Treats on the Internets

The Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in NY is paying a certified trainer $54 an hour to conduct canine behavior evaluations and rehabilitation for “no more than 32 hours a week”.

The Times looks at the American Kennel Club’s track record of inspecting – and approving – kennels whose owners later end up facing animal cruelty charges.

A stray dog in Chester, PA got into a pickup truck near a school and began fighting with the dog who was inside.  Police were called for assistance in breaking up the fight.  Two officers drew their weapons and fired several bullets, killing the dogs.  A spokesman could not explain why the city’s ACO was not called.  The police department will investigate itself to make sure proper procedures were followed.

The husband of a licensed Lee Co, FL vet pleaded guilty to practicing veterinary medicine without a license.  Pets in his care were reportedly injured and killed.  He was sentenced to 6 months in jail, 3 years of probation and a $500 fine, in addition to court costs.  He is prohibited from working with animals in future.  The wife was given probation but is still allowed to practice.

A fake vet was convicted in Akron, OH after owners whose pets she injured or killed testified in court.  Because one of the dead pets was an assistance dog to a U.S. military veteran, she was charged with a felony count of assaulting or harassing an assistance dog in addition to numerous other crimes.  The woman had apparently been the office manager at the clinic when the owner moved and left her in charge.  At that point she began practicing as a vet.  She is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

A paralyzed kitten was helped by some clever high school robotics club members in L.A.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

An owl who was struck by a vehicle in FL spent a day riding around in the car’s grill before anyone noticed he was sitting there.  A wildlife officer freed the uninjured bird.

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  1. Check out what is happening in Memphis. Lots of dead dogs in kennels. How many of these were under vet care with Dr. Coleman there. Someone needs to check that one.


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