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Jacksonville’s Animal Care and Protective Services reported a 92% save rate for the month of November 2012.  (Thank you Samantha for the link.)


The Memphis pound will once again host a pet killing class in January.


A teen boy in Southhaven, MS is depicted in a photo dragging a bloody, dead dog by the tail.  The photo was posted on Facebook.  The teen told local news he had killed other dogs as well:

“Up on my land in Tennessee we have an infestation of vermin, a bunch of feral dogs I was getting attacked. They were charging me, and I killed them.”

Police are aware of the photo.  No charges have been filed.


In WV, a 14 year old boy kicked a cat off a porch in a premeditated act of cruelty while an 18 year old man cheered him on and filmed the incident.  The video was posted online and authorities investigated.  It is unknown if the 14 year old was charged since juvenile proceedings are not public record.  The cat was not found.  The 18 year old pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty.  He will serve no jail time.  (Thank you Vicki for sending me this link.)


A sympathy letter written to FDR’s dog Fala, after his owner’s death.


I love that the Obama White House regularly features Bo as a family member.  Here he is checking out the Xmas decorations at home.


Dog at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home caught on camera opening his cage door – and the doors to his buddies’ cages – at night to raid the kitchen. (Thanks Claire for the link.)


Beautiful photos from Cat Heaven Island in Japan

10 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I don’t think MAS is “host[ing] a pet killing class”.
    According to this website, it’s training required by the STATE of Tennessee.

    Since they are a kill shelter, it only seems natural that there would be required training for people to attend.
    We’ve all seen the posts going around Facebook that every animal in the shelter will be kill for training in those 2 days… that’s just nuts! That isn’t even possible.

    Why do people get a drop of information and turn it into an ocean of lies and assumptions? It is so ridiculous!

    1. No one has seen any post from me on Facebook, this blog, or anywhere else claiming every animal in the shelter will be killed for the pet killing class. I checked and a source told me the dogs and cats who will be killed at the class will be feral cats, biting dogs and other pets deemed medically or behaviorally unadoptable. Which is tragic, given the track record at MAS.

      1. They have no business even taking in feral cats – just to kill them. Those cats have homes – outdoors – and deserve to be left alone. That makes me beyond angry. MAS makes me angry. The people of Memphis who sit by, wring their hands and do nothing about the killing make me angry. And the animals continue to die . . .

      2. MAS can’t tell a feral cat from a coyote, let alone a scared cat.

        If they think a cat is feral, it should be s/n and returned to the area from which it was taken.

        I wonder if they even teach them to use sedation? Because we all know that MAS is not big on sedation unless it’s for the euth tech’s own safety.

        Hell, even their own head vet is ok with using IC sticks on puppies…

      3. That reminds me that 2 of the kill techs who witnessed Archie Elliott administering his form of “sedation” (for which he has been sentenced to prison) are still employed at MAS.

  2. The Southaven boy who admitted to killing dogs: When I find his name or address I’ll make his deeds widely known as the criminal he is, regardless of his age.

    1. I was sent the boy’s name but chose not to post it since the information is unverified. I am sure his friends, family and schoolmates recognize him.

  3. “The Memphis pound will once again host a pet killing class in January.”

    It’s a real shame that the good people from the Shelby County No Kill Mission won’t be there to show them how you’re supposed to react to these “classes”!

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