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MAS, for short.

The two employees who watched dogs and cats being tortured and killed by three other employees (2 now convicted, 1 trial pending) are still on the job.  They saw dogs being hanged, cats being stomped and other horrific crimes against animals and never said a word.  This is not new information.  And to those of us who have followed the miserable state of affairs at Memphis Animal Services, it’s hardly surprising.  But here’s something new:  Local pet advocate Ona Cooper has filed a complaint with the state of TN about the two employees.  She told the local news:

“I was appalled that anyone would witness it and not speak up, especially being shelter workers,” she said. “If the staff that had seen it reported it immediately then the abuse wouldn’t have continued.”

The state is investigating the complaint.  Thank you irresponsible public for doing the right thing.  Again.

And then there’s this:

According to the official shelter statistics, last year 136 animals were found dead in their cages. But Shelter Administrator James Rogers dismissed that number, saying it was really 43.

“Some of the entries, as far as animals dying in their kennel, were in correct,” he said, calling it a data entry error. “Some of the technicians, some of the clerks, would select ‘died in kennel’ as opposed to saying specifically how the animal died or where it expired.”

Sooooo some of the 136 might not have “expired” in the kennel per se, they may have been choked to death in a hallway or beaten with a steel pole in an isolation area or…?  Whatevs.  I am weary of Mr. Rogers’ pathetic attempts to cover up the truth.  He doesn’t even look like he believes what he’s saying.

Screengrab of a dog at the Memphis pound from the ABC 24 website.

But in watching the video, there is a white dog with a brown eye patch wearing a pink ID collar in one of the cages at MAS.  She is shown near the end of the clip and she is clearly suffering, at least emotionally.

Although ChipIn has closed down and we are no longer collecting funds to help pets at MAS, we do still have a good chunk of money in the account.  If anyone can help this poor dog, I will gladly spend the reader donated funds from the now closed account to help pay for expenses.  If you can adopt, foster, rescue or transport this dog, please leave a comment.  No dog should be left like this, especially not at a pet killing facility where animal abusers and their cohorts keep their jobs, no questions asked.

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  1. Witnesses who do nothing in crimes can be charged as accessories. In this case – they are shelter workers – it should be a GIVEN they would be charged. The culture of MAS and the Memphis Government runs deep – they care little about the animals and even LESS about what their tax paying citizens want.

  2. I hate this place. And I’m in for another small contribution to anyone who can get this dog out. I don’t care who you are or whether you’re a nonprofit or not. If Shirley clears the way to give you the remaining funds, that’s a good enough endorsement for me and I will add a bit to the pot.

    Again. I. Hate. This. Place. I want it closed and I want the city to give a damn. Even if they don’t care about animals, per se, this is like taking public funds to abuse children in foster care. And before you get upset at the comparison, my point is that these are helpless creatures who cannot just let themselves out of the building (where they would likely be safer roaming the streets where the irresponsible public may pick them up and care for them). This is a betrayal of the public trust beyond description. We got outraged about Vick once we knew what he did with his own two hands. But yet we allow public employees to engage in the same behavior and people aren’t screaming and demanding better.

    I’m ranting. I’m angry.

    1. I can’t add much money, but I stand with bamabrie and will help anyone who gets this poor dog out of that killing place. I hate that place, too, and it is beyond understanding how anyone can watch abuse happen and not even try to stop it, but this is Memphis.
      Please keep us updated on this pup.

    2. is there any way to get this dog to me? I live in a big country house.Have a cat & a nine pound teddy bear dog???

    1. I believe fundrrazr, like other similar sites, charges a fee in addition to the Paypal fee for donations. I don’t mind paying the Paypal fees (like ChipIn deducted) but paying out more on top of those really diminishes the value of the donations. If anyone knows of a site that does not charge additional fees, please let me know.

    2. John Sibley just did a piece on this – don’t have time to check it out right now, but maybe that might help?

    3. Peter: So does this mean you can set up a fundraising cause directly on PayPal with no “middleman” like Fundrazr or GoFundMe, etc, thus avoiding the extra set of fees?

    1. Dot, I believe this dog is ID 251142. It is the only dog out of 80 strays listed on PH that matches the markings on her.

      1. No, the markings on the face are not a match. Big surprise, another dog not on Pet Harbor at MAS.

  3. I so agree that any shelter worker who saw the abuse and said nothing should be charged as an accessory. If that happened, there would be nobody left at MAS – which might clear the way for the city to hire employees who can at least pretend to care about the animals’ welfare. How on earth anyone employed there can sleep at night I don’t understand. And I’m praying that this poor dog can somehow make it out of there alive.

    And as for the “clerical errors” – how utterly disgusting that it’s ok for all of these animals to die there in any way, and the employees just randomly putting down death in kennel – because, after all, who cares how they died? Not the workers, not the management, not the freaking MAYOR of the city….

    1. What’s more amazing is Jeanne Chancellor who volunteered at the shelter all during the darkest times. Sounds noble, right?

      EXCEPT for the fact that all that time, she SUPPORTED the shelter, openly attacking anyone who dared criticize, dared speak up, dared question what was going on. She doesn’t even have the excuse that she needed the money.

      Jeanne was in the perfect position to advocate for change. Instead, she chose (and continues to choose) to support the killing machine.

  4. To all MAS employees – if you contact Shirley, she WILL PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY.

    You can be a force for good.

    If you see something, say something.

  5. From: Jan Courtney
    Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 10:42 AM
    After a review of kennel statistics, Channel 24 reported that there were approximately 140 animals found “DEAD IN THEIR KENNELS” last year at Memphis Animal Services. James Rogers, Interim Director, Memphis Animal Services, said it was a “clerical error” and there were “only 43” animals found dead in their kennels.

    Thank you to Jeni DiPrizzio with ABC Channel 24 for covering this story and for travelling to Nashville to find out what the situation is at their facility. And wouldn’t you know, Nashville actually has staff members who walk up and down the aisles of kennels to make sure the dogs are safe and still alive.

    Thanks to Cindy Sanders and Jackie Johns with Community Action for Animals-Memphis.

    Here’s the video….you decide. I do want to tell you that after I saw this video, I cried myself to sleep after seeing the white dog shaking in his kennel.

    There will be another MAS expose on Channel 24, ABC News, Thursday 2/14 @ 10 pm.

    Find out more of what the undercover police officer witnessed in the kill room at MAS. And who witnessed it also..

    1. Walking through the kennel rooms and checking on animals in all kennels is standard practice in most shelter (and common sense, of course). Usually it is done throughout the day but also first thing in the morning by the first person arriving and the last thing in the evening from the last person leaving.

      1. Of course at MAS, you’re talking about people who physically enter the kennel to take a photo of a mama dog and fail to notice the dead puppy lying next to her.

        On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 11:24 AM, YesBiscuit!

  6. I will help with a monetary donation too to the person or rescue that can take in the white dog. I will also help with transport through KY if needed.

      1. I believe this dog is ID 251142. It is the only dog out of 80 strays listed on PH that matches the markings on her.


  8. who is really responsible for making sure these places are up to par , they should have surprise inspections like everything else , even hospitals have it , restaurants have it ,why the heck cant we do at least that much for these poor helpless animals , i am sick at my stomach and these people are lucky i can not get my hands on them they would get to experience what these little darlings did , may they all rot in hell.

  9. Hi, this a.m. I contacted TN Death Row Dogs in Nashville to ask if they could help the pittie in the video. Awaiting their reply–and a volunteer is also going to MAS today to get more info on the dog. Hoping they’ll be able to confirm whether he/she is still alive at MAS and get an ID. Don’t know if you remember, but TN Death Row Dogs pulled the white pittie whose little puppy died in the cage with her at MAS. I truly hope they can help this dog, too–but nothing is confirmed at this point, not even the dog’s identity.

    1. Thanks very much Jeanne. We’ve got some feelers out there so I’m hoping one will pan out.

      By the way, one of the readers on my FB page called to inquire about this dog, named Twiggy, thinking she looked similar to the dog in the video:

      As it turns out, Twiggy was killed December 1st, per the person who answered the phone at MAS. She is on Petfinder today, listed as looking for a home. I wonder if they took that fancy collar off her before putting her in the trash. I would guess so. Collars are valuable to people there.

      1. I seriously resent that they call themselves an animal shelter . . . and poor Twiggy deserved to live.

      2. So sorry to hear that, Twiggy was one of the many I shared and shared on FB hoping to get pulled. Twiggy’s ears had been cutoff by someone before being picked up and brought into MAS only to continue the abuse and be killed. Heartbreaking.

      3. It makes me wonder about the other pets on Petfinder. Are they alive or were they killed months ago and nobody is even trying to market the pets currently stuck in that place?

    1. I know someone here in Memphis that will foster the dog, are you sure you will take the dog we could all connect because she can not keep the dog, but will foster him.

      1. Cindy,

        Thank you for offering to help. We are currently on a hold because there is some question as to whether this dog is still alive. She is not listed on PetHarbor or Petfinder and inquiries have been made to at least 2 different MAS employees, neither of which knew who the dog is. There are people going to MAS today to try to physically find her but I don’t want anyone to get their hopes up as the footage of her was apparently shot several weeks ago. Pitbull type dogs are specifically targeted for killing at MAS and most aren’t given weeks to live. I will post an update as soon as I receive any new information.

  10. Quick update–someone will be going to the shelter tomorrow (Sat) not today to check on the dog and try to get a definite ID. I’ll post if I hear any news. Thanks.

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed that she is still alive and they can get her outta there! Thanks for all you are doing.

  11. I have someone in Memphis who will foster the dog she can’t keep him but will foster need animal id number for her.

    1. If this dog is still at MAS and a rescue is willing to take her, the next step would be for anyone willing to foster to contact that rescue and work with them. That way the rescue can cover the vetting, screen adopters and find a new foster if the situation doesn’t work out for any reason. Best for everyone if fostering is done under the protection of a licensed rescue.

      1. Jody Fisher went to MAS today to physically look for the dog in the video. No luck. It makes me sick but MAS standard fare is to kill Pitbull type dogs and statistics show they are very good at their jobs. I’m sorry there was no good news on the scared dog in the video but thank you so much to everyone who e-mailed, made phone calls, and offered to help. Memphis needs to stop killing pets.

      2. Thanks for trying. My heart hurts thinking of how awful this pup’s last days must have been. MAS is nothing more than a killing factory.
        I hope that the folks in the area will let those in the media know that this dog was killed.

  12. Thank you Shirley for continuing to do the posts on horrific abuse at MAS. I keep spreading the word and hopefully with enough press and all the people fighting for change it will happen.

    1. It does seem as if this pup never made it out alive – which is very typical of MAS. Thanks for offering to help, though. I’m sure there are others who might be able to use any help you offered.

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