ASPCA to Displaced Sandy Pets: Sucks Being You

Reuters is reporting that 136 unclaimed pets at the emergency Hurricane Sandy shelter operated by the ASPCA in Brooklyn may be in danger:

Most of the owners that the ASPCA has identified live in temporary housing or with family and friends, environments that prevent them from bringing their animals home, [ASPCA spokeswoman Kelly] Krause said. A majority of the owners who had yet to claim their pets lived in the hard-hit Rockaways neighborhood in Queens.


It was too early to say whether any of the pets that remain left behind would be put down, Krause said.

Another possibility for the unclaimed pets, besides the death thing, is the ASPCA dropping them off at the pound.  Which, you know, pffft.

Gee, if only the ASPCA could scrounge up the funds to take care of these pets for as long as needed.  But I guess their multi-million dollar bank account is just too small to pay for actual pet care.  There are more one-eyed pet TV commercials to be produced and salaries to be paid and pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

(Thank you Arlene for sending me this link.)

24 thoughts on “ASPCA to Displaced Sandy Pets: Sucks Being You

  1. And the A$PCA says, bah, humbug, let’s fund some more of those nauseating, misleading commercials to bilk each donor out of $18/month (a tiny percentage of which goes to actually help the animals–gee, kinda like H$U$, huh?). Bet if they did one or two commercials *specifically* for funds to help the HS shelter pets, they’d get enough to pay for their care for a few months IF indeed all of the money went to helping the HS shelter pets. Wanna bet on the likelihood of that? Try 0%!

  2. Those animals could be sheltered on a small fraction of Ed Sayres’ salary alone.

    Seems like every weekend, if I try to watch a movie, I am BOMBARDED with long ASPCA commercials that always start out with how many animals are tortured and killed each day. Of course, they don’t bother to tell us that THEY are the ones killing a lot of the animals shown. I’m to the point that I can’t stand their commercials and quickly change the channel. Or I have to DVR the show so I can Fast Forward thru their horrible commercials.

    1. I agree with you there. I hardly ever watch a “live” show anymore anyway–I timed a couple and commercials were 1/3 to 1/2 of the total time of the show–disgusting. Thos A$PCA commercials are torturous. I have never watched one all the way through because my blood pressure started to rise at the audacity of their misrepresentation.

  3. The ASPCA Shelter commercial is the highest grossing charity commercial I read. With that said have they posted the Sandy Animals at the Sandy Brooklyn Shelter on a website in the event a owner may be looking for their pet since they were moved quickly to various shelters/rescues. In the event they sadly are not claimed with the wealth of the ASPCA I expect them to start “acting” like a real “no-kill” shelter, create a website, market, qualify adoptors from Brooklyn until the animal find loving homes. Otherwise, fund the rehoming of these unfortunate Sandy pets.

    1. Yeah, when pigs fly—or maybe they will cave to public pressure like from this blog and actually part with a few thousand. As often as the A$PCA commercial runs, and as irritatingly LONG as the commercial is, you know it’s costing a bundle so the ROI must be worth it. Just as with the H$U$ commercials, misleading and ethical comes to mind.

      1. In 2008 the New York Times reported the ASPCA grossed a Bonanza of 30 million from it’s launch in 2007. They stated the donations were earned in 1. 5 years..30
        million !
        That was then….wonder now……….the total amount…
        Sent “Yes Biscuit” the New York Times article.

  4. Clarification.. The commercial grossed 30 million alone from 2007-2008 in 1.5 years per the NY Times. One wonders the wealth of donations since…..

  5. If the ROI wasn’t spectacular they wouldn’t still be doing it–with longer and more nauseating commercials–the public doesn’t see through their deceit because they actually have a shelter *in New York*, and of course, now they’ve expanded with raids just like the H$U$ has. There’s gotta be a tipping point where these thieves and deceivers are exposed in such a way that public sentiment turns against them.

    1. Yes the ASPCA does have a very small
      shelter in New York City. They have USED the “lack of space” due to it’s small size as a reason for NOT accepting more animals per my direct calls to them…they can more then afford a “state of the art large shelter” but then they would directly expected to fund and care for more “homeless” animals.

  6. RIght…and what the hell is this this BS comment by the writer?
    “Many pit bulls and mastiffs, dogs that shelters typically find hard to place given their vicious reputations, were among the unclaimed canines.” I think this is irresponsible journalism stating “given their vicious reputations.” Why wouldn’t you say “misunderstood” or simply that they are hard to place AND that they need help doing so? ARGH…the whole thing sucks. Can you hear that loud sucking sound? That’s the ASPCA emptying walets…

  7. Seer Farms is an alternative to a shelter in NJ that takes animals when families are in crisis. They have already accepted over 200 animals from families displaced by Sandy. Unlike traditional shelters they reunite when the family is able to care for the animals again. The only paid staff are kennel assistants that provide direct animal care. Everyone else is all volunteer, including the board and executive director. They really need donations to keep doing the work they are doing. Check them out on Facebook at

  8. Is there a fund to care for and save these poor pets? Surely we the people can provide a good home for them until their masters are able to take them home.

    1. There is plenty of money available through the ASPCA – they just choose to spend it . . . not on saving animals.

  9. I don’t know which ones are worse; the ads with homeless abused animals or the starving abused homeless children, knowing the money raised by the advertisers won’t be seen by either group of needy individuals.

  10. If you look through ASPCA’s financial statements, they spend the bulk of their money employing people, to do what, I am not sure. Perhaps they should change their name to Goodwill.

  11. About 10% of the money raised actually goes to other rescues. – . Around 60% is spent on salaries/benefits for employees. I took a look at their jobs section ( ) to try and figure out where all the money is going.

    The majority of jobs involve “management” and “generating awareness” and yet whenever I talk with anyone about the ASPCA, the only awareness everyone seems to have it is the Sarah Maclaughlin commerical. What are they managing? Oh, yeah, more people. They don’t have that many animals. That is a lot of payroll that isn’t having good results.

    Perhaps they need to reorganize and focus on actual results.

    They are suffering from the same problem that many of the shelters, with the key exception that they have a huge budget, one that many rescues and shelters would be glad to have.

    1. Funny, when I opened my Yahoo email to read one of these responses, there was a GIANT ASPCA ad running down the side. Those Yahoo ads cannot be cheap. How many of those Sandy animals could be saved with the money from just one of those Yahoo ads.

  12. somebody has to pay the 9.3 MILLION they will paying to Feld on the “settled” RICO might as well be old grannies and grandads…

  13. Change the channel immediately and hate that song even more now these ASPCA commercials are right up there with the people on their dying breaths from smoking..

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