Update on a Recent Shelter Pet of the Day

Received this fabulous update on Sarah the endearing black cat recently featured telling off the “Pets with Santa” photographer. This is from the email the Cortland SPCA sends to volunteers every week. Shared with permission:

Sarah – you might remember Sarah’s Santa photo last week. I made a deal with Kitty, our Board President (who happens to love Sarah), that if Sarah wasn’t adopted by Christmas she would officially become our shelter cat. Sarah was not adopted, and keeping to my word…Sarah is now the Cortland Community SPCA’s feline ambassador!!! She spends most of her time quite happily in the office with us. She doesn’t really like other cats…or dogs for that matter. She had poor Wilma (our very sweet pitbull) hiding in a corner until they settled the matter that Sarah was in charge. She also doesn’t like being demoted to the other office when she’s been too bossy with visiting dogs. She does like to share your lunch or snacks, lay on your keyboard or paperwork (smacks you if you try to move her), twitches her tail constantly, purrs occasionally, dials our phones when she walks on them and in general is a great big wonderful nuisance who we all love (some of us more than others). Merry Christmas, Sarah. You did get your forever home for Christmas after all!!

Good for you Sarah.  Keep everyone in line and Merry Christmas (or Bah Humbug, if you prefer).

6 thoughts on “Update on a Recent Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Thank you for sharing Sarah’s great news! I was with you – I liked the photo with Santa. I like animals with personalities!

    1. I felt a kinship with Sarah based upon that photo and the shelter’s description of her. I can see how she endeared herself to – at least some of – the shelter staff and I’m sure over time she will win over (or stomp down) the rest of them.

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