6 thoughts on “Poll Regarding Post Preferences

  1. I know it’s nonsensical but I always find myself rooting for the underdog in polls. I see “No” is the one I’ll be cheerleading for this afternoon.

  2. Since some of the “Treats” are rather depressing stories, I like having multiple in a post so I don’t have to focus exclusively on the down ones.

  3. I voted no preference because I would prefer you do whichever suits you, your time, etc best.

    I do like the ‘compiled’ treats posts from the viewpoint of a single post vs however many individual posts. On the other hand, I rarely share all the posts on the same day so I have to try and remember which one(s) I’ve already shared from the compiled post. Individual posts would resolve that issue.

    Truly, either way works for me.

  4. Can’t see the poll since I’m on my phone, but I want to say I do like the variety of posts. The sad ones do need a happy post to counter balance it. But everything is very informative and I really do enjoy your posts. I hope that helps you.

  5. Multiple links in one post provides variety without creating problems with filling up follower’s news feeds. I’ve at times unsubscribed from, stopped following, FB pages that I actually enjoyed, but that posted so many it was constanly filling up my newsfeed, making it just to much to wade through.

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