Photo Call

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I would like to put together a post of children demonstrating proper animal handling techniques for the Hell YesBiscuit! blog.  The idea being to contrast with the mishandling of shelter pets by animal shelter workers so often seen in photos online.  If you would like to submit a photo for inclusion, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Photo should feature at least one pet and one child in keeping with theme.  The child need not be entirely visible, e.g. just hands holding a pet is ok, but it should be obvious that the person is not an adult.
  • Please include a brief caption identifying the pet, child, and what area you are from.  Your caption can be specific (e.g. “Sally, age 5, and shelter pet Fluffy in South Carolina”) or vague (“Neighborhood kid with our Pitbull in New England”).  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate that.
  • Photo should have no copyright issues – that is, the photo should be taken by you, a family member or someone who isn’t expecting payment for the use of the photo.
  • Please e-mail photos to me no later than April 30, 2013.

I hope lots of readers will consider participating.

5 thoughts on “Photo Call

  1. Excellent idea!!
    I am so tired of seeing the sweetest dogs being returned to shelters after a couple of days and on DOH hold after a “incident”.. of course the part you never about is that a 5 year old child stuck their hand in the food bowl while fido was having dinner, or that some nitwit left a toddler unattended with the new 90lb family pet..

    1. LOL, I have received some wonderful submissions Dot – including from people with no children of their own – but since the audience at the HYB blog is considerably smaller than the one here, I thought I’d crosspost.

      1. That’s great… did I somehow miss them? Are the photos posted yet? (I’ve been known to miss things.. it happens when your old)

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