal care and control program.

      The Society provides public education on animal welfare and related issues; helps to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens born yearly; and aids in reducing euthanasia of unwanted animals. The Humane Society of Richmond County shares in the same goals, and is associated with, the Humane Society of the United States.

      1. I’ve been messaging the admins of the FaceBook page and not getting any response. Unless the person that told me to call the shelter WAS the admin. So good luck with that.

      2. I received a short reply stating thank you for looking out for us and that they are working on it. That’s all.

  7. I looked at some of the pictures on its Facebook page and the dogs did not have a number or a name. How can one adopt or rescue without basic information? Also it would be easy to get records/animals confused-someone posted that there were two pictures of an American Eskimo and did not know if it was the same dog or a different dog!

    1. This was why I contacted Shirley.. I was tagged to every dog at this shelter. It took me over an hour to go threw the photos. I was so frustrated at the fact there wasn’t any information. I commented on almost all the dogs asking for the information to be added. What I got back was.. “Call The Shelter” How is the person answering the phone going to know which Black Dog or which Brown Dog you want to know about.. after Private messaging a couple of people on their site.. and telling them why it was so important to have ALL the information on each listing … I was BLOCKED from commenting. Way to go Richmond!
      Late last night a different person added some more animals to the already long list.. they have description, approx age and weight but still no ID#’s
      A friend has alerted a group and some action may come about soon to fix the listings. Here’s the group if anyone wants to chime in and help.. It’s a private group, but you can ask to join.. Please be respectful.

  8. HSUS has – for decades – built it’s empire off the backs of “abandoned and abused” cats and dogs. Countless people still believe that HSUS runs local humane societies in every state. Speaking out about the Richmond County Humane Society and so many other horrific kill factories would expose too many inconvenient and unflattering truths about HSUS and would threaten their bottom line.

    In 2009, WSB-TV in Atlanta aired an investigation called “Where Humane Society Donations Really Go.” In three and and a half minutes, the reporter revealed that:

    1. HSUS has no affiliation with local shelters and does not give money to the Atlanta Humane Society, other Georgia shelters, or any others WSB interviewed in nearby states.

    2. HSUS’s Georgia state director at the time stated that her chapter has no budget, no office, no additional staff, doesn’t help shelters, and spends it’s time on activist lobbying. It was also revealed that all the money is controlled by the D.C. headquarters.

    3. HSUS may initialize resources for puppy mill raids, but then leaves town with donations and publicity. A clip of Wayne Pacelle begging for Katrina donations on Larry King was shown and the Attorney General investigation mentioned.

    This was the first mainstream media investigation of HSUS’s deceptive practices. Wayne Pacelle and his hit team went ballistic, forced the video off the air, and actually destroyed the reporter’s career.

    If Pacelle were to criticize the needless killing and breathtakingly cruel conditions at the Richmond County Humane Society and SO MANY others, he would have little choice but to admit that HSUS and it’s state directors have nothing to do with local humane societies. If HSUS doesn’t make that clarification, people would assume that they are responsible for neglecting, abusing, and killing these dogs and cats and others in “their care” in every state. That is one of the reasons Nathan Winograd’s work is such a threat. The fantasy world of kind, caring, but struggling shelters that would save more lives (if HSUS just had more money to give them) would be crushed. Even Pacelle’s boasts about the thousands of local cruelty laws they have passed to protect pets would be debunked, as people see that North Carolina officials do not protect these animals, nor do they enforce existing regulations.

    HSUS doesn’t care about shelter pets, needs the status quo to continue, and does not want the public to know what really goes on in our nations animal shelters. In other words, HSUS helps perpetuate shelter cruelty. That is why it is appropriate to mention them when reporting on the plight of animals in poorly run “shelters.”

  9. I mention HSUS for several reasons. They have the resources and connections to get major “rescue” operations done. They have a track record for utilizing said resources and connections in NC when they believe it can further their agenda. They remind us regularly how wonderful shelters are and how we should be grateful to the people who work there. Contacting the NC Dept of Ag is akin to calling the USDA and alerting them we have a problem with puppy mills in this country. They don’t do their jobs. That is unacceptable and requires some thinking outside the box.

    1. You have expressed valid concerns about some of HSUS’ practices – including their actions when “rescuing” animals from large-scale operations (animals disappearing, being killed at kill shelters, etc) and some of their fundraising efforts.

      To me, this implies you do not have high opinions of the organization and would not necessarily wish for them to get involved lest the animals end up suffering more.

      Hence why I was surprised to see them mentioned. I do not find their mention to be an honest suggestion at asking them for help but a dig.

      For North Carolina residents, if not HSUS and if not NC Dept of Ag, who would you suggest as a starting point for them to express displeasure and concern about this situation?

  10. At this point, I’m so desperate for anything to happen in these types of shelters that I say email ANYONE could be even remotely help in these situations; the USDA, HSUS, the mayor, the governor, senators, the local SPCA and local HSUS; whoever, it doesn’t matter. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Those poor babies’ faces are going to be haunting me today.

  11. Oh No.. I’v just been chatting with a woman that was at the shelter. It seems they waved the adoption fee for a donation with the promise to spay/neuter. She told me about 70 dogs got out in two days. There was a man removed from the property by police for stirring up a commotion about demanding a free dog. All those dogs.. did they do backround checks? How many ended up in the wrong hands? Who’s going to follow up on the animals that left unaltered? In my opinion this is a nightmare.

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