List of 2012 Outcomes for San Bernardino City Pound Pets

I had heard from an advocate on Facebook that the city of San Bernardino pound refuses to reveal the outcome once a pet’s listing is removed from the PetHarbor website.  Whether that is true or not, I don’t know.  But I have seen this policy on the Facebook pages of other pounds and I think it’s ridiculous.  If you can’t own it, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

In any case, here is a document detailing the outcome for what appears to be every animal processed through the pound in 2012 (and several days into 2013 as well).  Maybe it can be useful to someone trying to find out what happened to specific shelter pets.

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    1. I’ve come across this word with other pounds and I interpret it to mean animal carcasses they picked up off the street or that were brought to them by owners after the pet died. If anyone knows specifically how San Bernardino uses the word, please share.

      On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 10:57 AM, YesBiscuit!

    1. It’s a pdf that takes a little time to load and if it displays the end, there are blank pages. See if you can scroll up to see the pages at the beginning.

      1. I scrolled down to around page 700.. I gave up.. no way I could even afford to print that out… now to that list.. add all the rest of the shelters in the USA.. wow

  1. You have to go to the city clerk’s office and do a formal public records request to determine the outcome of the animal. The phone operator will not tell you the outcome (either adopted, rescued, or killed), they will only tell you the animal is no longer there.

      1. Do they have a place to get yearly totals of each category? I am working on a petition for change at the San Bernardino City shelter and would like to have as much ammunition as possible. I have 2011 numbers but would like 2012.

  2. Okay, on my birthday last year, this facility killed 33 animals, adopted out 24 animals, returned a single pet to an owner, and there were six animals that died, escaped or were disposed of on that day.
    Safe haven, my ass!
    Reading the file was difficult, so I didn’t bother to sort through which were cats and which were dogs, but it seemed like there were more dogs than cats. (Which is odd, because cats are perhaps easier to justify killing…) Oh, and now, we’re supposed to congratulate these folks for finding homes for 24 animals, cuz, ya know, good on ya, and let’s not be divisive or anything. Sigh.
    Gee, can’t imagine WHY they don’t want to publish these numbers, or otherwise promote their work to the public. (snark)

  3. I’ve seen the Devore dogs on Facebook, they have the most highly adoptable dogs that they are networking to keep them from the needle. It’s so sad. Someone posted on No Kill San Bernadino Facebook page the following kill rates –

    2011 Statistics, City of San Bernardino Animal Shelter:
    Total animals received: 17,934
    Animals Adopted: 3,475 – 19.38 percent
    Euthanized total: 13,369 – 74.55 percent

    San Bernardino County (Devore Shelter)
    Total animals Received: 16,177
    Animals adopted: 7,538 – 46.6 percent
    Animals euthanized: 7,304 – 45.15 percent

    Rancho Cucamonga:

    Total animals received: 5,012
    Total animals adopted: 3,746 – 74.74 percent
    Animals euthanized: 631 – 12.59 percent

    Total animals received: 2,656
    Animals adopted: 3,746 – 74.74 percent
    Euthanized total: 631 – 12.59 percent

    (Numbers do not add up to 100 percent because some animals are returned to guardian or transferred)

  4. Where did the list come from? I have 2 dogs that made it out of this shelter in 6/12 and their ID#’s are NOT listed on this document. And the number sequence is not even close for the time frame. So I am curious where this info came from.

      1. Even more interesting the total number of entries is barely 4700 I know darn well there are A LOT more animals that go thru those doors. I asked the rescue I work with for a few other id #’s to check. Odd how there are so many blank pages too. Thank you

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