NM Shelter Still Functioning Primarily as Pet Killing Facility

From an article in the Las Cruces Sun-News titled “Report: Animal Service Center of the Mesilla Valley kill rate drops in 2012“:

The center took in more than 13,000 animals last year and just over half were euthanized.

The number is a 17 percent decrease from 2011.

Although the title of the piece specifically references a drop in the shelter’s kill rate, the “17 percent decrease” cited is reflective of actual numbers, irrespective of intake, which is misleading.  In fact, the actual kill rate at this facility decreased a mere 5% from 2011 to 2012.  (See page 13 of the shelter’s annual report for 2012.)  The stunningly minor decrease in killing makes the director’s enthusiasm all the more confusing:

“Finally the programs that were implemented in 2008 are starting to bear fruit,” said center director Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock, who took the helm in 2008. “You can see the euthanasia numbers are really, really dropping. It’s finally coming together.”

I was unable to locate any 2008 stats for this facility but on page 10 of the 2010 annual report, it says the 2009 kill rate was 60% and the 2010 kill rate was 56%.  In 2011, the kill rate was 57% and in 2012 it was 52%.  So taking into account the publicly available information for the kill rates in the years 2009 through 2012, there is an 8% decrease.  The suggested 17% decrease in kill rates does not exist anywhere.  The main thing happening at this facility is dog and cat killing – same as it ever was.  It’s been 5 years.  How many more years are needed before the staff start doing their jobs and stop killing pets?

In 2012, Animal Service Center of the Mesilla Valley killed more than 3100 animals for being feral or timid.  Over 1200 animals were killed for space with the vast majority of them being Pitbulls.  A greater number were killed for treatable medical conditions such as coughs, colds, ringworm, and tragically – pregnancy.  (See page 11 of the 2012 annual report.)

“It’s finally coming together” would probably be the last words that spring to mind in describing this pet killing facility.  More like, it’s continuing to come apart.  I guess I see why the director attempted to spin the numbers to fool taxpayers and donors.  It’s not like telling the truth would be a good option if all you had to show for your years of work was a landfill bursting with tens of thousands of dead dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  Assuming you wanted to keep your job killing animals, that is.

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7 thoughts on “NM Shelter Still Functioning Primarily as Pet Killing Facility

  1. The head of this shelter, Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock, won notoriety in 2011 when she chose to kill a dog in connection with an interview with a local TV station, rather than use her media time to advocate for the dog’s adoption.

    Valerie Hayes wrote eloquently about the killing, and New Mexico Pets Alive issued a blistering statement about it (linked in Valerie’s blog post):


    1. I remember reading about that . . . why on earth would anyone even hire her after that?

  2. killing is the last option… when they are so far gone, but suffering is not do your job. when the power is out you call MLGW they will take care of it in a few days… RIGHT.. Your lack of caring means you need to look for a new job. Hope that when you need help medics don’t take you stand on Ethics

  3. That lady is a racist! She doesn’t like black people or Mexicans. She is completely fake and fools everyone around her by exerting authority and abusive language. Her kids are much smarter than her staff she often says. She has a few yes men working for her to back up any indiscretions that occur just about daily. The constant dog maulings that occur by placing 4 to 5 strange dogs together. This is especially fun at feeding time. The shelter has received a facelift but from lies and deception and corruption. Please someone look into this! Probably won’t do any good anyway since she knows too many rich folks in high places.

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