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  1. Karen F

     /  December 7, 2012

    For those who have wondered if shootings of dogs by law enforcement are on the rise . . . according to the Department of Justice, they are.

  2. No Kill St Catharines. Let’s make it a reality. Any and all support is welcomed and gratefully received. For more info go to: Thanks

  3. clarice

     /  December 7, 2012

    Memphis Animal Services to practice murdering animals and teaching other shelters how to kill.

    • “Memphis Animal Services declined our first requests for an interview, then told us employees were too busy to talk on camera.”

      Too busy killing animals.

      • It looks like this training is going to happen once a year? So did they hire any new people that need the training or is it to re-train again?

  4. If you are on Facebook, and have friends in MD, or southern PA, I would so appreciate if you would share Cat of the Day in Carroll Co., MD. Only about 20% of cats make it out of our local “shelter” alive. Cat of the Day is one of the things the Animal Advocates of Carroll Co. do, to try to help more make it out alive. It will only keep working if we keep expanding the circle of people sharing them.

  5. Is this a case of a rescuer gone off the rails due to the blame-the-public mindset that underpins the catch-and-kill paradigm of “sheltering”?

    • Oh jeez. How many might have been ended up at Matt Pepper’s building where they were kept in the cold with no vet care and no records?

      “Ring said he suspects Swenerton could be part of a larger network of local activists who are concerned about the treatment of animals in rural areas…” With the crimes this person is accused of, I hate to see anyone lump her in with other animal “activists” – as if we’re all criminals.

  6. Eucritta

     /  December 7, 2012

    For a bit of a sanity break, Berkeley Humane Soc. (California) – a no-kill shelter in a no-kill community – just released a new video in which they talk about what they do, how they’ve managed after a catastrophic fire in 2010 that destroyed much of their facility (750 adoptions this year so far!) and – well, it is PR – ask for donations towards building a new facility. And they really do need one.

    This is where we got our dog, Bertie Woofster, and also where we took our beginner’s class – and it’s everything I think a shelter should be.

  7. Tompkins County NY SPCA has small dogs availible for adoption (they were recently transported in from Cali), along with 180 cats. The shelter states it is no-kill, I haven’t checked their numbers personally:

  8. Ginger

     /  December 9, 2012

    Someone forgot to add «State MANDATED» training. Training REQUIRED, by law, for every shelter in the state of Tennessee.

    Explain to me again how this is MAS’ fault. Last I checked, MAS does not create state laws.

  9. Eucritta

     /  December 9, 2012

    Stumbled on an update on a case we’ve discussed here – the veterinarian who mistakenly euthanized a kitty brought in for a flea bath has been cleared by the state board –

    A narrow ruling, a briefly told story, buried away.



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