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    1. I know the state was actively challenging PETA’s animal shelter status at one time but I never heard what, if anything, came from it. Did the state just give up?

      1. The bottom of the report states – Given the findings of the visit, it was determined that an inspection would not occur at present. It was indicated to Ms. Nachminovitch that no further action would be taken regarding this site visit until such point that she could respond with information supporting the legitimacy of PETA or consideration as an animal shelter.

        Apparently, PETA will continue to take advantage to the government by keeping their animal shelter status until Ms. Nachminovitch gets around to responding otherwise. Don’t hold your breathe!

    1. Thanks for sharing that. I’m glad it went well for all the animals, glad they made a profit.. and I agree.. I also hope that stunt is the only thing he got from Peppers..

  1. We had an experience that I’d like to share.

    Wednesday, I took the two dogs out to the cornfield for a run (something we do nearly every day). I heard what sounded like an airplane beyond the trees, but thought little of it because there’s a small airport in the next town over.

    So when the helicopter came blasting over the treeline and straight for us, I was unprepared. I figured we’d be ok as it passed as my spooky terrier has seen helicopters and while she doesn’t like them or trust them not to eat her, she’s never been overly disturbed by them. But this sucker was coming at us so low, I was worried and started talking to the dogs about how it was a helicopter and it was fine, we were ok, oh look, isn’t it big? LAlalalalala…

    And we would have been ok if only it had kept going. Instead, it came right at us, got LOWER, and HOVERED OVER US like it was checking us out for weapons or something. One dog ran to me, cowering. The other, the terrier girl, panicked and bolted into the woods. I hunkered down over the dog with me and waited while the helicopter slowly spun 90 degrees, then lifted up and hovered over the power lines a little ways off in the field. I figured that’s as good as we’re going to get, took my one dog back to the car and headed home as I was sure that’s where the other dog was headed.

    Got home and no dog. Called and called, but nothing. Went out into the woods to see if I could intercept her. A neighbor heard me calling her and said that he’d just come from the highway and saw a dog in a pink vest (she wears a pink visibility vest when she’s out in the field because otherwise, she’s invisible) dodging traffic.

    Rushed back, got the car, and went to look for her – nothing. Talked to everyone in the area – nothing. Not even the surveying crew that was out there saw anything. Tried to find tracks in the snow – could only find the ones going out towards the highway, no tracks showing where she’d gone from there. It’s starting to get late. I needed help and I knew it. Gave the gas station there my number and asked them to call me if they saw the dog again.

    Went home, posted a photo of the dog and description of area and what happened on my local animal shelter’s FB page as well as our local lost pets page. Also craigslist, police, dog warden, etc. By now it’s dark – but people are starting to see the photo and listing. They’re posting that they saw her running up the exit ramp onto the highway, trying to cross four lanes of high speed traffic. Someone stopped and tried to get her into her car, but the dog was too panicked by all the chaos and ran away. No further sightings.

    Now it’s full dark out. The temperature is dropping (20 degrees with a real feel of 9 and freezing rain coming in) and I’m an emotional wreck. Going out to the field in the dark, calling and calling, putting out dirty socks to try and lead her back to familiar territory and despairing.

    But people are messaging me – they’ll keep an eye out for her. Someone’s parents live in the area and her dad was just out calling for the dog – he’ll call again in the morning before he leaves for work at 3am. Someone delivers papers in the early hours out that way – she’ll watch for the reflective bits in her vest. Someone is taking off work the next day to hike fields – is there an area I’d like her to focus on? They shared, the photo, passed the information along, got as many eyes in the immediate area as possible.

    Support. Help. Encouragement. Advice (“did you get a flier to so and so? they have a lot of drivers in the area.” “Did you get a flier to this vet? They’re open 24 hours”). It all came pouring in. People were calling me – someone from two states away just offering kind words. Someone who watches animal shelter photos and updates constantly to see if they can match pets lost to pets found. Someone who works in the area posting to her work FB page to get more people aware and looking.

    THIS is the irresponsible public that doesn’t care about animals. This is the irresponsible public that is “forcing” shelters to kill pets. People giving up their time and effort to find a little dog lost in the cold. People worried for a dog they never met. People trying to help a person they will never see. And there were HUNDREDS of them sharing the photo, trying to get the information out, doing whatever they can (from sharing and praying to hiking in the cold).

    Long story short, the next afternoon, we got a call from the gas station – they spotted her! (This was the first word we had that she was even alive, but to be so close to home, it was beyond hope!). We were able to get a direction and track her back to almost the same spot where she bolted in the first place. The dog is home, safe and well (although she lost her vest and is a bit scratched up and sore). We notified everyone online, the police and whatnot, but are still getting, “Is she home? Is she safe?” calls from concerned people.

    The irresponsible and uncaring public. I think they’re doing it wrong.

    1. Have you been able to find out information about the helicopter? Where did it come from, who was flying, what was the purpose of hovering over you and your dogs? Was it a law enforcement issue, or a flight instructor, or what? Not too many lone individuals have their own helicopter, so one would think it wasn’t ‘just’ some guy, out for a joyride. Personally, I’d see if your story might be interesting to a reporter, or at least see if that nearby airport manager might answer a couple questions about someone scaring the crap out of a law-abiding citizen for an unknown reason.

    2. Good story & really glad she got back home. It is somewhat encourageing to hear so many people helped & were so interested in the return of your doggie. It would be hard to believe my neighborhood would have such careing folks as yours with little support for lost dogs.

  2. Pendleton, Oregon: an 8-week-old blind/deaf Aussie puppy needs a home. A breeder in the area threatened to shoot him if the local shelter didn’t want him (obviously he is the product of a double merle breeding).

    Pendleton PAWS (AKA Pioneer Humane Society) took him in, but allegedly they will kill him if a special needs home isn’t found. No timeline on that, though.

    For some reason, they’re reluctant to transport him to another rescue or shelter, even one in a more populated area or one that specializes in blind/deaf dogs. They would probably consider it if someone else makes the case, though.

    Sherry Zweig from PAWS currently has the puppy. The contact phone number is five-four-one, four-two-nine, two eight zero eight. This is the only way to find out info on the pup, as there is no information posted about him online at this time, I just got an email this morning.

    On facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fuzz-Ball-Animal-Rescue/107542342698660

    1. Now this subject really upsets me.. Maria used her own credit card to save this dogs life without even knowing if money would be raised. This Dave guy is an ungrateful piece of work. Shame on him. I hope he and his wife don’t end up back in jail on drug charges again.. the next time.. people won’t be there to help!

      1. wow this is unbelievable. Before she did something to help him get his dog, he didn’t have any of that money. What makes him feel entitled to it now?

      1. Go ahead, Shirley. Tell Billy it’s all Dot’s fault. Yeah, that’s the ticket, it’s her fault you HAVE to take the Beagle.

  3. Here’s a mental health break from my house. Here is two ting dogs that I have been fostering since Dec. One is a Chi from SC and the other a JRT mix from KY. How could anyone have thrown them away?

      1. thank you, glad you enjoyed them. Both these dogs are available for adoption. If you have some time.. check out some of the other videos. All my kids are truly wonderful.. And you could always subscribe to my Youtube.

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