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I got a computer virus yesterday and it was a bad, bad thing.  My computer was about to pay a visit to Osama bin Laden but Billy saved the day by working tirelessly on it until the wee hours of morning.  This morning, I am HOPING it’s all fixed.

At any rate, I wanted to let everyone know I will be on Animal Wise Radio today from about 2:20 to 2:50 Eastern (did you remember to set your clocks back?) discussing the issue of transport.  Tune in if you can or you can check out the podcast later.

7 thoughts on “Now Hear This

  1. If its not fixed download malwarebytes (, WHILE IN SAFE MODE, they have a free version though last I checked the paid was only $25 but don’t pay for it from your infected computer, install and run, also in safe mode, then reboot to normal mode and run Malwarebytes AGAIN. Repeat running it till it stops finding things!

      1. Malwarebytes rocks. I paid for mine, might as well, since I recommend it all the time. Its great for BAD infections, and it’ll kill stuff that most of the others won’t even recognize, much less touch!

  2. I only caught the last part of the podcast, but I will go back and listen to the first part. This is a subject that really bothers me, as there are several people here in L.A. who are really pushing the transport thing. I have been in discussion with one of them, who is in denial that there is any problem. I want to research the destination further but haven’t yet had time.

  3. I pay for my protection. Had it ever since 2001. I renew every year. Becaause I am a long time customer.. This year it’s only $47. I have never had a virus.. ever “Trendmicro””

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