What If?

If the black dog in this video clip ended up at your local shelter, what would you guess would happen?

This dog did not end up at a shelter in real life. He is a much loved pet who is adored by an entire town. Read the beautiful story here.

(Thanks Arlene for sending me this link.)

11 thoughts on “What If?

  1. My local shelter? He’d very likely be fine. The building is old, the shelter is cold, but the dogs all have cots in large kennels and get blankets and more than 90% of dogs get out alive.

    The shelter in the next town over? I would not want to put money on his chances there.

    Why can’t all shelters…shelter?

      1. Mine too… did anyone read the comments under the video about the owner going to shot the dog when the time comes?

  2. UPAWS (Upper Pennisula Animal Shelter) would love him and care for him and find him a caring home! There is no doubt in my mind. I know that 100%!

  3. I liked the story until I got to the part about the owner’s wanting to shoot him when the time comes because he couldn’t afford the $150 euthanasia fee. Way to go, Mr. Vet, for not waiving the fee and sending the old guy home to dispatch his dog with a shotgun. What is this, the 19th century? Looks like someone has agreed to pay for his euth when the time comes, but that wasn’t the case until the story came out. What is UP with people. Seriously.

  4. Actually, we just had a 13 year old lab at our local animal control. Some wanted to put her on the E-list. But the vet said No! Being old may not be curable, but the dog doesn’t need to die. (Also, there was room still available.)
    Have other old dogs been killed? You bet. I’ve had several old foster dogs euthanized because the time was right…50 below for an old dog is really, really hard.

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