Are there body parts from research primates in your pet’s food?

I was reading an article on the KTBS website about a hand and foot – originally suspected as being human but later found to belong to a primate – which turned up at a Louisiana rendering plant.  Rendering plants, for those who don’t know, take animal remains – sometimes whole, sometimes parts – and grind/boil/obliterate them into protein powder.  The powder, called meat meal or sometimes more specifically named chicken meal or what have you, is sold to pet food companies and other buyers.

I was wondering how a primate hand and foot ended up at this rendering plant when I noticed a story under “Related Content” about a place called Chimp Haven.  The sanctuary will be taking in another 100 chimps from a large research lab in New Iberia, LA.  (Both the lab and the sanctuary are federally funded.)  So while I can’t say for certain how the primate body parts ended up at the rendering plant, it seems only logical to consider the research lab as a possible source.  You can just play that out in your mind for a little bit.

Oh, also: Good morning!

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  1. Very good question. Is anyone besides you asking? I wish this topic would go viral. Any thing that is consumed.. I think there should be full disclosure.

  2. DELTA Rescue in California, had been publishing information on a Rendering plant in CA, the dead bodies that go into your pet food & food supply & the killing shelter in his area. Soon after, he lost his licenses to operate his very sucessful no kill sanctuary, suspiciously because of his telling what was happening. With much money, lawyers & time, he finally got re-licensed.

    It does worry me that many meat eaters are eating cows, pigs, chickens & fish all fed with “renderings” from the rendering plants, where every sort of disposed of living animal has been sent for disposal/rendering; road kill, shelter’s ex-pets, expermental facilities, labratories, farm animal remains, etc.

    FYI: Rendering plants are also where synthetic oil comes from.

  3. Think of all the chemicals poured into the animals that had been sent to Rendering plants; the rabies shots, poisonings, growth hormones, antibiotics, heart worm medications, flea medications, etc. Enjoy your McNuggets, folks.

    1. Research primates are used for all manner of experiments including AIDS research, radiation/cancer research and other things which would seemingly be inconsistent with the words “wholesome food”.

  4. Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy theory TV show covered this. According to the people on the show this is happening. They are raising humanzees to attack people when the CHIT hits the fan and America goes ballistic against the government. Uncle Sam has been told many times people have had enough. There will be civil unrest. Thus the attempt to stop the guns from people and the animals that are being used for organ safehouses are the food for the humanzees so they will be use to eating people. Sounds crazy but somehow believable when you look at what the government is doing!

  5. Oh – and a good morning to you! Things are just so wrong here in the land of milk and honey and animal parts…Greed is such a great driving factor isn’t it? Thank you for posting. I know where my dog’s food comes from – I think??? Yeesh.

    1. Read the ingredients: chicken meal? bone meal? beef meal? Chicken, beef or pork by-products? And what did those 3 animal types have for lunch before they went into dog food?

      Factory farmed cows, pigs & chickens are fed anything that will make them fatter the fastest, and part of that comes from Rendering plants.

  6. Kinda makes me hope the Mayans are right about the end of the world. We’ve managed to fluck things up pretty badly . . .
    I want to know about the candy stuff, too – best motivation for a diet I can think of.

  7. Google it or go on my Facebook page…

    National Geographic is investigating the humanzees being raised in the US! The need to go to the pentagon lab! That’s where they’re being trained for attacking.

    Your taxpayer dollars hard at work!

    London England had an article where a woman in PA was contacted and asked to be impregnated by a chimpanzee.

    These animals are being raised to become killers and the animals with the organs stored inside are the food for them!

    1. Jessie Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ videos on YouTube recently had/has videos of him investigating these human/chimps, raised for military purposses. Our military is completely out of control !!

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