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    1. No real surprise there. I’ll post about this when I get the chance. TY for sharing the link.

      On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 12:43 PM, YesBiscuit!

  1. Sorry- link didn’t come in- its the one about Warren County AC starving a dog to death.

    Animal Cruelty Exposed
    2 hours ago · 
    EXPOSING SHELTERS: Necropsy results dispute animal shelter’s claims over dead dog in Warren County!!! PLEASE TAKE THE ACTION AND DISTRIBUTE WIDELY!

    Warren county officials have been steadfast in their claims that a dog named “Mila,” whose bloodied body was found in an open pit… See More

    1. Do you have a link to the news article? That FB page is too horrific to scroll through (although I tried)…

    1. Seems like an honest take on the situation. No glossing over the less than ideal conditions but no claims of abuse or neglect. I assume the anonymous FB page attacking OAS still hasn’t produced any meaningful evidence of anything?

  2. A web radio host is doing a program today about the No Kill Equation. I was initially contacted about this and referred the folks in charge to Mike Fry and Beth Nelson I was told later that another guest on the show is against no kill and that this could be a disaster. I tend to presume people are what they say they are when asked for a referral. I guess this broadcast holds the potential for fireworks and I hope it will be kept in check. I don’t see much point to a broadcast that would just be an on-air argument. Perhaps I’m just far too naive for my advanced age. This show allows call-ins. I’ll be working and while I may have it running in the background, will have to listen back later. If you want to listen and perhaps call in to participate, the link below is to the Facebook page of the folks holding the event. And yes, I did call Mike after I was told of the potential for issues. I would never purposefully put a friend in a bad position.


  3. Our national major animal welfare organisation in Australia – the RSPCA – has decided to join forces with the representative mouthpiece for pet shops & ‘humane’ puppy farming.

    The thinking seems to be that like ‘humane pork’ and ‘cage free’ eggs – that by a animal welfare organisation giving their brand to ‘approved’ farming method – in this case modern puppy farms – is a way of incrementally improving welfare outcomes.

    I was wondering if any major US groups have ever tried the same approach? If so, did it work out?


  4. The purpose of the current shelter system in America is to control strays from roaming on the streets.. it has no concern for the well being of animals.. It is not a system that can be reformed; it must be completely restructured..
    Please have a look at the website of Shelter Revolution..http://www.shelterrevolution.org/ they have a new model of cage-free living and communal housing of shelter pets.. they are looking for help for starting a new project which can utilize this concept and prove to the world that social animals need not be caged and kept in isolation when they are in a shelter waiting to be adopted.. and killing of shelter pets is NEVER an option here.. so as it is humane and focuses on the welfare and comfort of shelter pets from day-one, it is wonderful if this idea succeeds.. Please help Shelter Revolution in whatever way you can.. bless all those who care for the suffering of the helpless and innocent beings

      1. The little one has been with me since Oct.. he’s 1-2 years old and waiting for his very own forever home. fully vetted and you can tell dog friendly. His name should have been Mr, Velcro, but I call him Lil’ Man.

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