VA Beach Pound Leaves Dog Outside to Freeze to Death

Virginia Beach AC is run by the police department.  In a media release posted on the police department’s website yesterday, it was reported that on February 18, “a volunteer with the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center found a deceased, male Pit Bull dog in an outdoor dog run area.”  It goes on to say that the dog had been left outside from Sunday afternoon until he was found Monday at 11 a.m.  On February 18 at 6:56 a.m., the temperature in Virginia Beach was 21 degrees F.

The police will investigate themselves, as usual.  The investigation will include “all aspects of the matter including the shelter’s policies and procedures and whether they were followed by employees.”  Well gee, I guess if it doesn’t specifically say DO NOT FREEZE PETS TO DEATH in the handbook, we won’t fault anyone for failing to follow protocols.

A necropsy will be performed on the dog to determine the cause of death.

Right.  Because he could have been smoking crack or huffing paint or hey, maybe he just died of old age because it was his time to frolic in the daisies at the Rainbow Bridge.  It probably wasn’t anything to do with an elderly shorthaired dog being left overnight in 21 degree weather by the people who are supposed to be protecting him.

Wayne Gilbert with AC told the local TV news the department is reviewing the case “to see if there was perhaps something we could do different in the future to ensure that everybody is back inside.”  Ya think?  I wonder what sort of change in procedure could be implemented to this effect.  Perhaps the employee manual needs a section on Proper Use of Eyeballs.

And then there’s this tidbit from the news report:

According to a woman who says she used to be a volunteer at the shelter, this is not the first time something like this has happened.  “This has been going on for a long time. This is not the first time this has ever happened. This is the first time the news has gotten a hold of it,” she said.

Welp, I’m sure the police will do a bang-up job investigating themselves and I can’t wait to hear the cause of death.  Then the police can hunt for The Real Murderer.

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  1. I’m SO glad the media got hold of this.NOW maybe something will be done about it.  The media can usually get things done that we, the public. can’t get done.They don’t want a  “bad name”….              “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened”                               Kathie


    1. I hope no one forgets about this dog and the media will continue the story. Otherwise, the police are investigating the animal shelter which is run by the Police Dept and I’m sure they won’t find fault with themselves.

  2. I tried to save three APBTs from them years ago. they happened to have UKC papers. They refused to let my adopter adopt them due to her being out of area, though she offered to have them sterilized first. And then I found the male listed on Kijiji for stud service, and THEN later for sale. This place is dirty. I heard they have gotten much better with caring for their animals. I guess not!

  3. I’d like to know more about the dog.. who named him Batman? Was he a stray? Owner surrender? Did his owner know he was there? Was he the only animal left out doors. and why was he outdoors to start with? It is the responsibility of paid employees to do the checking… period!

    1. See my comments below by LEM for more information, And the oldest daughter of the American Stafford Terrior said she took one look at him and said his name is Batman. She is now 24. I understand per the media, he was the only dog left out that night but other dogs have frozed to death by being left out at this shelter. GOD know why they left him outside and bought inall the rest of the dogs.

  4. And how is this not a criminal act? If a private citizen did this, they could be arrested for animal cruelty.

  5. Thank God the former volunteer alerted media about Batman’s death. Poor baby was 10 years old and his freezing to death was as painful as any human’s death by freezing. This person also reported that this is not the first time this has happened at this shelter. I was not moved in the least by the demeanor of the shelter representative interviewed by media. I certainly didn’t see any remorse on his face. There better be charges in this case. Here in Colorado we’re hopeful that things are changing for the better for our animals. In the case of Chloe the dog who was shot by a police officer the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2012, class 6 felony charges aggravated animal cruelty have been filed against the shooting officer. I know this situation is different, but Chloe’s case is an example that anyone responsible for killing an animal that should not have been killed is now being held accountable.

  6. Shame, shame, shame. Typical AC’s more concern for getting off work than the care or life of another.

    Time for changes, everywhere in the industry.

  7. I know the owners of Batman and he was a 10 year old American Staffordshire terrier not a Pit Bull as was stated in the news. He was with the same family for all of his ten years. His master tragically pasted away last May and Batman remained with the family. Animal Control took him 01/13/13. The owners also had 2 other dogs and cats. One of the family’s dogs, the only female, Stella had puppies about 4 weeks old when Animal Control took the animals. One of the residents was charged with a misdemeanor of INADEQUATE CARE. The court date is 03/25/13 at courtroom 5B and the case #: GC13002163-00. Now Stella was a roamer and she got out on 01/13/13 and Animal Control was called and responded. Since this was the second time Animal Control had been called for Stella as a dog a large. The Animal Control took her and the other dogs and cats from the house. I do not know the exact specifics: but it would be a certain amount of time before the owners could get the animals back and there would be a fine for each animal or the dogs would be put up for adoption. I was called by one of the family members to come over as the animals were being taken away. When I arrived Batman was still in his kennel and I asked the officer involved did she think that Batman would be put down since he was 10 years wasn’t it feasible that Batman would not get adopted if the family could not get him back. The office informed me that I would be surprised that these older dogs get adopted really fast, the officer had a Volunteer or Trainee riding with her and she agreed. This Volunteer stated that it is her experience that these dogs get adopted and do not get put down unless there is a health issue or are a dangerous dog.

    I can understand that Animal Control has to abide the laws of Virginia and the dogs were taken as a result of a decision made by Animal Control that their care was inadequate, but the dog died by freezing to death while at the Virginia Beach Animal Control. I can state as a known fact that the owners did feed, bath and care for all of their animals. If Batman was still under the owners care he would be alive. I cannot imagine how much Batman suffered and how long was he left outside before he died. It makes me sick to think of this dog’s suffering. It would have been more humane to put the dog to sleep.

    1. Wow.. this is what I wanted to know about… thanks for filling in the blanks..I can’t imagine the heart ache that dog suffered all alone while freezing to death.. shame on that shelter..

  8. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t know about these things, especially when I feel helpless to do anything about it. There’s just too many sad sad stories coming out of municipal “shelters.”

    Some don’t even bother to call themselves a “shelter” anymore, because they know they don’t shelter dogs & cats. They’re too busy killing & torturing to be a shelter.

    1. ezbuddy you can help!! speak up and voice your concerns tot he city officials and make sure Batman is NOT FORGOTTEN!

  9. Yes, yes, there is something you can do. Write to the women who wrote the article in our local paper & ask for a follow-up. Lets get some answers & not drop this like so many things are. Hopefully it will get back on the media as well.

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