GA Pound Killing Pets on the Lawn of a Vet Clinic

DeAnna Douglas used to be the vet for Chatham AC in GA.  She pulled her DEA license from the facility and quit in September 2012, apparently because the staff was allowing pregnant mama dogs to whelp their litters instead of killing them, she couldn’t get anyone on board with her Kill All The Pitbulls plan of shelter management and various other concerns.  She removed from the pound all the controlled substances which had been purchased under her DEA license.  In addition, she took away the drugs used in the ACOs’ tranquilizer guns so they currently lack the ability to tranquilize a potentially dangerous animal in the field.

I am guessing that it takes a fair amount of time for the pound to get a new vet and get that vet’s DEA license registered with the state.  I say this because the pets at Chatham AC are currently being killed under circumstances dictated by Dr. Douglas, according to the chief of police.  Specifically, the director, staff members and ACOs “are forced to label, load in a pickup truck” and drive pets over to the vet clinic operated by Dr. Douglas.  The tranquilized animals are then laid out on the lawn in front of the clinic in full view of the public, killed and bagged.  These are Dr. Douglas’ requirements for the pound’s use of the Fatal Plus purchased under her DEA number.

It’s good to know Dr. Douglas is carrying the “It’s my ball and I’m going home!” banner for the veterinary profession.  I was afraid there was no one over the age of 9 still championing this noble cause.

For local pet owners looking for a vet, why not try Dr. Douglas?  Maybe after you get done explaining to your kid in the car how her precious Fluffy is only going for a vaccination and will be fine, you can tackle the, “Mommy, why are all those sleeping dogs on the grass being tied up in garbage bags?” issue.  And don’t forget:  Nobody wants to kill animals or be a psycho control freak ordering the killing of homeless pets as a public spectacle.

A couple of vets are putting together some written protocols for the pound based on the Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ published guidelines.  God but I hope Dr. Douglas isn’t one of the two.

28 thoughts on “GA Pound Killing Pets on the Lawn of a Vet Clinic

  1. has anyone done a back ground check on this so-called vet? There are some real nut cases out there! Is she even a real vet.? What happened to “Do No Harm?”.

  2. There is no right side to this argument. In essence, you’re arguing against being a psycho control freak ordering the killing to be a public spectacle and for keeping the killing behind closed doors where the public can pretend it’s not happening. Rather than drive pets to the vet to kill them on the lawn, shelter staff should be implementing the No Kill Equation. I know you believe that, too, but it doesn’t come across in this post that seems to argue that one kind of killing is better than the other and therefore to be preferred. Neither kind of killing is to be preferred.

    1. I came across as advocating that killing shelter pets behind closed doors is preferred? Well, total FAIL on me then. I’m having a bad week but that is no excuse for coming across as an advocate of pet killing. Maybe I am in the wrong line of work.

    2. I just re-read your comment. You state that I am arguing “for keeping the killing behind closed doors where the public can pretend it’s not happening.” I don’t see that at all.

      1. I’m glad. There is sort of a balancing act when you have a blog running for years where you ideally would like each post to be able to stand alone and make sense (and there are exceptions to that) while on the other hand you don’t want to bore your readers or insult their intelligence by restating the same basic principles and beliefs in every post. I do my best to maintain that balance and certainly I could fail and I know readers will let me know when I do.

  3. this is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE BOYCOTTING THE STATE OF GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. what vet clinic is this happening at i,m going to report this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need the na,e of the vetinarian and the address and the phone number and city this is happening in!!!!!! i,m going to ask for the help of my dogs vetinarian to go by the right protocals to report this vetinarian!!!!!!!!!!!!! and names of anyone who are accomplices!!!!!

  5. Surely this woman needs to have her license to practice veterinary medicine pulled. Just when I think I’ve heard it all . . .

  6. Dr. DeAnna Douglas, DVM, Owner
    Veterinarian, Practice Owner

    Dr. DeAnna S. Douglas DVM graduated from UGA College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. She has practiced in the Savannah area for 7 years and recently opened her own clinic, Berwick Animal Hospital. Dr. Douglas serves as the veterinarian for the injured and sick pets of Chatham County Animal Control. She also provides free medical exams for all animals adopted from the shelter. In addition, she volunteers her services during Animal Control’s quarterly rabies clinics. Dr. Douglas loves the joy of getting to know pets and their families and seeing them through a healthy life. In her time away from the clinic, she’s a proud mom and enjoys spending time with her family.

      1. my dog is a patient at the vetinary teaching hospital in columbia,missouri.this dr.deanna douglas graduated from the teaching hospital in athens georgia.i would not want her touching my dog for any vetinarian that graduates from a vetinary teaching hospital should ever do what this dr.deanna douglas does.she is a detriment to animals and a disgrace to her profession.

  7. i asked that Dr. DeAnna Douglas, DVM be prosecuted or her license to practice vetinary medicine be revoked.i,m surprised that someone has not already reported her!!!!!

  8. I read she wanted to abort the puppies not kill the mom, but don’t have time to re-read (it is still disgusting even if that is the case).Dr. Douglas has mostly good reviews on Google but thought this one although good was apropos. “Overall Excellent
    I am new in town (moved from Hawaii) with a newborn and two English Bulldogs. My beloved male was acting aggressive and starting biting children. Dr. Douglas was AMAZING in every way. After our male bit one of the family members, we knew we had to put him down before he bit our newborn. Dr. Douglas did a fabulous job of giving us plenty of options, explaining everything thoroughly, and giving me time to think it through. Dr. Douglas and her staff were kind, patient, and empathetic. I am very impressed with this staff!. I have been to Bulldog specialists in the area who have not been able to help me with my female’s allergies (even after allergy testing). Dr. Douglas went out of her way to obtain allergy tests from other doctors to try and help me figure out what was going on with my female. Dr. Douglas has gone above and beyond any other doctor we have met (various states across the country). I will be using Berwick Animal Hospital from now on. :D”

  9. Well…..I guess Dr. Douglas will have to be redoing her bio! It is most certainly full of outright lies at this point.

    That a grown woman can dictate to an entire city government that she will not serve the animals with dignity is beyond comprehension! The facility isn’t playing by her rules so she’s holding everyone hostage by “requiring” them to kill on the front lawn of her business.

    What an perfect time to go No Kill. The dogs and cats deserve to live. This “Dr.” deserves to be written up and reported to the AG for cruelty. Only those dogs and cats that are beyond treatment to be comfortable can be taken to other facilities for a gentle release. No one needs Dr. Douglas.

  10. Worse, if I read the .pdf aright, the last straw for Dr Douglas was the quarantining and treatment of a pup for parvo without her authorization. Oh, and another puppy in the kitten room.

    As for Dr Douglas’s response – someone really ought to let her know that ‘Southern Gothic’ is a literary genre, and not intended as a way of life. Then again, she sounds like she’d make a dandy Violet Venable someday.

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