“6 or 7” Healthy Nursing Pups Killed by Corpus Christi AC

This story from the Kiii News website has very little information.  I searched for any additional details or background on the story but came up empty.

Apparently workers cleaning up a business in Corpus Christi, TX came across a litter of pups on Wednesday.  AC picked them up and determined they were healthy and still nursing.  Then they killed the entire litter since they didn’t have sufficient staff to hand feed them.

That’s about the end of the information in the article.  I have questions.

Where is the mama dog?  If the litter was healthy and unable to eat on their own, there was obviously a mama dog nearby.  Did AC search for her?  Why take the puppies without the mama dog?  This is something that should almost never happen.

What pleas were issued to rescuers, fosters and the general public for anyone willing to hand feed 1, 2, or more of these pups?  I don’t know the answer to this question but I suspect the answer is none because of this tidbit in the article:

According to the Gulf Coast Humane Society, they would not been able to take the pups either. They also would not have had the personnel available to hand feed the puppies.

The word “would’ gives me the impression that no one asked before killing the pups.  Otherwise, I expect the word choice would have been different, such as “They were not able to take the pups either.”  Would denotes a theoretical response, as in “Had our group been asked, we would not have been able to take the pups.”

If nobody wants to kill pets, as we are so often told by pet killing facilities and their cheerleaders, why pick up these pups at all?  Even if the owner of the property where the pups were found was insistent upon their removal (which is merely speculation on my part), surely AC could have advised the owner that removal would have to wait until the mama dog returned to the litter, which would not have been long.

Picking up a healthy litter of nursing pups without taking in the mama dog, especially when AC knows they are not going to feed the pups or issue any pleas for anyone else to do it, seems unethical to me in this case.  Almost as if they wanted to kill these pets.

The Corpus Christi police department runs AC.  If you choose to contact them regarding this case, please keep your comments respectful, as always.

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14 thoughts on ““6 or 7” Healthy Nursing Pups Killed by Corpus Christi AC

  1. I posted last evening, but don’t see it here. Again…I guess no noe could be bothered to even look for their mother. Poor babies…and now, poor mama, looking for her lost little ones.

  2. Thye didnt’ do their job. They should’ve educated the caller or property owner. They should’ve set a benign trap. They should’ve should’ve should’ve …UGH…I AGREE with the “would.” It means no one was called. And the pups were healthy? “6 or 7” – which was it?

  3. As soon as I read the first lines, I was asking myself if the mom dog was taken too. Whoever took the pups doesn’t belong in their position to make that decision. Leaving behind the mother of healthy pups is unconscionable. It seems obvious there had to be a mother! Fully fed ups don’t pop out from tree stumps.

    Not only have they murdered mere babies, but now there’s a traumatized mom, endlessly wandering, searching for her needy pups. Thank you, Corpus Christy AC, but we have enough “shelters” like you.

  4. The first found litter was “forced” to be euthanized? I saw no mention of arms being twisted.

    As for the newly found litter on the “side of the road,” it makes me think some fine person who didn’t want puppies, took them away from the mother & dumped them on the side of the road, where a mom dog would of not left them. Again, a mother dog will be endlessly missing her pups & it could be physically painful with their absence.

  5. I cant find an email to this shelter just a mailing adress how weird is that?whom should i contact about this abuse if anyone know plse,lets everyone send their condolence for those innocent and lets everyone point to the porblem we have so much due to neglegence and ignorance,when we all tell what we want there will be not much left to say against.i read dozens of stories lately that are happening on the places behind closed doors where actually we would think animals can finally be save,but sadly they just gonna face with worse situations without public would know,isnt that scary?

  6. Facebook page for nonprofit group of volunteers assisting animal control, https://www.facebook.com/CCPAAC .

    On Thursday, February 21st people were asking about the puppies in the “Recommendations” section of the page (because they don’t allow comments elsewhere I guess).

    South Land Ranch wrote:
    “I just heard about the pups found – are they needing bottle feeding or are they older? If need bottles – I have the experience and means to do this. …. please contact me.”

    No comments were posted in reply.

    Above that comment was a request for those want to help the puppies to call a phone number.

    There are people making comments saying they are willing to transport pets to other groups, but after four days the page still hasn’t posted replies. AC kills pets after they’ve been there 72 hours.

    Not sure about current programs as this info is more than a year old… http://www.caller.com/news/2011/feb/03/saving-lives-4-legs-at-a-time/

    Animal control may have a “no kill” adoption program, but they shouldn’t be trying to fool anyone using those words. Some pets have been there more than a year… I wonder what their adoption requirements are?

    When I checked, they only had 28 pets listed on Petfinder. http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=TX1389

    I was unable to find info about a no kill advocacy group for that city.

      1. On Wikipedia, it says:

        “The Mayor and Council’s vision statement declares the city’s goals are

        to make Corpus Christi one of the most livable communities in America. To create a vibrant, progressive, clean city that rejoices in its diversity. To keep our citizens safe and secure, and provide an abundance of economic development opportunities while paying special attention to our unique environment.
        —Corpus Christi Mayor and City Council”


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