Pre-emptive Strike: ACOs Drag Dog Across Parking Lot to Avoid Possibility He Might Miss a Meal

Screencap from Facebook.
Screencap from Facebook.

The above image purportedly depicts two Birmingham-Jefferson Co ACOs using a net and a chokepole to drag a dog across a restaurant parking lot in AL. The person who claims to have witnessed and photographed the alleged abuse states that the dog is a friendly stray, known by locals who regularly feed him.

Outraged pet lovers bombarded the pound’s Facebook page with questions and concerns about the dog. The pound posted the following response:

While we have tried to respond to all of the comments being made it will be impossible to reach out to everyone. We appreciate everyone’s concern for this dog! We wish the concern was there BEFORE we were asked to remove him! Our officers were performing their jobs and were utilizing capture equipment designed for both the safety of the animals AND the officers. The photo shows one moment of what must have been a very stressful capture and shows the officers leading the dog to the vehicle. This has been shown to be the least stressful and safest method for moving an aggressive animal. While a dog may not show aggression when someone tosses him a biscuit we did receive a report that his dog growled at a patron (which is why we were there in the first place) Stray dogs do not usually trust a stranger and we are trained to handle cute and fuzzy puppies all the way up to the large dog that bit the neighbor’s child. We must first and foremost protect the public! Our techniques may look barbaric to the untrained public but we have extensive training and often are called to remove a dog that has bitten a citizen who was “just trying to help!” Any dog can bite and we are prepared for those circumstances. If we can lead a dog out on a leash we do and many people have witnessed this. Before you sit in your warm living rooms and decide to demand justice for this dog we ask that you consider he could still be out of the street dodging traffic and trying to locate his next meal. That is not a good life for a dog and we provide them with a shelter and food and if we can, a better life with a new family! Thank you all for your comments and we will continue to follow this and respond if we feel additional information is necessary!

So apparently if you weren’t concerned about this dog’s welfare BEFORE, (never mind that no one but locals knew this dog existed) you have no right to complain about the photographic evidence of what appears to be taxpayer funded abuse NOW, especially if your living room is warm.  Oh and they heard the dog had once growled at someone.  So obviously the next logical step was dragging the dog across the pavement by a chokepole and a net.  Because public safety!  And he might have missed a meal!

(Thanks Christine for alerting me to this photo.)

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  1. Hey, they have “extensive training” doncha know. That there is “technique,” but you untrained people “sitting in your warm living rooms” are too dumb to know that.

    So have they killed the dog yet?

      1. OMG, I wonder whatever in the world would cause him to feel he needed to growl at someone? It couldn’t possibly have been the “the least stressful and safest method” of dragging, oops, I mean “moving” him.

  2. Again with the improper use of a catchpole. Are none of these people properly trained or do they just give them some tools and send them out?

  3. It gets better, go ready their page today….. the dog that was reported by several witnesses as “BLEEDING” has not been assessed by the vet yet.

  4. Kudos to the person who took this picture and reported it. Taxpayer paid employees are to be held at a higher standard. This cruel dragger could have easily muzzled the dog and quietly walked it across the parking log, maybe even lurking it with a treat. My guess is that this poor dog is most likely dead, now, as it “growled” at someone, therefore, is “vicious” and “unsociable”.

  5. I’m shocked by the amount of condescension and snark in that letter. If feel most people would be afraid to write such a letter to their employers ( the taxpayers). The icing on this shitcake is that they wrote such a letter after damning photographic evidence had been seen by all.

  6. I am truly shicked at how this dog was treated, never mind about my living room. There is no need to treat the dog like this and there technique on using a catchpole should be examined.

  7. Damn, I must be doing something wrong… I live in a multi-pet home without a catchpole or net and sometimes my dogs growl ! ! I am thinking I should leave now to purchase “capture equipment” and seek “extensive training” so I will be prepared for the next time the Beagle bolts the front door. Or God Forbid my blind dog steps on the deaf one… again.

  8. Really, Guess no one told them that catchpoles INCITE fear in dogs and create hoistility, and guess what dogs do when they are afraid??????? They growl.. the statement is obviously meant to try to make people feel bad about the dog being a stray and divert attention away from the lack of finesse or care in the capture of this animal…..I pray that someone rescues this dog from what I can only assume is a high kill shelter!!!!!

  9. This is unacceptable-this way the shelter defends itself and blames the public is digusting. SHELTERS neeed to be ACCOUNTABLE for the dogs in their care. Again-blaming the public only creates of cycle of hatred that harms the very animals the “shelter” is saving. The tone of this whole letter really burns me up.

  10. The interest and/or outrage concerning this latest incident/photo has proven, once again…
    1.That the public is ignorant of the methods and operation of animal control facilities, often incorrectly called/titled “shelters” in Alabama.
    2. That the public, elected officials and their constituents have neglected, ignored the lack of, and failed to demand more for innocent animals who have been victimized by cruel, irresponsible owners.
    3. Unless rescue organizations and/or individuals volunteer their services to save a death row animal, the victims of irresponsibility and cruelty – they will become victimized a second time by the system we, as citizens, accept. (A system that is funded for and paid to function as a “collection agency for strays, accepting surrenders, protecting the public from dangerous animals, and DISPOSING OF THEM.)
    4. Obviously, the broad public has had no interest in AL Animal Control System and hasn’t witnessed animal control catch/confiscate a dog they have been instructed to remove. Animal advocates recognize that this is the norm, and perhaps even more gentle than similar catches.
    5. That the public is woefully unaware that there are no state regulations governing animal control facilities, staff or a level of humane care required within AL Animal Control Facilities.
    6. That the broad public only reacts when media gets hold of photographic evidence of what they consider a “disturbing” sight, especially concerning an animal’s plight.

    The bottom line is that the issue of strengthening and enacting enforceable laws of protection for our states’ companion animals, including defining the current animal laws and the function of animal control system, should be addressed and solved by you, me and “us”, we the people.
    Most of you are aware of Alabama’s only grass roots political action committee that focuses exclusively on the protection of companion animals , Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation (AVRAL) http://www.alabamavotesforanimals – The question is, “Why haven’t you joined?” Waiting for another disturbing sight, article or occurrence in your own backyard?
    If you want more than your local animal control facility provides, it’s up to you to help make the changes, and make your facility the shelter the animals deserve. After decades of neglecting Alabama’s animal laws, here’s your vehicle to speak for Alabama’s suffering dogs and cats, the ultimate goal to make Alabama a safe happy home for them as well as the human population.
    There are thousands of animals just like Jack, right now, in our animal control system, waiting for someone like you. (Right in your “own backyard” at your local animal control facility.) With all the attention, hopefully JACK has a chance for a good future, and won’t fall through the cracks and join the other hundreds of innocent, unnamed strays in Alabama, whose most probable fate this week is death and a landfill or crematorium.

  11. The company that runs this facility is a for profit inc, and has the lucrative contract from the city to handle the animal control in that area. It has long been suspected by many that the funds have been misused, going more to line the pockets of the owners of the for profit company than is going to help the animals. If you go to the BJC facebook page, and post anything they do not like they’ll delete your comment and ban you from posting again. They have left only a handful of the 1000’s of posts they received from people outraged at the practices depicted in this picture, but have called in their troups galore to pat them on the back, and trust me, they are all over that facebook page saying, I adopted my snookie from there, and they are wonderful. Rightttt…Maybe they didn’t go in the back where I have been told that the animals runs are hosed down with the animals still in them. They are left terrified, with clumps of feces and urine covering their coats, wet, cold and shaking. I believe their kill rate is something close to 80%. They have absolutely no information on their webpage about how rescues can pull from their facility. There is a woman who has expressed interest in adopting this dog, from day one, and they have found every reason possible not to allow her to do so. It is my opinion they have read her posts condemning the procedure used in this capture, and now they choose to be spiteful and vindictive, because they ‘can’. The dog is HW+ and they now say that he can only go to a 5013c rescue. They have jacked this poor woman around to unbelievable levels, while on their facebook page when the picture was originally brought to their attention, the admin made statements such as they expected no one in the group of protesters would show up to help the dog, and when they were proven wrong, and people DID step up, they are finding a reason to deny each and every person. They say they want Jack to go to a rescue where they can ‘check up on him’? LOLOLOL.. how many other dogs that they adopt out or allow a rescue to take do you believe they ‘check up on’? If you believe that, I have this bridge I want to talk to you about….

  12. This dogs whereabouts is unknown as of right now. The shelter says he is not allowed visitors and an unnamed rescue claims they already got him even thought another rescue was told to come on Monday at 4:30 CST to pull the dog and treat him for HW. If ANYONE knows where jack is right now, please let us know. Many people are concerned for this dogs safety given the shelters attitude due to the high profile status this has become. Thanks!

  13. This dog is still at the shelter… He has an experienced person who wishes to adopt him and will pick up ALL the expenses that go with it, including a behaviorist if needed, however BJC are REFUSING to adopt him out saying they will send him to rescue. They posted a video yesterday saying because they didn’t like being asked questions, they would not be posting anything else about Jack.
    This requires further investigation and a lot of yelling……

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