Memphis Pound Requests Special Ops Unit to Serve Cruelty Warrant

From the Memphis police department’s website, on the Special Ops page:

Tact Unit

This elite unit, specially trained to respond to various emergency situations, is responsible for handling barricade situations, hostage rescues, counter terrorism, and high risk felony apprehensions.

And apparently, serving search warrants to suspected animal hoarders upon request of Memphis Animal Services.  The MPD’s Tact unit “forced entry into the home” of an alleged animal hoarder last night.  The unnamed man reportedly raised a gun and was shot to death by police.

While there is no confirmation at this time that the victim was a hoarder, given that MAS suspected same should have raised a mental illness flag.  After all, hoarding is an illness, and MAS officers should know this.  Further:

Police say the suspected animal hoarder told neighbors he’d go down fighting in order to protect his collection of pets.

Again, this should raise a red flag regarding mental illness.  This would not be the sort of situation where a special ops unit should kick down the door to the possibly mentally ill, armed person’s home – at least I wouldn’t think that would be a good idea.

A neighbor described the killing as “shocking” to WMC-TV:

More shocking is what police say they found inside the home of a suspected animal hoarder on Cameron Ridge Trail.

“Inside the house we did find a lot of cats, dogs,” Sgt. Karen Rudolph said. “I’ve been told there were raccoons, possums, chickens.”

A lot of dogs and cats.  And she heard there were other animals.  Shocking?  The Commercial Appeal describes the home as containing “multiple cats, dogs, raccoon, possums and chickens.”  I’m having troubling reconciling the words “a lot” and “multiple” with “hoarder” and “shot”.

No word on what happened to the animals.

104 thoughts on “Memphis Pound Requests Special Ops Unit to Serve Cruelty Warrant

  1. Unless they need to be held as evidence, we all can make a pretty good guess what will happen (or has happened) to the animals.
    Again, nothing about Memphis surprises me anymore.

    1. As he is dead in my opinion they would not be held as evidence as there can be no criminal or civil action taken against him.

      1. His family has 3 days to claim the animals or they will be put up for adoption. There are still many cants and a few rabbits that haven’t been caught.

      2. Is that your attempt at humor? Animal control has been out today to set traps to catch the animals running loose.

      3. OK Concerned Neighbor, you’ve had your say and have even repeated yourself. Unless you have something new to add, please refrain from posting additional comments.

      4. You know it funny if someone doesn’t agree with you or your thought process you want them to refrain from further comments. Really, so you can have your say and I can have mine as long as its what you think. I was there, you however were not. Good day to you

      5. Plenty of people disagree with me. They can have their say. You had yours. But the number of comments and the repetition begins to approach trolling, which is not allowed here. Final warning.

  2. Fire those pigs.Killing Americans while invading their home is a violation of his Constitutional Rights.

    1. I do not think we haveany constitutional rights. We have to endure being “taken care of” by Big Brother.

  3. I am going to forward your blog to Governor Haslem. He once told me that local authority was a local issue. I believe this is out right murder. If the city of Memphis is allowed to do this how long before the rest of Tennessee. Since I am a resident of Tennessee my letter might bear more weight. I say might because of the answer I got before. I am also going to cc Lamar Alexander. I know he is an animal lover and may help. Will let you know what I find out.

  4. surprised they did not shoot al of the animals as well oh wait they will kill them at their leisure.. after trying to use them to raise money.. a swat team for “suspected’ animal hoarding.. and now dead humane.. the police need to be reined in.. shooting first dogs.. now people.. who are not a threat..

    1. I think clearly this person had potential to be a threat, based on what the neighbors reported him saying and that MAS officers suspected him of being mentally ill. I can think of 50 ways to serve the warrant in a non-violent, controlled manner and one way to maximize the potential for killing. They went with that one way.

      I am not an expert but I would think simply sitting outside the home until the man walked out to the mailbox or his car or whatever, then having officers approach him to serve the warrant and ensure he was not armed and could not run back to get a weapon or anything would be a reasonable and safe approach. Alternatively they could have lured the man outside to serve the warrant, sought cooperation from a family member or friend of the man’s, etc. I think kicking in the guy’s door to seize his animals was the one surefire way to risk death.

      1. Absolutely right. And neighbors said he said he would “fight to protect his pets.” Who wouldn’t fight for their pets? He never said he would “KILL” anyone.

        I’ll bet not a single raccoon, oppossom or chicken was there either. Maybe dogs, cats & bunnys, but you know they’ll make it sound as if there were hundreds of cats & dogs and even unicorns if it would make it sound better.

        Regardless of amount of pets, if they knew he was mentally impaired, many other alternatives could of been used to deal with him, NOT a bullet.

        I feel for the pets that have now lost their protector & care taker, thanks to MAS’ policy of restricting our constitutional rights of ownership.

  5. As a fellow animal raid victim, (not “hoarder”) let me tell you that this gentleman is likely quite a bit better off than he would have been had he lived. He doesn’t have to endure the public labeling of his pet ownership as “hoarding” and “animal abuse” and get to be listed on “” – not only his name but his address so that anyone who decides they don’t like animal abusers can come do whatever whenever to his house or in extreme cases his person. He won’t face job loss, being spit on in Walmart, having people he’s attended church with for decades turn their backs, loss of people he thought were friends, loss of ability to not only work but even to volunteer in pretty in any capacity (not just with animals) because “everyone knows” that “animal abuse” is a “gateway crime” to abuse of people. He won’t have to deal with PTSD, flashbacks, abuse by the legal system. Last but not least, he won’t have to see his beloved animals either killed, sold to anyone with the cash to buy them, or held for months or even years as evidence for a trial He’s very lucky, and I would advise anyone to go out toes up before they go through one single day of the hell an animal raid victim/survivor goes through. RIP.

    1. I understand and am sorry for your pain. But I am concerned your comment might be interpreted as an endorsement of “suicide by cop” or some other violent action. Let’s be clear that VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER and no one should physically resist police in any way. There are many non-violent ways to fight against practices we believe are unfair and ONLY THOSE NON-VIOLENT METHODS should be endorsed here.

    2. I totally agree even though I am against violence. Knowing the outcome and of everything just said as true!!! Ask anyone accused how many times they considered death!!! Ask how frequently they go thru a PTSD episode…Ask what they think of the life they are left with…the sleepless nights or the nightmares if they do sleep…all because someone has decided they are a hoarder or a puppy mill if there happens to be puppies or kittens…OMG!!! We aren’t talking about clear cut animal abuse here. we’re talking FAKE abuse…with no citation, heard in courts that have no jurisdiction to hear these cases…

      Animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated network of organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners; divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals. All of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to collect donations. FOLLOW THE ANIMALS ~ FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

      And I guess I should now add follow the animal owners to their grave…

      I am sure that they will post the most descriptive sensational story ever about the horrific deplorable conditions the animals endured-HA! Tall tale to cover an unnecessary death!!!

      1. I agree, I don’t see ‘anony’s’ post as in any way promoting suicide by cop, but just trying to convey the degree of trauma such over-zealous ‘rescuers of animals’ by and/or with official legal officers backing them up or anctually, as here carrying out the violence and intrustion against someone for merely suspect of having too many animals! to have turned such a matter into an armed stand-off with resulting death of a man to whom in his own view, was simply trying to defend himself, his property, and animals hea cared for. what was his ‘crime’ deserving death? And anony is right, many animal owner are being abeld abusers unfairly and then suffer horribly the resulting public hatred.

      2. I am glad you didn’t interpret it that way Jenell but as blog owner, I have to consider the possibility that someone MAY interpret the comment differently and, when it comes to violence, I always err on the side of caution. Thus, my clarification – just in case.

        On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 11:42 AM, YesBiscuit!

      3. To the fellow raid survivors posting here. Is there a support group for us? Because I’m pretty well regarded and connected my dogs weren’t seized, but the PTSD will be with me the rest of my life. I’m very interested in making the acquaintance of others who have been raided and in participating in protests.

  6. Don’t they have psychologists in Memphis that could have gone in and helped this guy? Such ignorance.

  7. WTH, what do people expect, I heard from more than 100 people that if anyone tried to harm their pets they better watch out because they had a gun, Another 1 have have heard numerous times is ” if they kick my door down I have a gun” so this person with an illness, that finds his door bring kicked down and grabs a gun and ends up murdered, we all know that 9 out of 10 times the cops don’t identify themselves, so what did they expect? Also there are no numbers on the amount of pets that were in his care, something is not right here

  8. I am totally outraged!!! What mental illness is it when lives of people fall below the lives of animals that they love so dearly they are willing to fight to keep their animals…How is it possible…or should I say ‘legal’ for all these animal seizures be happening in the first place?!? There is no ‘rash animal cruelty’…What there is is a ‘rash of animal rights zealots’ (might I add triggered by all the commercials from ASPCA and HSUS)
    Why is law enforcement buying into this?!? When did animal rights TERRORISTS stop being considered TERRORISTS?!?
    Somehow by adding the name “humane society” or animal shelter to the name of a organization, they are considered some sort of authority about animals when they are not!!! Their authority seems to escalate with their hatred of animal owners rather than the opposite…
    So will the Memphis Animal Shelter rejoice in the death of a suspected animal hoarder and go for the usual poor animal story?!? I personally think they will go all out to smear the good name of an animal lover, as usual -par, and cover up their responsibility in this man’s death.
    Best -B

  9. Don was my brother’s dad also my step dad . My family is in so much pain. They shot an insistent loving man. The officer will pay for what he did. Don was no threat to nobody. I’m sick of hearing the neighbors said this the neighbors said that!!!!!! The neighbors didn’t know nothing about Don! He was not a hoarder nor a treat to nobody. They will be dealing with our CA lawyer’s on this case. To the neighbors who didn’t like him and the officers who shot an insistent man. All because of you my brother will never get to see nor talk nor tell him he’s loves him anymore.

    1. Don is in a better place now as this world is becoming an increasingly hateful place. Please, people, let this man’s death stir uproar in the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. What happened to the sanctity of our homes?

      1. First off lets get a few things correct. Don was a very nice man and no one should lose there life the way he did, but he had issues I think we can all agree on that. The man left his back door open year around so the animals could come and go on their own accord. There has not been one report that I have read that stated that he wasn’t caring for his animals or he abused them. He was an Animal Hoarder, let face the facts. Someone mentioned 3 cats is not allot but you failed to mention the other 15 or so they didn’t catch yet. If you didn’t live in this neighbor hood and deal with this on a daily basis you have no ideal what We as neighbors had to deal with. He didn’t just hoard animals though, he hoarded everything. His back yard was horrible and I feel for the neighbors on either side of him for dealing with it. That one couple constantly worked in their yard trying to keep it looking good and his cats were forever over there using their flower beds as a litter box.I am thankful I lived down a few houses. I feel for Don’s family and prayer they find the peach that they need and get through this horrible time.

        Concerned Cameron Ridge Trl Neighbor

    2. Grace, I am so very sorry for your family’s loss. Also my best wishes for obtaining what little justice you may be able to obtain through the courts.

  10. Well, a slightly updated later story paints a little different picture. It kills me that the “lot of” quote is still there, along with what was ACTUALLY FOUND. ONE dog, three cats, 19 rabbits, a hen and a rooster were “rescued” (And by the way, police stated the man kept the back door open so they could come and go as they wanted, which would indicate to me they were there by choice, not confined somewhere possibly against their will. I think it is a real stretch to say three cats is “a lot” of cats that would require police intervention. So, the man had a house “in disarray” with some urine and feces on the floor, and animals staying there voluntarily. My suspicion would be the amount of disarray/urine/feces would be about consistent with three cats being “a lot”. Maybe the rabbits were breeding and he could have used some assistance with spay/neuter? Maybe he didn’t know rabbits could be spayed or his regular vet doesn’t do that? (Many vets now have dog/cat only practices). Something smells rotten to me, and it’s not feces from the “lot of” cats.

      1. Good question. The article doesn’t say whether he left it open at all times, just that he left it open for them to come in and out – maybe he closed/locked it at night? Maybe he was tipped off they were coming? Regardless it seems clear to me at least that we aren’t dealing with 500 animals! locked in tiny cages! never seeing the light of day! Even if he left it open for 2 hours a day they could have left had they chosen to. That could also explain how a raccoon or possum could have gained entrance into the house at some point (none were found at the raid per the news reports).

      2. because that would be no fun.. and after they put on all that gear.. and stuff.. what a drag to just be able to walk in..and not shoot something.. any thing..

      3. For the Love of god people he (Mr. Moore) told many of his neighbors that he had a gun and even showed it to a few and stated that even if they came with a warrant he that they would have to bust down the door. It really irritates men that people are blaming the MPD and or Animal Control. They were doing there job’s. His back door did stay open year around. Animal Control had come to his home Tuesday evening and knocked and requested he let them check the welfare of his animals, he refused. He was told at that time they would be back with a Warrant and he would have to let them in. They did what they said they got the warrant and came back. They knocked the fist time and told him they had a warrant, he again refused entry to them. They left and came back with the tac unit because he has made statements regarding having a gun. No one ever said that the Tac unit busted in his back door they walked in, after cutting the lock on his gate. They did break out his front window and I believe throw in tear gas or flash grenade. I am not 100% on those facts. Mr. Moore was on the phone with 911 as they were entering his home. He pointed his gun at the officers, now I am sorry that this went down the way it did but place the blame where it belongs. I really also think that if you haven’t lived in on this street as I have for the past several years you really can’t understand the magnitude of this situation. Again I say thank god I lived further the street and not right next door. Offices on the scene were heard saying that it was a least 4-5 inches deep with fecal wast in the house. I just pray that the home is torn down.

      4. just to clarify my commentbelow about the thought occuring to me,,, it refers to this statement, not to the statement made by the (un) concerned neighbor-

        f he left his back door open at all times, why did a SWAT team have to kick in the front door and push a possibly mentally ill man over the edge?

    1. Vicki,

      His front door was not kicked in. They did break out his front window that leads into the kitchen. Honestly is it your place to say the other neighbor is (un) concerned. You don’t know him/her do you? I have no clue who Concerned Neighbor is, but I do know that all the neighbors I have been in contact with seem very concerned.

  11. Remove the words “animal hoarder” from this headline and there isn’t the same “outrage”. The police were delivering a warrant to a person, the person pulled out a gun and SHOT at the police, the suspect was killed by the police.

    Definitely, mental health issues are overly ignored and overlooked in this country, but it is not the responsibility of the local animal shelter nor the local police to “fix” a person’s mental state. Nor do the police know when they are delivering a warrant what the mental state of the suspect is.

    What the police know is that just a few weeks ago one of our officers was killed doing this EXACT same thing. She was delivering a warrant and the suspects shot & killed her and injured another officer. Days ago another officer was in an altercation with a suspect, who ended up stealing the police cruiser and torching it.

    MPD is not playing with these criminals! You best believe if you pull a gun on a MPD officer and dare to pull the trigger, you will not be spared! The violent crime in this city is so beyond out of control. You seriously have NO idea. You can read all the crime stats and whatever else you want to online, but until you LIVE here and EXPERIENCE Memphis for what it truly is, you can not come close to knowing how horrible it is here.

    As for MAS… Did you happen to see Pit Bulls & Parolees tonight? They were at MAS rescuing the dog that was trapped in the drainage ditch for several days.

    Did you happen to hear the story of the wreck here in Memphis involving a semi and a horse trailer? MAS examined & boarded 2 horse and 3 dogs for the owners in the wreck until they were able to get a new trailer. They did this without being asked to do so and without charging the owners.

    1. No one here said it’s the responsibility of authorities to “fix a person’s mental state”. And whoop-dee-doo – some TV show came to MAS. Come on “Ginger” – you are abusing the anonymous commenting feature. Either let readers know who you are or give it up. This blog is not a free-for-all for killing apologists pretending to be normal people.

      1. How am I abusing the anonymous feature?? Ginger is my name, it has been for the past 47 years.
        Killing apologist??? Abosultely NOT! Not now, not ever.

        Your title is misleading, the shelter can not request any division of the police to serve the warrant. The police decide who to send on each call. The shelter, also, can not just make up a warrant to be served to someone they do not like. There has to be some sort of investigation and then a judge has to decide that there is enough evidence to process a warrant.

        Also, while only 19 rabbits, 2 dogs, and 3 cats were caught, there are reports of dozens of “his” cats allowed to roam the neighborhood and nieghbors had been complaining for a while about that. It has also been said that raccoons and other wildlife wandered in & out of his home at will. Those animals carry dieases which can be spread to his “pets” that roam freely and can spread throughout the neighborhood.

        None of that warrants him being killed.

        Him pulling out a gun and SHOOTING at the officers does tho.

        Should they have waited until one of his bullets made contact with his target before they killed him? I hope not.

        The majority of the details of this case have not been released, as the MPD are still investigating.

        I am far from a “killing apologist”. The rate at which MAS kills innocent pets makes me physically ill. I will never agree with them or defend their euthanasia rate. It’s not only disgusting, but insane. I have gone in there and rescued about 20 pets from there in the last year on my own. To group me with them is wrong on EVERY level.

        But at the same time, I do not care who you are, you do not ever get to pull out a GUN and shoot at the police.

      2. Hmm, sounds like Ginger is a cop in the MPD. So, Ginger, using a TACT team to serve an animal cruelty warrant at night is business as usual for you. You don’t think you should be more focused on Memphis’ actual violent crime? No, it’s easier to attack old me in the night in the name of animal rights.
        Somewhere there’s a follow-up story about how “officials” found only 3 cats, one dogs, and a few rabbits and chickens in the man’s home.
        Racoons and feral cats commonly roam cities and towns everywhere and I’m deeply sorry to see them used as an excuse to kill a man in his own home.

      3. Ginger, I agree that pointing a weapon at an officer warrants deadly force. No argument.

        The point is, if this man was suspected of being mentally ill (hoarding is a mental illness), the situation should have been handled in such a way as to NOT precipitate violence. The police created an environment where lives were in danger (their own, the man’s, and possibly his neighbors if shots went wild) with their over the top response and someone died as a result.

    2. Ginger: Why is it , from all the stories I’ve read on this, YOU are the only person saying he shot at officers?

      Yes, I will put the blame on, and only on, MPD & MAS, as they are the only reason this man is dead. Police consistantly, around the country, rush in & kill pets & people instead of thinking what better way to end the situations.

      Ruby Ridge, Waco, William ‘Bill’ Cooper, Bubba in Vegas, and now Don Moore, to name a few; all examples of cowboy police mentality, cannot be excused just because they deal with idiots regularly.

      My back door is left open most of the time. Should I also be labled “horder” & killed because of it? If every cat in the neighborhood came through it as the only place for food, who has any right to decide that makes me a hoarder? So what? He sounds like a good person to me, not someone deserving MAS & MPD’s wrath.

      I’m going to close my back door now, and throw away my sling shot, just in case…

    1. Betty,

      Its animal hoarding when you have so many that you can’t properly care for them. This man couldn’t have taken proper care of all these animals. There sick animals running around, dead rabbits being found in neighbors yards. He needed help because this had gotten out of control and he just couldn’t keep up. I had know Mr. Moore for over 8 years and I honestly believe he loved his animals but was just overwhelmed.

      1. Someone who loves their animals but gets overwhelmed is in need of assistance. The SWAT team kicking in the front door with guns drawn does not qualify as assistance.

      2. I would agree with you except he had been offered assistance on many occasions by Animal control and Code enforcement.

      3. Concerned: Why wasn’t he helped, instead of what he got? Why didn’t YOU offer assistance? Who could of possibly thought MAS was going to help anything except their own agenda?

    2. Ez,

      He was offered help by myself, many of the other neighbors, MAS officers offered him help, I am sure his kids did although that I can’t be sure of. Mr. Moore refused help, he always took it as someone trying to get into his business. None of the neighbors Ganged up on him. I myself asked him more than once to keep his Rabbits contained and he stated each time they keep digging out. There was never any yelling or altercations. Bottom line its easy for someone to say what could have been done to prevent this situation, but if you were not there you have no Ideal what your talking about. I am honestly so over all of these post blaming the neighbors and MAS, put the blame were it belongs.

  12. Article I read stated that the animals were well fed. So his crime, worthy of death, must have been that he had 28 animals, an assortment of dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens. If door to my house was being forced open, I would have been grabbing my pistol too.

    So this Tact Unit that is used for hostage rescues, counter terrorism, and high risk felony apprehensions was used on one old man who loved his animals.

    1. What the papers and News Stations didn’t say was they Animal Control had been to his home on 1/8/13 and asked him to to see his animals and refused to let them in or to bring the animals out. He was told at that time that they would be back with a warrant. They knocked on his door Friday afternoon letting him know that they had said warrant and he again refused entry. The tac unit would have never been involved had he not told neighbors that he had a gun and they would have to bust their way in. You don’t know the whole story. They announced their selves before entry and He (Mr. Moore) was on the phone with 911 when they entered. He knew who they were and he was forewarned they would be back, because they told him Tuesday 1/8/13. I was there standing on the side walk Tuesday evening when this all transpired. He told them he would not open the door.It was only Animal control and 1 MPD officer at that time.

      1. I am not sure whether you are familiar with mental illness – it seems many people in this country are not – but damn. Someone on the phone with 911 is fearful for his safety, asking for help.

  13. What a sick society we live in when suspected animal care violations are prioritized over a man’s life. He is mentally ill because he is not willing to give up his animals without a fight?
    It was exactly one year ago that a Memphis woman committed suicide after animal control nazis took all her pets from her. When pets are considered family, I don’t think it is a necessarily the mark of mental illness to become distraught when the government is threatening to take them from you.

  14. Memphis taxpayers must be really rich, in order to be able to afford to send a tactical unit ot break into the home of an animal “hoarder”, shoot and kill the owner, then most likely, kill all the animals, one way or another.

  15. Ginger Says:

    January 13, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Him pulling out a gun and SHOOTING at the officers does tho.

    Ginger, Please cite a source for your claim. If this is fabrication, you will be banned from further comments.

    1. He did not Shoot at officers, he raised his gun and pointed it at them. Its was stated at fist that he fire a shot, however that was false.

      1. I am saying he didn’t fire the gun, People in the neighbor hood were saying that. It was a false statement. I was trying to let people know that He DID NOT fire any shots. He only pointed the gun at them.

  16. Police officer? Not hardly.

    Even if a shot wasn’t fired (I guess when the investigation is finish we will know if neighbors’ reports true or not. Neighbors can be wrong, maybe the neighbor I spoke to was wrong.), pointing a gun at a police officer is absurd. You can not do that and think that police will not handle the situation with deadly force. Especially when another officer serving a warrant just weeks ago was shot & killed.

    Police do not just walk up to a house & kick the door open. They have to announce themselves first. Anyone who is grabbing for a weapon after the police have announced themselves should know what will likely happen next.

    I am baffled by the picture being painted when so little details have been released yet. SWAT teams kicking in the front door and blasting a sweet animal loving old man who was on the phone crying to 9-1-1. No one has said his demeanor while on the phone with 9-1-1, it was only said that he had called them. For all we know he could have been yelling, screaming, and threatening the police while on the phone.

    The TACT team was sent to serve the warrant because the man had already threatened the animal control officers. The man made it known that he had a gun and was ready to use it if anyone came for his animals. And then there’s the mental illness. If he was in fact mentally ill, with a weapon that he is more than willing to use, it makes serving the warrant a high risk situation, in which the TACT unit is called in.

    Nothing about any of the animals warranted his death.
    He was not killed because he had too many animals or he had just the right amount of animals.
    He wasn’t killed because his animals were mistreated or because the were well kept.
    His animals had nothing to do with his death.
    Him pointing a loaded gun at the police (and possibly shooting at them) is the only thing that caused his death.

    1. I have my doubts the gun was ever pointed at officers. Of course they’ll “say” he pointed it at them, they have to give up some excuse for blowing Mr. Moore away, taking his life, killing him. Who can YOU believe?

  17. I have heard that Memphis is pretty rough, so I have a really hard time understanding why this crime is the the one that they used a heavy handed approach with.

    Don’t they have drug dealers to arrest? Gangs to take down? If the city has so much money to spend, they may want to buy food for the animals at MAS as some of them are starving to death. Perhaps investigate the animal cruelty going on at their own shelter.

    Typically, I hear that Animals Services is last priority on the city budget, yet, a suspected hoarder is treated like domestic terrorist and they brought out the big guns to prove it. I still don’t understand the city’s priorities. Try explaining that to a mom who just lost her son that folks were busy pursing a suspected hoarder.

    As for announcing themselves and breaking in, yes, they do announce themselves but if you are in another part of the house, you don’t know who it is. If you hear someone breaking into your house and you live in an questionable neighborhood, the common sense thing to do is to grab the gun and call 911.

    Clearly, the man, who I’m not sure whether he can be called a hoarder, is a neighborhood nuisance. It seems his real crime is letting his cats trespass on neighbors flower beds as that is what likely got him killed.

  18. Imagine living in a neighborhood where neighbors threaten to have “the authorities” take your animals every day. Or threaten to kill them. Or do kill them. So you get to a point where you show them a gun and tell them you will protect your animals.
    Imagine living in a neighborhood where neighbors hate your lifestyle. Hate you. What no manicured yard? What leave your door cracked open? What no white picket fence?
    Imagine living in a neighborhood where every neighbor calls in complaints. Imagine several neighbors getting together with a well fabricated scenario about “the gun”.
    This is nothing more than Neighborhood bullying. It serves many purposes. Animal rights activists use it to take property and assets. Neighborhood deputy dogs get to control others to their narrow mindset.
    You will be seeing more of this as individual and property rights continue to be eroded.
    And I would like to know where the national outcry is from civil libertarians?
    Oh wait, I am sure the gun will be well placed in the report to elicit the most coverage to the swat Team- hell who will honestly even say he had the gun in his hand? You just have to trust them.
    To the neighbors of this person- feel good about yourselves now. Yeah, you probably got off on it.
    I once sat on an AC board where a deputy dog – target practice buddy with the AC chief hated his neighbors lifestyle. Got everyone in the neighborhood all riled up against them. The AC chief told him how to orchestrate the dangerous dog complaints. By the time it got to us- they were all ready to have the dogs killed. Unfortunately the dogs were not vicious. Had never nipped. Growled. Nothing. Was able to get this brought back on appeal and on the second go around most of the neighbors had had their fill of the neighborhood deputy dog and would not stand behind him for further torture of this family. But what the dogs owners had to go thru was excruciating, emotionally and cost wise.
    All because he didn’t like his neighbor.

  19. Wow, think what life will be like from now on for the neighbors who participated in this who actually have consciences. This is a lot of guilt to carry around.

    1. Susan,

      I am one of these said neighbors, Why should I feel guilty? I or any of the other neighbors have no reason for this to weigh on our conscience. We all followed the proper channels with the city as we should have. Its easy for you to say what you have but I am betting you didn’t live on this street and put up with this for the last several years. He made the decision to not open the door as requested and let MAS check on his animals. Had he cooperated and scaled down the animals or at least kept them contained to his property there would have been no issue. I am saddened by what happened but in no way feel guilty.

  20. So are you actually saying that the Neighbors are at fault for this, For following the proper channels and trying to keep our neighbor decent and our property values from tanking because of the the stench of Decaying animals and cats running all over the place using others yards a litter boxes. What is wrong with you? Well I will take my (Bad Karma) any day over those kind of crazy thoughts. I have animals as well, but I feed, bathe, and take them to the vet for their vaccinations and I also keep them in my yard or home.

    1. Calm down, Doveguy. I wasn’t there, but evidently you were, so you should know whether or not you’ve accrued any bad karma over this. A TACT team was sent to serve an animal cruelty warrant, yet we’re not being told anything about any cruelty taking place, except possibly on Don. I’m reading about racoons and feral cats wandering in and out of the house and agree I would not like them in my yard, but I’d be sending the game warden to see about the wild animals. As for the feral cats, they’re a problem everywhere. I won’t feed them, but I know some people do. Some communities have organized ways to trap and spay/neuter them to minimize reproduction. The TACT team was way too over the top and I wouldn’t be getting all proud and giddy about how that’s making your neighborhood look. Geez. Is anone safe at home any more?

      1. Susan,

        I agree with you the Tact Team was going overboard. This did not have to happen this way. I asked a Memphis police officer why Mr. Moore’s family was not contacted to try and maybe talk him out or help with this situation. I was not given an answer to that question. I really don’t think there was any abuse or cruelty. Maybe not having the animals vaccinated or cared for when they were ill, but he feed them well and he seemed to really love them. He was a good guy, I want that known, I had no issue with him as a person. I also agree with you that cats tend to be issues all over the place. Several neighbors my spouse and I included had offered to pay the expenses for having the cats spayed/Neutered and he refused. I can’t say enough that this was tragic and could have been handled differently.

  21. I am not even going to argue how many animals the guy had. Whether or not there were raccoons or chickens or feces in the house. And I am not going to argue the officers were within their rights to shoot him once he pointed a gun. All cops are trained to discharge their weapons fully when someone aims a gun at them. You bet. They don’t always…sometimes they try to ascertain how real the threat is first, but they are within their rights to do so. What I am arguing is WHY SWAT was there? Why is SWAT serving search warrants for suspected non violent crimes based on a couple of neighbors POd about their flower beds stating the guy owns a gun? So what? “He owns a gun” is not reason to send out a full tactical team. A couple neighborhood patrol cops would have done just as well.

    1. That’s what was sent in the beginning, a couple of patrol officers. On Tuesday 1/8/13 two patrol officers came and knocked and asked to see the animals. This incident escalated by threats being made towards MAS employees. This situation got way out of hand. The TACT team was involved because of the treats that had been made by Mr. Moore. There seems to be allot of speculation as to what happened and why it happened. Honestly we will never know the whole story because unfortunately one of the people lost his life

  22. This event is not exactly unusual, except for the shooting of the animal owner. Across the US there are instances where animal control officials, humane society officials, and ASPCA individuals are going into homes and farms and facilities on the basis of some complaint and CONFISCATING all the animals. The list is long: horses, dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, rabbits, all have been confiscated and in many cases, the process was not well carried out and some birds and animals were wounded or died as a result. However, each case presents the confiscating agency with animals to sell (they call it adoption), donations to request, and a lot of positive PR as a result. The media generally provide the same type of descriptions: filth, starving animals, dirty water bowls, no food. But within two or three days, healthy animals are being offered up for sale.

    The public has been propagandized about “animal hoarding” to the point that anyone with over three animals is a hoarder! There seems to be no concern for personal property rights, for personal choices, or for blackening the name of individuals who are not abusers, nor hoarders. This can happen now because the animal rights organizations have spent about 30 years demonizing anyone who has more than one or two animals! It doesn’t matter that the animal owner may be a show dog breeder, or has taken in animals that were homeless, or is a breeder of rare reptiles. It only matters that someone has complained and the animal agencies see this as an excellent opportunity to obtain free animals which they can sell. If any animals are not “up to par” they can be euthanized. Check out the show rabbit confiscation in Colorado, or the reptile confiscation in Texas.

    In one high profile case, the animal rights people even planted a dead puppy of the same breed owned by the dog breeder in order to “prove” abuse. DNA testing proved the dead puppy was unrelated to the dogs on the property.

    In all these cases, we need to be doing some serious thinking about what is factual and what is alleged and whether or not calling the officials is the right action to take. What ever happened to live and let live? What ever happened to neighbors contacting family members if there is problem? What ever happened to basic humanity and a real concern for other people and the consequences that can happen when authorities are called???

  23. So now comes the celebratory block party. Complete with festive lights strung across the streets and a BBQ in each driveway, like Wisteria Lane.
    Wonder which neighbor will be the first to make a move on the house- you know -to buy it and spruce it up for resale. Gotta keep those property values up. Or will the house be dozed because the land is more valuable than the old falling down house.
    And besides that who in their right mind would move to this neighborhood knowing full well anything less than Steppford Wives quality will be met with the full force of well – those wonderful neighbors who know the price of a manicured lawn and flowerbeds.
    The price?? Why an innocent mans life of course.
    Ooooo- Just makes me wanta move right in.

    1. Are you for real Kittypurr? A block party. I really can’t believe you post such stupidity. I also can’t believe everyone is placing the blame on the other people in the neighborhood. Were we suppose to just Grin and bare the fact that we had mangled dead rabbits and cats in or yards. This really has less to do with manicured lawns and nice flower beds. Having all these animals run loose in the neighborhood and getting ran over or whatever and ending up in our yards bloody and hurt and or dead. We should just be OK with that? Why should I have to explain to our children why there are dead animals in our yard, or why that cats eyeball is hanging out. Let me also say this I hope his house is bulldozed, NO ONE in our neighbor wants it or the land it sits on. It is trash. You have no clue what your talking about. All you see is “Animal lover loses his live” lets not forget that he pointed a loaded gun at a police officer. No Neighbor was involved in that, that was his decision. Thank god you don’t live in our neighborhood, because apparently we don’t like Crazy and you fit that to a tee. We all have our opinions, and ours differs here.

      Let me ask you this Kittypurr would you be ok with a neighbor filling his driveway with trash bags full of yard clippings (sometimes 15-20), old water hoses, and other items he /she removed from others trash? I bet your response is going to be I would’t mind because he has an illness. I would also bet that what your really thinking is Hell no I wouldn’t be ok with that. But that response wouldn’t make you sound like the Saint you seem to think you are. Well its my opinion you either are a hoarder yourself or a fraud.

      I guess wanting my neighborhood to be clean and well maintained, with out bloody, mangled, animals running around makes be a bad person I guess I’ll wear that badge.

      1. Everyone says Mr Moore loved & cared for his animals. So, why do you blame him for hurt or dead animals around the street? Isn’t it more realistic someone else injured these animals, possibly to hurt Mr Moore?

        If his house was in such disarray, wouldn’t it be the neighborly thing to offer assistance, to help him conform to neighborhood standards? Why did neighbors gang up on him instead of helping him? Sugar draws more bees than lemons.

        When the new neighbor moves into his house, it’s possible they could be a lot worse in many ways you haven’t yet conceived of. At least everyone liked Don, or they say.

  24. No Susan – neither you or your property is safe anymore.
    The Constitution and Bill of Rights are worth nothing more than their confetti value.
    The Patriot Act, the NDAA, several executive orders, the expansion of FEMA, and explosive intelligence gathering has made it all a mute point.
    And it really helps our elected leaders when a neighborhood targets one of their own-who doesnt walk the same line- not much backlash when one old softy who has a heart for animals bites the dust.

  25. Now Dovaguy-
    I had an old man neighbor – crotchy old fart, partially blind who was feeding at least 28 cats. Didn’t want me touching his cats. For you see most people are who are older are “fearful” when someone says they want to help. Because most people don’t- they harm the animals. Which is what the rest of the neighbors were doing- and the cats were being killed at AC.
    Anyway I started putting out some good high quality -stinky- food. Cats started Coming in my yard. Then I started setting traps. Well by God I trapped EVERY ONE of those cats. Got them all spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Got about 7 into adoption. And when Dewey died last year there was only one kitty left.
    Nope never wasted my time calling AC, or the police- or gossiping about Dewey to neighbors-creating reports that would serve no purpose than someone or something dying.
    I spent it saving lives and doing the humane thing.

    1. Bless your heart for being so kind to both the cats and the neighbor. We have become a self-centered, biggest/best, cruel kind of people, I’m afraid. You found a solution that would be best for the animals, for the neighborhood, and for the man who did nothing more than love his cats (to the best of his ability).

      Where i live, we have open hunting season on deer because they eat the flowers in the yards of the folks who live in the new subdivisions that just have to be built smack dab in the middle of the animals’ natural habitat. We take away their food source, their land, and then kill them because they are trying to survive. We can be so stupid sometimes.

      I’m sorry for the gentleman who was shot and I’m sorry for his animals who will most likely also die (knowing MAS is involved). This is a sad commentary on the human animal.

      1. Kittypurr: I’m glad to see somone else as informed on the new gov’t agencies & policy. They worry me too.

  26. I have been reading these post and I am really amazed at most of them.

    Let me start by saying that I am saddened by Mr. Moore’s death. He was not only a neighbor but I would say a friend. I and my wife spoke to him often. We never in 8 years had any disagreements with him. Did his animals running all over the place bother us, Yes they did. Did we like finding dead animals in our yard, No we didn’t. I talked to Don on several occasions and asked him if he could keep his animals (mainly the rabbits) in his yard, he said that he try’s but they dig out. None of you with the exception of those neighbors posting to this site have the foggiest clue of what transpired on that night or any of the incidents that led up to it. I personally think things could have been handled better. Mr. Moore had made threats to people in the neighborhood towards the police and MAS. I know for a fact that code Enforcement and Animal control had been several times over the years. Don and I had a conversation after they came out Tuesday 1/8/13 and asked to check the welfare of his dog (Conya) and he refused to let them in. I said to him why don’t you just let them see Conya and show them she is ok. He told he that they have he would never let them in his house, no matter what. I told him that cooperation might be better than getting arrested since they told him they would be back with a warrant. He had no desire to cooperate. The animal control folks and 2 patrol officers came on Friday afternoon to serve the warrant and he refused to open the door for them. When they came back at 6:30 they were more prepared to make entry. It has been said that Mr. Moore’s front door was kicked in, that is not true. His front kitchen window was broken out after they announced who they were and that they had a warrant and were entering the home. His lock was cut off the rear gate and they entered his yard that way. His rear door was open as always. Mr. Moore was not upstairs as some are saying he was down stairs. The police officers made it perfectly clear who they were. I just wanted this known to everyone that the police didn’t enter without announcement and no doors were kicked in. I truly hate that this happened and I pray that he rest in peace and that his children find the comfort they need to get through this horrific time.

    Now let me also say this I don’t feel its fair to blame the neighbors any of this. They tried to handle this properly by talking to him first and then contacting the mayors citizen line/ code enforcement. Some of you implying that there will be a block party to celebrate, that was harsh and UNCALLED for.

    I also don’t understand why anyone would feel like the neighbors should have just set back and let this continue is beyond me. Don refused any help offered. I also read that one person said something about manicured lawns and property values, lets be honest here there was much more to this situation that that. I get very irritated when people that have no ideal what was happening or what happened try to dictate how things should have been. It seems like what most of you are saying is that because he was an animal lover nothing else should have mattered, and that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard/read. Yes I would agree with all of you the Tact unit was too much, but I also see the other side where they (officers involved) had to protect themselves. Its really easy to place the blame with the MAS and Memphis Police, but as much as I hate it most of the blame is with Don. Just to clear up the other rumors there was only 1 dog, 20 rabbits, 10 cats (so far) and some turtles recovered. My wife and I have gone to the MAS to check on the animals They have all the rabbits in one room they are calling the “Bunny Room”, Conya is doing well, and the cats are calm and doing ok. I didn’t see the turtles. As far as the Raccoon’s and opposums (sp) I have no clue. There are still several cats running around. MAS office told me that they would set more cages to catch them in a day or two. Lastly I ask you to put yourselves in the homeowners shoes and realize they/we had tried to do what we could to resolve the issue and get Don the help he needed. There is only so much that you can do if the person refuses to be helped. Sometimes the authorities have to be brought in to help. I do believe all the neighbors exhausted all their options. Final not on his house and property, I feel like it will likely be torn down. Although the exterior is in decent shape, mostly brick the interior is badly damaged. Don told me this summer that he only lived in the master bedroom and bath because the rest of the house was not livable. I have never been in the home. Many times I went to his door to get his regarding a dead or hurt animal he never fully opened the door or let me enter. HE also said that once he moved the bank would have to tear down the place its so bad. Was he moving out, not to my knowledge but that is what he said. In closing I don’t feel like anyone should lose their life because they are a hoarder or animal lover, I also don’t think that you should point a gun at a police office and not think your going to get shot.

    1. I agree with everything you said, including pointing a gun at police, but I can’t believe he pointed a gun at police. Even Don is not that stupid. But even holding a gun in his hand does not give police permission to blow him away. “Put it down” would suffice.

      There are many reasons to have his gun with him and I doubt any of them were intentionally to kill anyone else. But I can’t believe he ever pointed it at anyone. It’s the cover story used as their only excuse for being so excited & fearing a “hoarder” so much they had to pull the trigger. Quick draw cowboy’s attitudes.

      Shouldn’t SWAT teams have background information on their target perpetrators & know in advance if they are “dangerous?” Don wasn’t dangerous, only wanting his pets left alone.

      1. EZ,

        Did you know Don personally? He was not stupid at all, I feel like maybe he was backed into a corner and made a bad decision.

    2. You say 10 cats, he only owned three. The rest were strays. As for the bunnies, reason for so many was that the female just had a litter. If you were a concerned neighbor and knew Don, why didn’t you call his Son?

      1. They were not Strays, they were his cats. You have zero idea what your talking about. How could anyone call his son, I don’y even know his son’s or their names. How would I get thier information? In the past 8 years I maybe saw his one son 4 times, I am not saying her wasn’t there but I just never saw him. I don’t think Don would have given out his number freely without wanting to know why, lets be realistic.

  27. Thank you for your post. Regardless of how this happened, his animals are likely to be killed now at MAS. They do a very poor job of finding homes for any animals and I can’t imagine these will be any different. Their kill rate is very high and they don’t seem to do a very good job of housing the animals either. It’s just a tragic situation all the way around.

  28. Yes, I knew Don Moore well, but hadn’t seen him in 15 years. If you didn’t like him, you didn’t know him.. He didn’t deserve to be murdered and I know for a fact he wouldn’t have pointed a gun at a group of armed & trained police or even an unarmed individual. That is just not Don.

    1. Ez,
      You can not say “He would never” point a gun at someone. People do crazy things when backed into a corner so to speak. He has told me directly that he had something for them if they came in his house.

      1. And you perhaps said that to police or MAS, which could of caused police to treat him as if he were dangerous & got him killed? Saying he “had something for them” could of been idle boasting, as many people do, without ever expecting, intending or saying he was going to hurt anyone. “Something for them” could of meant a harsh chewing out.

        Anyone telling police he said, “I have something for them” has blood on their hands getting police in that killing mode. I know Don wouldn’t, couldn’t point a gun at police & had no intentions of harming anyone. Someone’s words got Don killed. Live with it.

      2. EZ,

        I didn’t tell police that he said that. what would that have proved I doubt anyone else posting here did either. You saying that if someone told Police about that they have blood on their hands is an idiotic statement to make.

        Why would Don make sure to show someone the gun and say I have something for them while patting the gun tucked into the waist of his pants, if he only planned on giving them a harsh chewing out. I am so OVER you people that didn’t live near him, speak to or see him daily (or in 15 years) telling those of us who did how or what we should have done. He was offered help on many occasions, and it was refused. Y’all all have this More Holy than Thou attitude like “If it was me” I would have done this, truth is his kids or you his “Friend” did absolutely nothing to help him, the man lived is deplorable conditions, and had issues. And before you say they were not deplorable conditions, I ask you when were you in that home, because if you can’t say in the last few years you can’t answer that question truthfully.

  29. I know the family and the situation, but where in anybodys right mind would they send in a tatical unit in for a animal case. I lived in Memphis for 16 years and I think the MPD has bigger problems to handle. After reading the news article I wondering why the nes and the MPD are trying to paint a picture of Mr. Moore as being this menance to socitey. Secondly, I keep hearing everyone say he was mentally illed? None of these people are doctors and there are no medical records to pove that as well. Sad thing is the PD/animal shelter should have called his family for assistance, nut no we have a trigger happy cop out there who is willing to shoot. Personally, I think the cops busted in without addressing themselves, Mr. Moore thought someone was trying to break in and was trying to protect himself. Who knows, but I believe the MPD will try to cover up any wrong doing.

    1. Friend,

      There are A 10’s of thousands of people in this world that are mentally Ill with out having been diagnosed as such. Was Don mentally Ill, I have no clue. Did he come across as a mentally ill person, yes sometimes. You can’t tell me his kids came into his home or yard and didn’t know there was a problem. I totally agree that the MPD, should have reached out to his children. I believe an earlier post stated that the police were asked that question but an answer was not given. Do I believe Don pointed a gun at MPD officers, yes I believe he did. Did he feel like he was protecting himself, I can’t say, because I have no clue the same as everyone else on here trying to speculate what did or did not happen. I do know for an absolute fact that they did announce their presence and that they were entering his residence. I was in my yard and heard them very clearly. Honestly I am really tired of people stating that the MPD just busted into his home and gunned him down. If you weren’t there, as I was you can’t say what the police did or didn’t say. Again they CLEARLY ANNOUNCED THEIR PRESENCE and stated they were coming in. Befre anyone get on their band wagon, no I am not an advocate of the Memphis Police, I don’t feel like they do thing on the Up and Up. I however don’t think we should say they just barged in and gunned down an innocent man. He was on the phone with 911, lets not forget that, so everything is recorded. He also called 911 on 1/8/13 when they came the first time. He told me about that call himself.

  30. 1. How would we possibly know his kids information, he referred to his kids as #1 son, #2 Son and so on.

    2. Why should anyone have to call his kids, if they came to visit him they would have to be blind to not see there was a problem. If my father was living in filth, and yes it was filth I would make sure he got the help he needed.

    3. People saying well you care more about our manicured lawns and Flower Beds. Well you all have lost your ever living minds if you think I or any other neighbors are just going to sit back and watch out neighborhood go to pot. I didn’t invest over 160k in a home to just sit back and watch this happen without trying to make the situation better. I just can’t believe that anyone of you thinks what was happening was ok, just because he was an older man that loved his animals. I love mine too but they stay in my yard and don’t bother the neighbors, run loose, or use anyone’s yard as a little box. I told Don on more than one occasion that I didn’t want all his animals in my yard and he just shrugged it off, the same as he did to anyone that asked his to keep his animals in check. I really could careless what anyone of you think about me because your opinions don’t matter to me and I am sure mine don’t to you.

    1. Concerned neighbord if you knew so much, than you would know MAS has been out to his house through the years and found no findings of neglect or abuse and no aminal was ever removed. You might have been the one who reported that his dog had a broke leg which started this whole deboggle that eventually led to his death, but we all know the dog didn’t have a broke leg. So please stop with your nonsense and plus you live in Cordova which is more and more becomming the slums like memphis itself. Anyways the main point here is the abuse of force used here with the lack of trying other means to address a situation.

    2. Concerned: Oh now we know; you don’t like animals. You should of said that in the beginning. Your “valuable” 150K home’s yard is too good for bunnies & kitties? Cats coming to his home for food doesn’t make them his cats. I thought everyone knew you don’t “own” cats, they own you. I believe you expect too much of neighbors & your dislike for animals has lead to the loss of a very good person.

      1. Did you have a big ole bowl of Stupid for breakfast. Damn when did I ever say that I didn’t like animals? I have my own animals smart ass. I have 3 dogs that are very well cared for, taken to the vet when they are suppose to be, and stay in my yard or on a leash. You thinking that its OK for ANYONES animals to destroy someone else’s property and that the homeowner should just stand by and let it happen is moronic and ridiculous.

  31. Well first of all “Friend” I am not this one that reported the dog being hurt. I know that Conya (sp) was just fine. I also never said in any post I made that MAS had removed any animals or cited DOn for neglect. If I had thought the dog was hurt I would have addressed with Don not called someone else. If your such a “Good Friend” why didn’t you help him. If you have visited Don’s home in the last several years you knew there was a problem and like his kids apparently turned that Blind Eye to it. This death could have been avoided, and I will not speak for Don, because I like you was not in that house when whatever happened happened. Anything we think is just pure speculation. Call Cordova the Slums all you want because its just your opinion and it matters not.

    1. Seems to me the issue is the over reaction of the police to an animal issue. I would recommend that all those in the area who really care about what happened make a POINT of communicating their serious concerns to to their city or county elected officials. This over reaction to an animal issue where a man is KILLED because of concerns about hoarding is UNBELIEVEABLE. I don’t care how many dead rabbits I would find in my back yard, I don’t think anyone should die because of it. I would simply pick those rabbits up and bury them! Whether or not the man held a gun, had mental illness or whatever, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for MURDERING HIM. Because that is exactly what happened. He was murdered in his own home. Now folks, if that happened to him, it could happen to any one living in that area when an animal issue is raised. I think it would be very smart if you concerned neighbors got on the phone or made a visit to your officials and made a serious complaint about the OVER USE of force in this case!

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