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Although I don’t usually promote or participate in the many “vote for us” online contests for rescues, I am happy to make an occasional exception for a loyal reader whose group does good work.  Laura asked if I would include a link to her group Animal Advocates of Carroll Co in this contest.  Registration took me 6 seconds, including the verification e-mail, and I voted.  If you are so inclined, please join me.

A man who was fired from the Lucas Co pound in OH after video showed him hurting a dog has been acquitted of a cruelty charge by a judge.

Rescuers saved 1000 cats after the truck carrying them crashed in China.  They were being sold for use as food in restaurants but are now being cared for by an animal welfare organization.

There are 124 licensed importers in the tiny state of CT who transport dogs from the south up to CT.  The one profiled in this article charges $450 for a dog.  Locals worry about the homeless dogs left sitting in CT shelters.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Gentle dog attempts to give physical affection to young child (video)

In case you were wondering:  Bo Obama does not receive Secret Service protection

A university study found that crustaceans can likely feel pain

I am not sure that I see the manatee in this photo but I love manatees and I love stars so what the heck?

A friendly reminder:  I so appreciate everyone who sends me links.  I can not get to them all unfortunately and this is one of the reasons I put up the open threads regularly.  Please feel welcome to share any links in which you think readers here might be interested in those open threads.  Don’t be shy.  People do click on the links posted in those threads.  WordPress tells on them.

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  1. Thank you, Shirley! The Animal Advocates of Carroll Co., need all the help we can get. You can vote once per email, per day, through the 24th. Thanks to everyone who votes!

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