Michael Vick, Future Nobel Peace Prize Winner

After cancelling some public events to promote his new book due to backlash from animal activists, Michael Vick wants to know:

“Why would you continue to bash somebody who’s trying to help make the world a better place?”

Why, world? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

Which made me wonder:  Of the many somebodies trying to make the world a better place, who is your favorite to bash?


24 thoughts on “Michael Vick, Future Nobel Peace Prize Winner

    1. It’s like he bought the whole “The endorsement of the HSUS will make you loved by animal people everywhere!” line of bullshit. And now he’s mystified that we aren’t kissing his ring.

      1. $50,000 it was, wasn’t it? Oh yes, from HSUS’s page –

        “Is any money changing hands?

        No. The HSUS has not received any contributions from Vick, the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles, or anyone else in exchange for appearances and his participation in our community-based anti-dogfighting program. Nor is The HSUS paying Vick or anyone else for his participation. Vick pays his own expenses when he speaks at anti-dogfighting forums.

        In October 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles launched “Treating Animals With Kindness” (TAWK), which provides grants to animal welfare organizations to protect animals. The HSUS was selected as one of the grant recipients and received a $50,000 grant, which we used to launch our anti-dogfighting and community intervention programs in Philadelphia.”

        I looked at TAWK’s page and there’s no updates since 2011. Make of that what you will.

  1. I was just looking at his Facebook page and ran across this gag-worthy pile of steaming horseshit:
    “I always had remorse for my actions – even in the moment when I was doing it… I always felt like man why…why am I even doing this.
    My incarceration was bigger than dog fighting. It was done to bring awareness…to that – it was done to show that regardless of who you are, you are not above the law – and for me spiritually don’t lose sight of how you got here and stay humble.”

    He had remorse while he was laughing as his dogs were electrocuted in the pool?

    His incarceration was DONE TO BRING AWARENESS?

    Words just fail me sometimes.

  2. Yet again, I had to correct another so-called reported that Vick did not serve one second for dog fighting or animal cruelty. He was popped for inter-state gambling on dog fights! Didn’t spend a second behind bars for animal cruelty.

  3. I can name 21 reasons not to love Michael Vick:

    Handsome Dan
    Little Red

  4. Michael Vick’s only remorse is that he got caught. Every thing else is BS. He should NEVER be allowed to own another dog, let him explain to his kids why.

  5. I thought he was a murdering Son of bitch and am right, but now I see he is dumber than a box of rocks too. Did he think we forgot? did he think we forgave? No Never.

  6. All those hits to the head must have really messed up Vick’s brain. Even so, anyone with just a tiny BIT of a brain can see all he’s doing is trying to cash in on what he calls “remorse”.. there is no “remorse” in Vick’s body. For anything or anyone. AND when I found out that he got his hands on a Belgian Malinois, I about jumped out of my skin! WHY in the world would our lawmakes even ALLOW this animal killer to get anywhere NEAR another anmal!!??? Much less a dog like a Malinois!! He needs to be BACK in court for what he should have been charged for in the first place. Animal Cruelty. And is it PetCo that’s going to help him so call “train” this dog? Another thing that sticks in my craw… I’ll never shop there again.. that’s for sure. I hope he one day realizees that God has a special kind of HELL for people that harm defensless animals, GIRLS and children…. May he ROT there!

    1. Well, Petco is right there with Vick. It hasn’t been too many years since they were sued for animal cruelty themselves. Do a search and check it out!! I went in a newly opened Petco a couple of years ago and found reptile habitats set up cdompletely wrong for the speices. I also found one poor lizard that was DEAD. I found one of the little teenager employess and took her over there and showed it to her. She didn’t think it was DEAD!! Well educated help….part of the reason the animals die.

  7. Another commenter here pointed out that Michael Vick, like many other professional atheletes, likes to trot out the phrase “staying humble.”

    How humble would it have been if British Petroleum, after fouling the Gulf of Mexico with 210 million gallons of oil from the malfunctioning Deepwater Horizon rig, had issued a press release sometime later saying, “Why would anyone continue to bash a corporation that’s trying to make affordable energy for the world.”

    Small consolation that it is, at least BP in the aftermath had the ability to understand why the public was angry with them. Michael Vick, on the other hand, seems to have only the most shallow grasp of what he did wrong and what it says about him.

  8. Check out the “Is Your Boss a Psychopath?” test on the Fast Company website. It is dead serious, created by THE expert in the field, Dr. Robert Hare. He wrote the book “Without Conscience,” which includes both violent (Vick) and nonviolent (Pacelle) psychopaths.” Here’s the quiz – the Fast Company piece includes full descriptions of each trait.

    1. Is he glib and superficially charming?
    2. Does he have a grandiose sense of self-worth?
    3. Is he a pathological liar?
    4. Is he a con artist or master manipulator?
    5. When he harms other people, does he feel a lack of
    remorse or guilt?…(we can add “animals” here.)
    6. Does he have a shallow affect?
    7. Is he callous or lacking in empathy?
    8. Does he fail to accept responsibility for his actions?

    2 points for yes; 1 point for somewhat or maybe; 0 points for no.
    Pacelle gets a perfect score of 16. I’d give Vick a 15, only because he is too stupid to be glib and not slick enough to act superficially charming. Vick still gets a “somewhat or maybe” on Question 1. He did well with football groupies, he tries hard to hoodwink the media, and creeps like Pacelle find him delightful. According to Dr. Hare, scores of 13-16 = “Be Very Afraid.”

    The Eagles HAD to publicly announce the $50,000 grant as part of a dog and pony show in the wake of criticism for hiring Vick. In the months before Philadelphia hired him, the HSUS was rewarded with a LOT more than $50,000 from an array of wealthy sports colleagues and celebrities like Russell Simmons, who lobbied for his return to football. Pacelle would say and do anything for money and publicity, but he does charge more than $50,000. Vick has been sabotaging his football career for the spotlight, and is likely to be booted in a year. Maybe he wants to spend more time with Wayne.

    HSUS’s Philadelphia anti-dogfighting outreach work ended a while ago and is now called “Pets for Life.” HSUS uses Pets for Life as a another vehicle to work the “providing support to disadvantaged ghetto pet owners” angle. It’s one of three fundraising themes featured in their big Hollywood gala on Saturday. In HSUS speak, “providing support” usually means arranging for someone else to pay for (or volunteer to do) the actual work. HSUS then takes full credit for “providing direct care” to every animal. A coordinator for their “Pets for Life” Chicago told Bark Magazine that she had learned that “poor people do care about their animals.”

    Humane Watch’s December 28, 2012 blog post elicited a comment from someone named Sean Moore, a former low level dogfighter from Chicago who was hired for the dogfighting program there. In the wake of the Vick controversy, HSUS promised to make a difference for Chicago animals and owners, but instead used the program – and Moore – as a fundraising tool. Mr. Moore said he really believed in HSUS, but was treated like an animal by the “racist” organization. Moore and his fellow reformed dogfighter, Anthony Pickett, were trotted out in tons of media stories (google it) for the sole purpose of help HSUS, which did nothing to help the community. He strongly implied that Anthony Pickett feels the same way.

    Sean Moore likes Humane Watch. Michael Vick now does P$A’s for the HSUS Pets for Life Program.

    1. I did not know that. Thanks so much for sharing it. I learn something everyday. If Vick did feel even an inch of remorse, he wouldn’t tell others to “get over it” and own up the responsibility of what he did and accept the criticism that he gets.

  9. Michael Vick actually spent 21 months in prison. PLEASE don’t misunderstand me. I think he deserves to be held under water, until the light leaves his eyes. But I just wanted to offer up the correction that he DID spend time in jail. Not NEARLY long enough for this animal-loving mom. Couldn’t they have at least put bamboo shoots under his fingernails every day at lunch or adopt his kids out to a good family or something? =(

    1. I think where some people get confused is the reason WHY he went to prison. He served time for racketeering, not anything to do with torturing or killing dogs.

      1. That’s the whole problem.. He didn’t pull ONE DAY for animal cruelty!!!  and I agree, I’d love to see his head held under water for a while.. maybe some good old fashioned  water boarding!               “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened”                               Kathie


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