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The Cortland Community SPCA in NY is spotlighting a senior black cat called Sarah on its homepage.  They took her to pose for a photo with Santa recently in order to have an additional way to promote her but things didn’t turn out as planned:

Sarah with Santa (photo submitted by Susan)
Sarah with Santa (photo submitted by Susan)

Although the shelter might not think the photo is great for marketing purposes, I actually like it. I think it’s one of those truth-in-advertising type things.  It makes me laugh and it also makes me feel as if I’ve got a little window to Sarah’s personality.

The website says that Sarah doesn’t like dogs or other cats.  I guess add Jolly Old Souls to that.  If you are interested in adopting Sarah, call the Cortland Community SPCA at 607-753-9386.

11 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. It’s clear that Sarah is not a happy camper. I have to disagree with you about the photo, though. I fear that it might scare people away from her. Poor girl, she’s probably confused and scared to death – it’s especially hard for the seniors.
    I hope someone can get her home for the holidays.

      1. Absolutely! I also love the description they wrote of the elder pittie who was just adopted. LOVE the way they write up their animals.
        However, just the photo alone doesn’t do Sarah justice.
        They could give lessons in how to do an honest and endearing write-up!

  2. I actually like the photo for a couple of reasons. One, Santa pictures are ridiculous and animals who think so too are only sensible. And two, her hind legs are completely relaxed, despite the face – no tension, no claws out. Even the front legs – only the right touching Santa is tense – the left is relaxed. This tells me that this cat is capable of expressing her opinion without going over-the-top violent. I think people who know cats and see her body language will know that this is a good cat with strong opinions and good self-control (at least with humans/elves).

    Of course, the problem with that is that cat people tend to already have at least one and this girl needs a home without other cats…but with enough marketing, maybe they can connect with a cat person who either doesn’t have a cat at the moment or knows someone who is in need of a good cat.

    1. I qualify under both descriptions! Although I am 12 hours away and won’t be a very good owner after Billy gets done beating me w/the frying pan.

      On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 10:41 AM, YesBiscuit!

      1. I’m sure transport can be arranged. She probably would take care of your dogs in record time – letting them know who was in charge, too.

    2. You make good points about the body language, but I do wonder if an inexperienced cat person would understand. I think she’s a great cat and if I were in a position to offer a home to a feisty, older survivor, I’d get her in a heartbeat. These are the ones I love!!!!

  3. You know – that picture really reminds me of the picture i have of my nephew on Santa’s lap. Both of them are reaching out for someone outside the picture to save them from this aweful stranger! Too bad I alrady have cats.

  4. Sarah looks doubtful rather than angry, caught in mid-meow. I suspect if they did a bit of editing to reduce the glare in her eyes, she’d look much more approachable. I mean, it’s not just her hind legs that are relaxed; her forelegs are too, and her tail is just in a lazy curve, like the tip was twitching a bit.

    But, I’m a cat person, and I live with a very opinionated female cat, albeit one much younger than Sarah. I’ve been glared at by the best, and it doesn’t always mean very much.

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