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      1. Jennifer I know of quite a few TNR Programs. Unfortunately some people just dont want or cant have all those cats on their property and there is nowhere else for them to go. I currently have a 90 year old man we have been working with. He started with a few ferals he was feeding. That quickly grew. He was able to get most of the cats trapped and fixed. This summer he asked to have cats removed, they were tearing up his flower beds, climbing on his screens and screaming around the doors at all hours. There was nowhere to take these cats. The local humane society was full and not accepting cats, especially ferals. I tried contacting local cat orgs for any advice on where the cats might be able to be moved, got no response. If anyone has any feral cat tips or advice, I’m all ears!

  1. Stop euthanasia in Howard county Facebook page is seriously pissing me off. I liked them cause I thought they were pushing for no kill equation implementation but they are f$&@ing clueless. They say feral cats should be killed, overpopulation does exist, etc. I’m up to 45 comments on one posting. I even offered to send her Redemption. If this is the champion the animals have, they need another one. Maybe others would be willing to post so they hear it from others???

  2. One of my younger brothers took in a kitten this past summer (long sweet story which I will make short). This kitten is a Tortoiseshell who was somehow separated from her mother. She had a limp which she grew out of and has been on antibiotics a few times. She goes to a vet who has been in practice at the same location for almost thirty years or so and the vet said that she was undoubtedly the runt of her litter.

    Here is my question, as silly as it might come across…

    She gets to be spayed this coming Friday as per the vet’s directive. Will her follow up care be different than another female cats, since she was sickly and is a runt and all? She is a fine kitten who is really playful but she has a delay sometimes in terms of understanding things. She is also somewhat on the small side.

    thank you.

    1. Well, I’m not an expert, but I’ve raised a number of runt cats. I’ve a weakness for them. Anyway, if she’s healthy, follow-up care should be about the same – I’d just keep a closer eye on her and get her to the vet right away if there looks to be any issue developing, as in my experience the immune system is often wonky in runts.

  3. **URGENT!!! There is a handsome cattle dog who has been given ONE MORE DAY TO LIVE! We are trying to find a rescue willing to become a “rescue partner” of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control in order to pull and save this baby. There have been a few potential adopters, but they are having trouble connecting with rescues. IACC is a city run shelter and has a strict policy re: adopting certain dogs which are deemed to be “aggressive” or, in this case, “difficult to handle.” A friend of a friend wanted this dog, but she was having difficulty connecting with a rescue. The City of Indianapolis would rather kill this dog than risk allowing somebody to adopt a “bite risk,” which could result in an expensive, time-consuming lawsuit. If anybody can save this dog, PLEASE contact Julie Zink at IACC TODAY (317-327-1397). The dog’s kennel # is 190779. He is a male Cattle Dog (possibly Blue Heeler mix) and is described as “very smart, very intense, plays rough with other dogs. Needs a ‘working dog’ foster who can handle his intensity and energy.” Thanks for your time and help!

    1. Here is the direct link to the main plea for saving this baby. You will see a frustrated few comments from me, Karen D. Mitchell (aka neko scribe). A guy who identified himself as a “longtime city employee” shared the reasons why the City won’t adopt “at risk” dogs directly to the public, but rather to “approved rescues” only. Such a strict policy makes it difficult to save lives. The stupid City wants to save its ass more than they want to save this handsome, intelligent creature who is full of life. And he isn’t even described as aggressive! I hope that somebody can help this baby. I posted his pic/info on a bunch of cattle dog/working dog rescues’ pages.

  4. I am so happy to update the chip-in for my two rescued furbabies to get their desperately needed surgery has hit the half-way mark. I can now go ahead and schedule surgery for the first to be done. Since I live alone and these are big dogs, the recovery will be difficult for me and the dogs. Celie need to be first. She is worse and has waited the longest.

    My friend Ann Bridges is the person that set up and is handling the chip-in. She emailed to tell me that Casey P. from Ohio donation is is what got us to this halfway mark and that Casey saw my plea for help right here on “Yes Biscuit”.

    Thank you so much Casey for your donation.. Thank you to all that have donated, shared, posted and sent Well Wishes.

    There will be updates, photos and videos of the my girls posted on my FaceBook wall. The chip-in will also have updates, etc.

    I don’t have the list yet with the names of all that have donated. Ann is so very busy helping so many people like me and pets in need. She also sets up transport on the east coast. It really does take all of us to make a difference for one life. Thank you all for helping
    P.S. even though I’m needing help for my own dogs… I also saved three other dogs this week. Three more dogs in loving homes.. Sharing saves lives.. fostering saves lives.. Adopt a shelter dog..

      1. A new update.. I had to rush Progie to the vet today.. I didn’t know/figured it out until today.. Progie has eaten some carpet. two days ago.. Here’s the message I posted on FB..

        Progie has to spend the night at the vet.. vet put a tube down into her stomach put mineral oil in.. have to wait to see if anymore carpet comes out.. if she doesn’t poop what she ate today or vomits.. they will do an xray in the morning if she doesn’t poop… may have to do surgery.. she ate it two days ago (from what i am just today figuring out). With the tiny amount of carpet that she passed this afternoon the vet is very worried. He said this was very dangerous. I’m scared.

        here’s the link to a picture of how I figured out what was wrong with her. The only way I knew which dog it was out of four is she was the only one that had eaten Beniful soft food and I saw carrots in the vomit. God was truly watching out for me and my girl. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=481839281849580&set=a.133905776642934.15000.100000705384440&type=1&theater..

        Thanks to all the people that did donate to the chip-in for my two girls to get knee surgery.. this vet bill will have to come out of those funds.. Sorry folks.. this is a set-back. Please say a prayer that she can pass any/all remaining carpet.

      2. Thank You Shirley.. every penny adds up.. and is so appreciated.. Sorry folks.. I’m a basket case right now.. Please pray for Progie

      3. Another update… Progie is back home. She did have bowel movement during her overnight stay at the vet and it did contain carpet fibers. The vet said he did not think an X-ray was needed, but for the next 5 days to watch her very closely, feeding her frequently small amounts of soft food.
        I am so glad she is home.. Thank you for all your prayers. She looks and acts so much better now..

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