Nobody WANTS to Kill Animals – Madison Co Edition

The caps below were taken from Facebook. They each show a dog someone apparently wanted to save from the Jackson pound in Madison Co, TN. Both dogs were killed instead.

Screengrab from Facebook. (click to enlarge)
Screengrab from Facebook. (click to enlarge)

“Backyard breeder” is a judgment.  I doubt the interested party described himself as a “backyard breeder”.  TN law requires that pets adopted from pounds either be already neutered or be neutered within 30 days of adoption (signed agreement and deposit required).  So the judgment that the person wanting to save these dogs is a “backyard breeder” is irrelevant.  Unless the implication is that backyard breeders are also lawbreakers.  But no worries, both dogs are dead now so everyone can rest easy knowing they are not in the care of someone deemed unscrupulous by pet killing apologists.

13 thoughts on “Nobody WANTS to Kill Animals – Madison Co Edition

    1. Well, apparently the networking was successful – at least in the sense that somebody wanted them. Unfortunately the result was hand-wringing, pearl clutching and pet killing.

  1. oh NOOOO Mr Bill.. someone actually wanted these dogs.. let’s kill them we can blame the public.. and wring our hands in sorrow

  2. Jackson is a hell hole. Another hell hole in Tennessee. Another AC in a county that doesn’t care about animals. Right here in Tennessee.

    1. They probably think it’d be a waste of time and money to slow down the slaughter line. Some of these places, I’m surprised they haven’t set up a conveyor belt with shackles.

      1. …that we know of. Of course, we didn’t know workers at the Memphis pet slaughterhouse were hanging dogs over the sink and stepping on cats to kill them until an undercover police officer witnessed and reported it.

  3. Anyone have a link to that page? I can’t seem to find it via Facebook searching. Bunch of yahoos. Let’s label them pits and call anyone who wants to save them a backyard breeder. Idiots.

      1. Thanks. I went to the page and found the pics. A comment on the black dog (1336) indicates the person interested was not a BYB. A couple of other comments support that.

        “He didnt admit that he was going 2 bread them and we had already set up 4 the vet 2 have him fixed as soon as he got there ive seen evy thing thats been said and yes this dog could have bn saved if ppl werent so judgemental” posted 21 Nov.

        A comment on the other picture seems to indicate the same thing with dog 1305.

        It seems that if the people/person in charge doesn’t like you then you’re labeled a BYB. Or perhaps it’s just a case of any excuse to kill a pit bull (which I would have labeled 1336 a Lab mix, not a pit bull).

      2. Even if the home being offered is not all rose petals and sunshine, it is – in all but the very rare case – going to be better than death. And since they would know where the dog is, pet advocates can offer support and education to the owner. Where there’s life, there’s hope.

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