MA High School Boy Continues Search for Cherished Pet Despite City’s Failures

Zach Gentile, a high school student in Revere, lost his dog Emily on December 19 when his mother accidentally let her out unattended.  He searched the neighborhood for many hours but couldn’t find his beloved pet of nine years.  The next day, he called Lisa Cutting whose kennel is contracted by the city to house stray pets.  Ms. Cutting advised the young man that police had received a call from a man who reported finding Emily, but the dispatcher didn’t bother getting the man’s name or phone number.

Mr. Gentile called the police himself.  They told him to call the city’s ACO, which he did.  But no one has helped him.  He has continued to search on his own and to put up fliers in the area.

Ms. Cutting spoke to the city council a year ago about the numerous failures involving lost and stray pets in Revere.  She told the council that healthy, owned pets who had been picked up after getting lost from their homes have been killed by the city due to the lack of police communication with the owners.  Nothing has apparently improved in the past year although when confronted with the Emily story by the local newspaper, the police threw them a bone:

Revere Police, upon learning more about the situation, told the Journal that they are revisiting the idea of making a clear policy for lost or abandoned animals – a problem they were told of more than a year ago by Cutting.

While they are revisiting the idea of having a policy, maybe they could help Mr. Gentile look for Emily.  Pets are family.  Animal services=family services.  How sad it is that the Revere police need a written protocol to tell them that when someone calls in to report finding a lost family member, they need to do better than meh.

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10 thoughts on “MA High School Boy Continues Search for Cherished Pet Despite City’s Failures

    1. Perhaps they should appoint a committee to look into the matter of whether “Write shit down” needs to be included in the policy handbook.

      On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 10:43 AM, YesBiscuit!

      1. Well, they can think about maybe considering a plan to think about appointing a committee. Because…tax dollars.

  1. There is no expediency in most county governments. Simply people get their jobs – and will do anything to hang on to it for life and then retire. They don’t want change because it’s work. The very person they have in charge of the the animals told them a YEAR ago what needed to be done. WRITE SHIT DOWN. Too much to ask. Dispatch in many areas is apathetic to serving the public too. Hell – in Montgomery County Tennessee – Dispatch doesn’t even ACCEPT animal calls. Why? Because they only deal with PEOPLE calls. REALLY? A PEOPLE calling about their animal isn’t a PEOPLE call? I fought it for a year. NO BUDGING them.

  2. The amount of STUPIDITY continues to amaze me. Does no one have any common sense anymore?
    I do hope that this young man finds his beloved dog. Perhaps with the publicity, the folks who found her will get Emily home to her boy.
    Keep us posted if you can.
    Huge FAIL to the idiots who can’t deal with these basics.

  3. I have resorted to saying this about loose dogs when I walk into the station (calling is mostly useless): “I’m trying to make sure there isn’t a CAR ACCIDENT, if PEOPLE swerve to avoid this loose dog on xyz street.” The idea that Paperwork might have to be done often gets more done sometimes.

  4. His mother never wanted the dog. She did this on purpose. She wanted the dog only because Zacks dad wanted it. I KNOW THE TRUTH

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