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Submitted by Jody Fisher, who writes:

Apparently these dogs were taken from a home on 10/17. The owner has been charged with various crimes. Thank goodness, none of his crimes involved animal cruelty. The Department of Homeland Security headed up this investigation and it was one of the very kind DHS officers who let us know about these wonderful dogs. What he said touched me deeply: “Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our official duties that we overlook the victims. These dogs deserve another chance.” It is so refreshing to know there are such compassionate officers out there!

The due out date for these dogs was 10/23.

Ona and I met 2 of the pits on Thursday. At that time, we didn’t know about the gorgeous brown dogs (not sure of breed). We took pictures and video. The female pit is so sweet- made me sad to have to leave her. The male was sweet too. Both dogs are not hyper and just absolute loving dogs. They will make such great pets to any family. I went back yesterday and saw all 4 dogs. Both pits were so happy to get physical attention – they nuzzled up against the kennel door to be petted. The other 2 dogs wagged their tails but had such sadness in their eyes. You could tell they were more confused and so scared… They walked slowly toward the front of their kennels to greet me – they just wanted to feel safe.

Please share these 4 dogs with anyone and everyone! And the DHS Officer is to be commended for wanting to help these dogs and making sure James Rogers has a hold on them. Yes, Mr. Rogers told the officer he put a hold on these dogs so we could help find them homes… I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth, let’s just get these dogs out of there.

Female #247560 at the Memphis pound.

(All videos and photo by Jody Fisher.)

Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: (901) 636-1416
TTY: (901) 636-1416

This shelter’s kill rate was 70% for January – September 2012.

23 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

  1. The female pibble has a “kiss me here” spot on top of her head! I hope she finds someone to kiss her there soon!

  2. I am asking that everyone that reads about these great dogs, will share them with friends and rescue groups. They are still in the Healthy Hold area, even though their due out date was yesterday. I asked them to please have the vet assess them and do what needs to be done to get them to the adoption area ASAP – better exposure for them that way. They ARE available now and as the Homeland Security Officer said – they ARE the victims and absolutely deserve a second chance. Thank you Shirley and all your readers for taking the time to help!

  3. one more thing, the female pibble’s tail was bleeding at the tip- was told it was because she has been wagging her tail so hard, so often, that it became raw, hitting against the walls and floor….and was told the vet would look at it….

    1. It’ll probably be better just getting her out of an enclosed space. Sounds like it’s a new thing as a result of her confinement.

      1. Yes getting out of an enclosed space and keeping it dry will help a lot. One of our guys, Comet, had a horrible time with it a couple of years ago and he would chew at it. We tried keeping a cone on him, but he would bend his body against the wall and contort every which way to get to his tail. We finally wrapped his tail in the stuff you cover your AC hoses with, cut a hole in patio chair cushions, shoved his head through those and then put his cone on. Poor guy was like that for a month. If you are up for a good laugh you can see his pic

      2. Oh my! Poor Comet! And poor you having to figure out a way to keep him from hurting himself! Geez, some dogs just like to push the envelope…

    1. Paperwork was completed for all 4 dogs last night at MAS. They will soon be pulled for boarding, which we will pay for out of the reader fund, and then they will be transported to a rescue in WI.

      1. Lucky dogs! Thanks to whoever is making this happen for them. Glad that the dogs haven’t had to pay for the owner’s crimes with their lives. Still, I will feel better when they are actually out of MAS.

  4. Wonderful news that they are out of the hell hole of MAS! Thank you to all involved in their rescue!!

      1. I just do typing. The real credit goes to the people willing to jump through flaming hoops which MAS staff keeps moving while James Rogers hides in his office and pretends he’s not there.

  5. The DHS Agent is the one who found them homes. He has spent a lot of time trying to get them out of there. I met him and another agent, on Tuesday, to visit them and finally get all 4 of them outside (together) for fresh air and playtime. They had a blast. But of course, after having Tracy (head of adoptions), DeKeisha (sp?) Tunstall (new kennel supervisor, who’s previous job was across the street from MAS at the Inspection Station), and another employee, all standing outside, watching us (not sure why we needed so much supervision), we were told our time was up (maybe 20 mins) and we had to get them back in kennels and leave…Mind you – not one visitor in the lobby – they certainly weren’t busy, why those dogs couldn’t play longer, was a mystery.
    Back to the great news – I will, hopefully, get their “freedom” pics and share with you….Thank you all for your support and Shirley for your guidance and assistance! And to Meows and Bow Wows who has a hand in this, too! Without them, this may not have worked out so well!

    1. Is there any way this person could get someone involved who might have the power to get something done at MAS? Bless his heart for not giving up on these pups. And bless your heart for putting yourself in one uncomfortable situation after another for the animals of Memphis.

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