Paint Chips: It’s What’s For Dinner

For dogs at MAS anyway.

Remember when the new $7.2 million pet killing facility opened in Memphis near the end of 2011 and visitors were surprised to see the paint on the stupid metal “beds” was already being eaten by the dogs?  Yeah, that’s never been fixed.

Paint chips from the metal platforms in the dog cages at MAS, February 2013.  (Photo submitted by a reader)
Paint chips from the metal platform in a dog cage at MAS, February 2013. (Photo submitted by a reader)

9 thoughts on “Paint Chips: It’s What’s For Dinner

  1. I’m really confused with this. I’ve not seen these platforms painted. I’ve only seen them dipped and covered with the rubberized coating that lasts literally for years. I’ve never had a dog or cat eat this coating! If these were painted – I don’t get why. You can order these in plain Stainless Steel as well. This is some sort of ungalvanized metal that is rusting underneath. It’s surely can’t be cleaned throughly.

    1. It is a rubberized coating. And it was coming off of the “beds” in the shelter’s first month of operation…the company who installed them was supposed to replace the damaged ones. I don’t know if that was ever done, but clearly, the problem continues.

      And no, these metal “beds” are vastly inferior, both in comfort and hygiene, to the kuranda-type beds that they were using in the old shelter. Except, the workers intentionally damaged those beds because it was easier to slice them up than to clean them properly and regularly.

      Now MAS has these awful platforms that are falling apart resulting in both poor safety and poor hygiene. Let’s see what Rogers will do about it. Anyone want to lay odds?

  2. Gee, that peeling bed looks really comfy for a poor dog who has been incarcerated in this death camp of a “shelter”. Heartbreaking. And given how often the staff forget to feed the dogs, I’m glad that it’s so nutritious as well. :-(

  3. Of course it hasn’t. They’re trying to figure out how Mr. Rogers messed up on his math saying only 43 dogs were left to die in 2012 instead of the 146 reported. Of course, he has never been good at math, as we can all attest. As long as Wharton is in office, Mr Rogers will be right here holding his tail. I never go my meeting, but will still push for reform here and have contacted my legislator and representative. Hope I can get something done.

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