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Just a little note of explanation for my absence this weekend and perhaps, relatively speaking, in recent weeks.  In between Graham and Emily’s deaths, I was stopped at a light on the way to work when a truck slammed into me, totaling my car.  The other driver told the officer he had insurance and provided the name and phone number of a company I’d never heard of.  I called that company the day of the accident and spoke to a man who represented himself as an adjuster.  He talked with me about opening a claim, directed me on medical care and later advised me where to take my car for repairs.  After it was determined my car was a total economic loss, the guy disappeared.

With the help of my own insurance agent, who has been great, we figured out the driver was uninsured and the guy who had been posing as an insurance adjuster was just an insurance salesman, apparently collaborating with the driver in a ruse to make me believe the driver was insured.  Anyway, it’s been incredibly time consuming and difficult trying to sort all this out and it’s not over yet but this weekend I made it over the hump:  I got a new car and my old one will be towed away tomorrow.  There is still more to deal with but I feel like this represents a major development and I hope to be more present on the blog from here on out.  I know many of you have become accustomed to daily posts and when they are lacking, you kindly express concern and I appreciate you.  I don’t particularly like to post about myself but felt an explanation was in order.  Thank you for your support.

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  1. Glad to hear from you. Cars can be replaced, people can’t. I hope you don’t have any medical problems as a result of the accident. And I hope you can get some satisfaction regarding the person who hit you (you did get his drivers license information, I hope).

      1. I am so sorry you are having these problems. Everything will work out. I am having some of the same problems. My Yesbiscuit posts keep going to spam and I do not know why. Hopefully I can get it straight soon. In the meantime, I will continue to watch my spam folder so I can read all your posts. Thanks.

  2. I’m sorry you had to go through such a mess, but am glad you’re coming out without permanent harm. I sure hope the scum that hurt you are caught and jailed for a very long time. Very long.

    1. Injuries were minor and I’m told, normal for being hit from behind. The stress of dealing with this ongoing Faux Insurance R Us thing has probably been worse than the physical injuries. Thank you for asking.

  3. Glad you are physically okay and that you are past the worst of the insurance issues. Hopefully the rest of the problems will be resolved smoothly.

  4. Injuries may appear to be minor at the moment or even some time after a collision – get checked out – sometimes injuries present at a later time…then it is a rude awakening that one’s own insurance will sometimes balk at covering the med costs…do not sign anything or say anything for a recorded statement with insurance company….talk with an attorney in your area…personal injury attorneys do not charge for an initial consultation. Ask around and find a reputable personal injury attorney. Ask for your policy from your insurance if you don’t have it. (UIM – underinsured motorist) of your policy will cover you.

    You were rear-ended or hit when stopped – most likely no liability on your part.

    And thanks for the math tip – my friend.

  5. So glad your not seriously hurt.. cars can be replaced… but you shouldn’t have to be doing it because of a scam er/idiot… I hope the cops fry him.

  6. Wow, to have someone pretend to be an insurance agent is…bizarre. Like he’s done it before or something. So weird.

    Glad you got a new car! Hope they nail the jerk who unnecessarily added suckitude to your life.

  7. Everything you’ve experienced these past few weeks has been extremely stress producing. Hell, the season is stressful enough on its own! You MUST take extra steps to address this, or you’ll be ripe for some nasty illness that comes along or develops. Force yourself to eat healthier, get more sleep, spend more time with those you love, etc., meditate, whatever. This kind of stress can take you down FAST, and we women are known to internalize stress and then wind up with some kind of autoimmune disease.

    I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but surely you’ve seen this happen to other women. Don’t allow it to happen to you!

  8. I’m sorry and just remember karma does come around.  I hope you weren’t hurt, or if you were, that you’re on the mend.  I really love animals much more than I do 7/8 of the people on this earth.


  9. Oh bless your heart! I’m sending good wishes (and hugs) as we venture into 2013! You mean so much to all of us!

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