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  1. You have to see the poster. It’s adorable and a creative adoption promotion.

    From NY’s Anjellicle Cats Rescue- Fan Page: “ANJELLICLE presents DOWNTON TABBY!
    Special Adoption Event, Sunday 2/17 at Petco (Columbus Ave. 100th St.) 1-6pm.
    The bios of our exquisite and very talented cast will be released over the weekend, so stay tuned. Please share with all your friends! Thanks for all your support.”


  2. I think my head is gonna explode. No. I don’t have a headache, really. I’m just tired. I’ve been trying for over a year now to get rescuers and self-proclaimed advocates in my region to get smart, read up, network and then approach local leadership about the way the shelter is run using tax dollars. The annual budget is almost 2 million. The director is a DVM who earns 100k a year.

    The gang seem quasi-interested but are doing the crisis mode thing. They never have the time. I think they cannot afford to not take the time. I hope I can get them moving forward eventually. I’ve had my chance and that ship has sailed. If they really want change here, they have to be part of it. It won’t just happen by FM.

    My thing is this. I have invited you into the No Kill Boat. It is a scull with multiple sets of oars. I have told you how they work. I have referred you to rowing experts so you can learn from their successes and failures. I have encouraged you to row together toward a new destination. It is up to you to either get out of the boat, just sit there or get together and row. If the shelter director wants to be in the boat with you, so be it. If she refuses to be in the boat, leave her in your wake and chart a new course. I guess I’m just tired of sitting here in this boat, wondering if we’re ever gonna move. As a friend said recently, go ahead – call the Wah-mbulance for me.


    1. I feel your pain. The way I look at it is this: 1. I’ve put myself out there so even though no one is on the boat with me right now, at least they know I’m here if they change their minds. 2. I’m keeping myself visible in case someone new pops up and wants to take action. 3. At some point, there may be an opening where I alone can effect change and by keeping myself out there, I’ll be ready if that happens.

  3. Last month, just days after a dolphin died in agony in Brooklyn’s polluted Gowanus Canal, I saw this inspiring video of a dolphin approaching divers off Hawaii to ask for help getting untangled from fishing line, and receiving it:


    It might be easy to miss the note embedded in the video, saying that in fact the barb (not just the line) was removed from the dolphin.

  4. I appreciate and can relate to your comments above bamabrie – I moved back to my hometown in 1993 – I have always had the heart for helping animals. When I moved here the local animal control was a high kill facility with the backing of the local leaders. It still is.

    With high kill facilities there seems to be a new level of sophistication with secrecy along with the brutality. But there is more knowledge with those that want to change – better minds than mine are on this and that is a great comfort. The Yesbiscuit blog helps me. Sharing comments really helps. (like yours)

    Nathan J. Winograd’s work has helped me, the old Pet Connection via NJW recommendation to read it helped me, KC Dog Blog helps, Christie Keith helps and many many others.

    It gets lonely and boy do I get tired – I admit that…recently watched on PBS The Abolitionists – excellent 3 part series – I was amazed at how few Abolitionists there were….but with persistence they toppled a whole system of slavery. Without a doubt freeing the slaves was the right thing to do….

    The No Kill Movement is gaining and without a doubt it is the right thing to do –

    A good friend of mine always says “keep the faith” so I say to you and to myself Keep the faith.

  5. PeTA ruins everything that makes animal lovers happy, I swear. I was looking up the care of betta fish, since I’m planning to get one, and then this popped up in my search: http://www.peta.org/issues/companion-animals/betta-fish.aspx

    Bettas are perfectly happy in captivity when given a variety of foods and some mental stimulation. They act like I’m going to keep it in my toilet bowl. Same mentality they have with all animals in confinement, especially shelters.

    Perhaps I’m just angry because I totally de-bunked PeTA today when people said they are ‘good’. the Virginia Dept. of Ag records don’t lie, PeTA supporters sure hate seeing those.

    Guess I should get back to making plans to torture my poor, captive pets.

    1. Honestly, if PETA somehow got their hands on a Betta Fish, I assume they would kill him immediately, like they do almost every single one of their dogs and cats. So yeah, I wouldn’t take any advice from them on the subject of anything pet related.

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