Treats on the Internets

San Antonio Animal Care Services reportedly left a stray dog to suffer for days in a trap unattended outdoors.  Neighbors splashed water on the dog, hand-fed him and cried when the city did not respond to pleas to help the animal.  The dog has since been picked up by the city.

The director of the Etowah Valley Humane Society in GA allegedly pulled down a woman’s pants in front of co-workers in February.  He was arrested and charged last week.  The woman was on work release at the time of the incident and assigned to work at the shelter.

The director of the troubled Bay Co AC facility in FL has resigned.  (Thank you Lori for the link.)

An update on the state of affairs at Olympic Animal Sanctuary in WA.  (Thanks Clarice.)

A mama Pitbull has adopted an orphaned litter of Shih-Tzus.  Too bad all the Shih-Tzus are being nursed on Evil Bitey Milk and will have to be declared dangerous upon development of teeth, if not sooner.

Iceland kills endangered fin whales and exports some of the meat to Japan for human consumption.  Recently animal advocacy groups called out a Japanese pet food manufacturer for making jerky treats for dogs out of fin whales.  The company pulled the product immediately.  (Warning:  photo of butchered fin whale at link.)


3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. How much you want to bet that poor trapped dog never leaves the shelter? He survived for YEARS on his own, yet the ‘help’ we humans have given him so far has more torturous already, and may well prove to be lethal.

      1. From what I see (and I could be wrong…it’s hard to find the most up to date numbers), it looks like the city has a 40% kill rate (which is actually a pretty huge improvement from previous years.) So the dog being up for adoption is unfortunately not a guarantee he’ll be spared, though hopefully the publicity will help him and other animals in the shelter.

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