Taking Care of Business

From time to time I post blog related guidelines and clarifications for the good of the order, as the saying goes.  This being one of those times.

Commenters are free to express their opinions and they do not need to agree with my views.  Trolling is not allowed.  There is a difference and ironically, trolls seem to be gleefully ignorant of it.  The trolling umbrella here covers people who are commenting without intent to contribute to a meaningful discussion but rather to pick fights, smear an individual or group, or further a personal agenda.  Comments might include ad hominem attacks, hate speech, or fake names.

The anonymous commenting feature is enabled primarily to protect whistleblowers who wish to speak out about their local shelters without fear of retaliation.  It’s not for cowards who won’t put their real names to their personal attacks or who think they’re crafty by creating multiple accounts in order to make their views look popular.

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As for the blog’s Facebook page, it’s not the favorite son.  The blog takes priority which is to say, I invest less time patrolling FB for animal hating comments.  As such, if I see someone on FB attempting to justify dogs and cats in the kill room of our nation’s so-called shelters, I may give a one time warning or I may simply ban the poster outright.  All that same nonsense about idiots creating fake profiles seems to be even worse on FB and I just don’t have time for it.

If you don’t believe in math or that the killing of shelter pets is wrong, it’s not my job to convince you.  I provide news and information, including proven methods, to those interested in saving shelter pets.  If you believe you have an alternative proven method that results in an end to the killing of shelter pets, good on you.  The more, the merrier.  But if you believe that killing healthy/treatable shelter pets is beneficial, necessary, or in any way a kindness, don’t come around here.  If I ban you for your comments supporting killing, you can be assured I will ban you even more quickly from my inbox so don’t bother wasting your time e-mailing me about your wonderful world of killing.  You won’t convince me and I won’t try to convince you.


I am for truth.  I have investigated and exposed the killing of healthy/treatable pets in both pounds and shelters that call themselves no kill.  I do not discriminate based upon how the shelter describes itself.  If you have evidence regarding the needless killing of shelter animals, I will look at it, regardless of the facility.  While I do not have the time to post about every facility on which I receive information, I do as many as I am able.  And I do not dismiss credible evidence based upon the description the facility gives itself.

That said, simply claiming “I know because I saw it on Facebook” while posting under a fake name is not credible evidence.  While I might give you the benefit of the doubt and let it through as a single comment, don’t expect to post multiple comments of this nature.  I keep track of this kind of thing.  Post links to your evidence, even if it is a comment you saw on Facebook.  (Note:  If you don’t know how to link directly to a FB comment, try Google.)  Producing hard evidence goes a long way toward solidifying your credibility and will make readers examine your claims more seriously.

I hope this is helpful information that will make your blog experience smoother.  I’m all out of cupcakes but just know that I love you, man.

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  1. I have to come to your blog when I need to regenerate my soul from all the hateful, ,hurtful mud slug my way from our local pro shelter lovers. Thanks

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