Will Pets at Shelters Affected by Sandy Be Kept Alive So Their Owners Can Find Them?

Kitten ID #A0950168 at the NYC ACC pound in Brooklyn, intake date 10-28-12.

Has killing been suspended at the animal shelters in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy? Killing healthy/treatable shelter pets under any circumstances is both violent and unnecessary. But with evacuations, mass power outages and limited transportation over a wide area impacted by the storm, holding a stray pet for an arbitrary number of hours before killing seems like an added cruelty.

If you have any information on killing moratoriums in effect at any shelters in the path of Sandy, please share.

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  1. It is assumed that NYCACC will resume killing – probably in massive numbers – as soon as they reopen. Animals there before Sandy will be the first to go. Posted by Urgent Part 2 (similar post by Pets on Death Row) last night on Facebook:

    The computers continue to be down at NYC AC&C shelters. There will be no AT RISK list tonight for Thursday, November 1, but the list is expected to be massive when it is resumed.

    Although there is no At Risk list tonight, there are essential core personnel at the ACC caring for the animals there. Intake of animals is still continuing in high numbers during the aftermath of the storm.

    Please continue to share our dogs and consider opening your heart and home to one of them. They are all in danger. In the devastating aftermath of Sandy, our NYC dogs need the Urgent Family more than ever.

    1. OMD … posting about it now on my page. Will try to get people to share this info and get them started sharing the albums.

  2. Urgent Ohio Dogs: Cleveland, OH / Cleveland Animal Control.
    All dogs have the extension till Monday, 11/5. This will be the LAST DAY to some of them.

    1. Diane, I only see 5 dogs online (Brandie, Gracie, Josie, Miracle, Zaza), although there must be more in the kennel. Why don’t they list them all?

  3. Never a good sign when the HSUS (and the ASPCA) are trying to turn this into a mini-Katrina cash and publicity infusion, while doing little to nothing in the New York area. Mass e-mail blasts begging for money for their disaster relief fund. Like the Vick dog scam, it’s a bait and switch tactic aimed at attracting new members. It is also another nasty and vindictive way for Pacelle to get even with his many critics in the rescue community. HSUS hoodwinked a disturbing number of media outlets and websites to fundraise for their Hurricane Sandy “rescues.” HSUS was actually listed as the first choice for public contributions on the Great Nonprofits site and one of just four charities on the yahoo home page.

    Bless you, John Sibley and other rescue volunteers (and NYCACC watchdogs) for your work in this disaster and all year long. I plan to reach out to friends in NYC and urge them to take in a dog or two.

    1. Pets Alive Westchester is pulling as many as they can. Please consider sending a financial donation to them so they can help these poor animals. Otherwise, NYC ACC will continue to do mass killings.

  4. I suspect that they will resume killing as “normal” in these shelters. They did after Katrina and it seems like thats what they always do. Poor things. Please everyone on the east coast who could get these poor babies, network!

  5. We had been set up and operational for 12 days with only 2 true euthansias during that time-post Katrina – working with what blossomed to 8 out of state AC teams- doing around the clock intakes- when HSUS waltzed in with their $1m pay out from MS with the NY Times in tow telling them how they had created our triage center (NOT) and as soon as the Times guy left- they informed the vet we had brought with us that he could not practice in MS and had to leave- the killing by HSUS and the govt vets they brought started immediately. We all -40 of us saved as many as we could and left.

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