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  1. Here’s something cool: Three women in Greenwich, CT, were frustrated with the constant stream of homeless pets in the NYC area, and decided to do something. So they BOUGHT a mobile vet clinic, called themselves “Fido Fixers”, and are leasing it to NYC rescues for a big $1.00/month. I have nothing to do with their mission, but LOVE it! (They could use the “Likes” on their FB page btw!: https://www.facebook.com/FidoFixers?fref=ts)

    Thanks :0)

  2. I have no cool links, just questions. I have several cats, and now have a 2 year old dog. She’s a cute merle colored basset mix named Merle. I’ve never had a dog before and was told this dog was good with cats. Actually, she’s a little afraid of them but she’s getting over that. Despite being a little afraid of the cats, each time they tussle or run around she gets very excited and lunges in their direction. My concern is something that happened yesterday. She chased one of the cats. They were both running pretty fast past me in the living room. I immediately stopped her and put her in her crate for a little while. This was not a game. The cat she was chasing doesn’t like her, and came out a few minutes later with her tail all puffed up. Is it possible my new cat will hurt or kill one of the cats? What can I do to stop her from chasing them?

  3. Free S/N in Beaufort County, SC, through April: The Beaufort County Animal Shelter is partnering with Sheldon Animal Rescue to offer free spaying and neutering through April. Shelter officials say it’s important to have animals spayed or neutered before they go into heat this spring.

    Free transportation to the shelter is available in northern Beaufort County. Space is limited, so pet owners should make an appointment.

    Details: Call 843-255-5010, extension 0, or email shelter@bcgov.net.


  4. Once again, Miami Dade Animal Services dispels the myth that shelter workers don’t WANT to kill animals. They were apparently in such a hurry to get the killing started that they decided not to check for messages from people who wanted to save the pets, even though a computer was placed in the “euthanasia” room for the purpose of allowing them access to just such messages.

      1. There have been several more animals with rescuers or adopters killed by shelter staff recently, again because they didn’t bother to check their messages. So nothing has changed. A rescuer in that area posted the following: “Everyone…we are making arrangements to appear at the Commission meeting in late February. Please make plans to be there if you can. I will continue to post updates. Devlin and Chocolate must be spoken for… they no longer have a chance to to see their new lives, their new families or their forever homes, MDAS took that away. Please let them be more than a fading memory. THEIR LIVES MATTERED!” Chocolate was a dog and Devlin was a kitten, both killed despite having places to go. I’m on the other side of the country, but I’m hoping people in the Miami-Dade area will attend the Commission meeting.

    1. What exactly are they doing to hold their people accountable? Because it clearly isn’t working. Perhaps a progressive discipline plan would help? Every time they EU an animal that had a hold emailed in overnight and they “forgot” to check, they get a warning or a strike. After a number of strikes, they are out. They may not care about the animals but they probably care about their income, otherwise, they would have moved on from the frustrating ( I forgot what other words they used to describe their jobs, a long time ago).

      1. Well, I would say that anyone who kills an animal with a hold on it (unless true euthanasia is called for in the case of irredeemable suffering) gets fired. One strike and you’re out, no ifs ands or buts. Anyone who has already killed an animal on hold needs to leave immediately.

        This is how things go when you have a culture of killing, when killing is the default. They clearly need new leadership in there and fast.

      1. I don’t know. It was on the Science channel (as a commercial), so maybe it’s Science(TM)!

        Seriously, most of the dogs I can think of would either lie down and refuse to walk in the thing or use it as a chew toy.

      2. Some canine physical rehab professionals use a similar thing. Note.. similar. NOT this.

    1. My question is WHY would you do this to a dog? It makes me think of a more “benign” tool than what cruel people do when they put a heavy chain and weight on their dogs to make their chests bigger. Or a Hang Rope from a tree to strengthen a dogs jaws. Why? I cannot even imagine one reason to use this. AND – I don’t have even one dog that would ever move with this on. Weird.

      1. What concerns me is that people see that ad and and decide that resistance training is the answer if Sparky can’t keep up on the walk. Not, “maybe I should see my vet to find out if there’s a medical reason for my dog not being able to keep up like maybe arthritis, hypothyroidism, or heart problems”. No, let’s strap some rubber things on the dog because that will make it better.

    1. I’m concerned that the owner said the dog had puppies. When? Do they still need to nurse/learn from her? How long was she separated from them? If the owners were out of town, who was watching the dog? I understand that things can happen and the dog might get out a dog door, but did the care taker go to the shelter and get the dog back to the puppies?

      1. The puppies were in the house. The one they showed didn’t look tiny, so thank goodness for that. They may still be nursing, though.

        The owners weren’t out of town, they were just visiting someone in another neighborhood. And yes, they now have their dog back.

        I was a bit dismayed to see the owner all bundled up in winter coat/scarf, but not freaking out that his shorthaired dog was out in the cold for hours. But who knows how long after the fact those interviews were done…maybe he did freak out earlier. I would have, certainly.

  5. Looking for a cat toy? Try the Hexbug Nano. They run on any solid surface (not good on carpet – can’t get anywhere!) and you can put one in the bathtub to keep a cat busy for hours (3-4 hours until the battery dies – you can buy a 100 pack of generic batteries for much less than the name brands). They are fairly quiet (run on vibration) and pretty darn sturdy (had the 60lb dog stomp on one with both front feet the way a horse stomps a snake and it kept on going, unharmed). The other Hexbug toys don’t work great as cat toys, but the Nano is awesome.

    You can buy them online or at Target and Walmart. If you buy extra batteries, shop around for good prices as they vary widely.

    As always, know your cat. If he’s the sort to actually swallow such a thing, play only with supervision. Would probably be awesome to keep kittens busy while you’re trying to get something done…

      1. I have two ferals living on my deck, so needless to say, the skies are completely empty for six miles in every direction.

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