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Lots of people off work today.  Use this post to share animal related links, updates, questions, stories and deep thoughts.  Shallow thoughts also accepted.

Here’s a link on the benefits of partial spays for dogs where the uterus is removed but the ovaries are left in place.  There is even an instructional video for vets.  What do you think about this?  (Thank you Melissa for sending me this link.)

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  1. There’s a relatively new site dedicated to ending all the killing through political advocacy and legislative reform, and will include a comprehensive politician database by state. There will be much more coming in the near future, so check out the website and decide for yourselves.

  2. Had the pleasure of meeting Mike Fry and Kelly Jedlicki this week, along with Deacon. I’m hopeful that MIke’s efforts to bring reform to this region will work in concert with my efforts to band rescuers and advocates together to get them to seek reform. I know it’s up to people here to do this but having experts come in from other states – and who are using the equation to do incredible things – means a lot. We have a long way to go but it was nice to deal with folks who speak my language.

  3. WV senate bill 608 has been introduced in WV to bring about shelter reform we only have until march 31 for it to be place on the agenda. This is a bill which calls for an end to shelter killing, breed specific killing and gives protection to cats! PLUS MORE and MORe. PURR WV has a link to this on their web site where emails can be sent to the senators on the committee who are resonsible for this bill. please read more at the link below

  4. Re: Tubal ligations and vasectomies in dogs. I just found out this has lead to some breeders lying to purchasers claiming their animals are intact when they are not.

    A vet in Ontario was recently disciplined and fined $10,000 by the vet association, the CVO (the College of Veterinarians of Ontario) for his part in misleading people wanting to purchase dogs from a breeder. The breeder misrepresented the dogs and the vet was found guilty of wilful blindness and other things.

    The College was informed a breeder may have been selling dogs that had undergone vasectomies or tubal ligations without informing the new owners these procedures had been performed. The College had concerns the breeder’s veterinarian may have helped mislead purchasers with incomplete or inaccurate documentation.

    “The Panel finds the member ought to have known the breeder did not inform new owners of the surgical procedures and finds the member engaged in professional misconduct. The member should have asked breeder clients how they informed purchasers of the tubal ligations and vasectomies. The member was aware these procedures were often performed to protect breeding rights. He ought to have taken steps to confirm what new owners were being told. The panel was concerned by the member’s comments that he was responsible to his client without consideration of harm to the public.”

    “The Panel felt the member likely did not know the breeder was
    not informing purchasers about the procedures. But the Panel
    felt he ought to have known, or at least been suspicious, given
    his knowledge of the rationale for these procedures. Further,
    the member previously had an adverse experience with a purchaser who had not been informed from the breeder about his dog’s sterilization.

    The member failed to maintain proper or adequate records.

    In the absence of specific Regulations to guide the Panel on the recording of tubal ligations and vasectomies, the Panel applied the common sense standard of what a typical practitioner in this jurisdiction would do to ensure he/she did as much as possible in interactions with his clients, to help increase the chance purchasers would receive a full surgical history in written records.

    The member ought to have known that sometimes breeders do not tell clients about these surgeries. As a result, the member should have made sure this information was recorded in the document he knew would likely go to the purchasers of puppies.”

    This is public info available on the CVO website under the “UPDATE” newsletter for March 2013 –

  5. I’ve been helping a very close friend for the past 7 weeks to save these dogs once again. Is there anyone that can save even just one of these dogs? Please? ALL THREE DOGS ARE STILL THERE! Please don’t forget about them and move on to others…they are great dogs, can you help find even one home for one of them PLEASE?! $120 pledged for them!!! RESCUES?! “We can’t give up! These dogs deserve another chance It’s not their fault their POS owner ended up in jail please help Please even if you can help just one of them, “SARASOTA SENIOR PITTIES in need! Can you foster even one of these well-behaved dogs please?! They need out of the shelter and you may be their only chance! Their owner was incarcerated and they were signed over…several of their brothers/sisters have made it out but they are still there :( PLEASE NETWORK THEM & CONSIDER A PLEDGE FOR A RESCUE TO CONSIDER HELPING THEM!!! ♥ $130 in pledges now!”””
    Posted on Facebook.. any help is greatly appreciated…

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