65 Dogs Seized from SPCA of CT

Fred Acker of the SPCA of CT had been pulling pets from the pound in Anderson Co, SC to sell up north for hundreds of dollars.  In 2010, the county put a stop to that while they investigated Mr. Acker’s sordid criminal history and I never heard whether they resumed the practice.  But Mr. Acker is back in the CT news:

[C]ourt records showed dozens of criminal charges have been filed in Milford, accusing him of illegally importing animals.
On Thursday night in Bethlehem, 65 dogs had to be rescued from a freezing barn at an animal rescue run by the Connecticut SPCA.

Chihuahuas and Poodles were among the breeds shivering in the unheated barn which AC had told Mr. Acker to fix last month.  He failed to comply but left the dogs there anyway.  In addition to being cold, the dogs were also dehydrated and 4 had to be taken for immediate vet care.  No charges have been filed in connection with the seized dogs but the investigation is ongoing.

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  1. MY GOD. After Charles Harris gets the dogs back from MAS tonight, he should file a police report against the animal control officer for trespassing and theft of property. I bet you anything the one week old pups have been exposed to distemper and parvo already.

    Bryan Mauldin… HELP? What can be done about this from a legal perspective?

    Margo in Memphis

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    From: Hannah McCullough, J&H Select
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    Hi Margo & Jan,

    I emailed earlier for help but have since resolved issues…would you like to hear the story anyway? It’s a strange one.

    I connected Margo last week with a man whose labrador had given birth to 8 puppies. He agreed to spay her later but needed help finding good homes for the pups. Margo said she would help when they were weaned…

    that was a week ago. jump to today.

    Charles, the dogs guardian, said his mother called to say that, while everyone was out of the home and property, Memphis Animal Control entered the property, went to a shed in the back, and took an adult male and the female mommy and all 8 puppies! Just like that!

    They left him a note on the door to call a certain # to retrieve the pups.

    He phoned and they said he needed to pay $400 TODAY to get both adults and all 8 puppies out of the shelter. If he waited til tomorrow it would be another $15 for each animal per day.

    They said $200 of this money was for having a fertile female because state law says any dogs collected by animal control must be neutered or spayed (well, she wasn’t collected…they went onto the property without a warrant and took her from a shed).

    Anyway our goal was to get the puppies and adults OUT of that shelter asap so Charles & I agreed to pay 1/2 ($200) to get them out tonite. I am still waiting to hear if he got them out yet.

    More later.

    Hannah in KY [redacted]

      1. I am totally confused! Wasn’t the blog today about CT? How did MAS end up in the comments? Is there any information anywhere about the shelter at MAS stealing dogs for ransom?

      2. I was very confused about this, too, other than the common link of trespassing to get animals.

  2. People need to verify where the animals are going that are coming up from the south! Even if the rescue is supposedly a good one with references, someone who lives in the area needs to check on the rescued animals.

    1. However, it does say in the article that the dogs are not up for adoption and may be returned to their owner. Seems to me they could find a way to make it very difficult for the owner to get them back. Even if they had to charge him boarding/vetting for all of the dogs, maybe he couldn’t afford to get them back and would surrender them for adoption. The guy has a history and won’t like change his behavior anytime soon; most likely he will just move to a new place and do the same despicable things again.

      Thanks to the irresponsible public for stepping up once again.

  3. well this person has placed several hundred maybe thousands of helpless animals in the past I should know he was most responsible and caring in so doing with us maybe you should look up that history and the pressure on one individual to clean up after all the irresponsible slobs that leave thier animals off to be put to sleep , in an economy where few can raise any money how do you all think he can? We know him to be a caring person who may be under undo mental anquish our dog came from far away and Fred went to all expenses to save him and a large group,so all you know it alls what have you done for the unwanted lately??? Dont see you trying to save anything how much can the vigilante take before he cracks? You got solutions…this isnt the monroe shelter we knew years ago but we have seen other shelters falter for lack of support! Look at the numbers hes saved you idiots then figure it out??????

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