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  1. Glad you asked. Under pet care basics, your dogs nutritional needs, “The requested URL /banr/briefs/dog_nutrition_final.pdf was not found on this server.”

  2. Damn. Now I want to put hats on all my kitties. But because I like my blood to be on the inside of my body, I will resist the temptation. They know where I sleep…

  3. Might be cute but if that picture making fun of homeschoolers stays up I will be submitting it to the yesHomeschool blog.

  4. Some links I think are worth considering:

    Find a Friend/No KIll/Pet Care and Lost Pet Recovery:

    Helping Lost Pets (HeLP) – http://www.helpinglostpets.com – a free, international, map-based, searchable site where rescues and shelters as well as pet-related organizations and businesses can add themselves to the map. Shelters and rescues can post found pet ads and link to their Petfinder listings. Everyone including pet owners can pre-register their animals for free; if the animal goes missing, simply change their status from “safe” to
    “lost” and they will appear on the map. Pet registration is transferable. Lost and found ads are printable and shareable; allowing people to post sightings of lost pets is optional. People can sign up to receive email/text alerts for lost/found animals in a few areas. Now includes an auto match feature matching up lost and found pet ads. Free site, even for municipal shelters. Provides a comprehensive database to overcome the barrier to increasing the return to owner rate where there are often many unconnected lost and found sites (supports the service of proactive redemptions and can help provide data about that). Membership is free and confidential and I have found it to be free of spam.

    No Kill:

    Craig Street Cats, Manitoba – http://cats.wolseleygirl.com/

    Kansas City Pet Project – http://kcpetproject.org/

    Michigan Pet Fund Alliance – http://www.michiganpetfund.org/

    No Kill Canada – https://www.facebook.com/NoKillCanada

    No Kill Ontario – https://www.facebook.com/OntarioNoKillAdvocatesForCompanionAnimals

    Nova Scotia SPCA, Canada – http://www.spcans.ca/ (umbrella group for SPCAs in Nova Scotia. Implemented the No Kill Equation, working to make the province no-kill.)

    ORA Animal Rescue, Toronto, ON, Canada – http://www.ora-animalsrescue.org/

    Pacific Animal Foundation, BC – http://www.pacificanimal.org/ – all volunteer feral cat rescue and advocacy group

    Pet Recovery Info – Missing Pet Partnership – http://www.missingpetpartnership.org – non-profit group with unique, free tips for those looking for their pets as well as what to look for in a pet detective. Website, blog videos, books. Offers pet detective training and has some links to ones they’ve certified who follow their code of conduct.

    Is there a site documenting communities that have achieved at least a 90 percent live release rate or who have adopted the No Kill Equation and are working towards that?

    Pet Care Basics:

    Catinfo.org – http://www.catinfo.org – Dr. Pierson’s non-commercial health and nutrition site. Includes info on feeding for optimal health, non-prescription weight loss, vaccinating, The Litter Box From Your Cat’s Point of View, issues with drugs like Convenia. She will be publishing a paper on prescription pet food.

    Feline Nutrition Education Society – http://www.feline-nutrition.org – a non-profit group with non-commercial info.

    Jackson Galaxy – http://www.jacksongalaxy.com – his articles, blog and videos on feline behavior can help with pet retention and improve the feline-human bond.

    Pet behavior info by Amy Shojai, CABC – Bling, Bitches & Blood – http://www.amyshojai.com – includes articles, videos, books.

  5. Wasn’t there a No-Kill talking points article Nathan or someone wrote? A quickie “if you’ve got forty-five seconds with your local leaders and you want to get something in fast” thing?

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