Just One Day – Share How Your Shelter is Participating

Today is June 11 – the second annual day asking shelters across the country to promise to function as a safe haven for pets for at least one day.  Animal Wise Radio will be broadcasting live today.

What is your local municipal shelter doing, if anything, for Just One Day – free adoptions, taking pets to the local TV news station, something else?  How well did your shelter promote its participation in order to draw people in for adoptions?  Do you have an idea of the number of pets that will be saved today because your shelter is participating?

I checked my local shelter’s website and didn’t see anything about participating in Just One Day.  I haven’t seen any advertisements on social media or locally promoting their animals for today.  As far as I know, they aren’t participating in any significant way at all.  I hope many of you will have more exciting news to share about your local shelters.

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  1. Just sent local directors (ac and hs) an email with a link to the “just one day” page ~ haven’t heard anything about local ac or hs doing this. HS is closed admission, low kill, but could/should be doing this anyway. AC director is a good lady who is working hard to get them all out alive! Hope others have better news about their local facilities.

    1. Excellent Peter! Can you share a link to the pets you have available for adoption? I like to look.

      On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 10:04 AM, YesBiscuit!

  2. Am from India.. here dogs and cats are permitted to live on the streets and Animal Control only looks into complaints from residents.. Am very happy that it is June 11 and animal shelters in the USA will not kill any shelter pets today.. God bless this noble endeavor on behalf of the shelter-pets.. i pray along with all animal lovers here that every day becomes a sort of June 11 in the USA and the killing of shelter-pets stop forever.. God bless all the noble people there doing their bit for the beloved pets.. we love you all and support you..

  3. The “humane” society and AC in my county are not participating. Both are high kill facilities.

  4. Baton Rouge’s CAA is supposedly participating. You wouldn’t know it though. Haven’t seen any publicity or promotions, nothing on their fb page. The only reason I think they MAY be participating is someone asked an employee and they said they were. June is also “Adopt a Shelter Cat”….can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a cat posted on their fb site.
    I guess shipping dogs up north is more important :0

  5. Just checked the list of places taking the pledge today ~ MAS is listed! Not sure if they’re doing anything special to promote adoptions, but they are at least on the list.

  6. 2nd year in a row I sent an email a month ahead asking several shelters in San Diego county to participate and a big fat no response is what I got. I have been seeing the promotions by so many on facebook though, free adoptions..adoptions for $30 for dogs 30lb and over, $11 adoptions for June 11…seems like its really doing well the ones who are participating. Just very disappointing here in Cali.

  7. No Kill Colorado created an event bringing dozens of shelters and rescue to a city park for Just One Day Denver. Any organization that pledged could get a space for free. All the open admission local municipal shelters were invited. They refused. Great day anyway. Lives saved by the dozens of orgs that showed up.

  8. Our big local humane society and the county shelter participated, though without promotions, which seemed odd. They did have cat adoption promotions and Father’s Day promotions. Unfortunately, the city shelter didn’t participate.

    On a better note, I happened upon this story out of Tennessee because it mentions Dogs on Deployment, a newish national organization that arranges fostering of deployed service personnel. DOD is in my Facebook feed and noted that the piece had provided publicity for their group. The piece does a nice job of explaining the value of Just One Day along with promoting DOD. (I hadn’t realized that there will be another Just One Day wave on Saturday . . . promotion for the Saturday event was the hook for the story.)


  9. i just feel so sad when i see some comments where nothing is happening for the shelter-pets.. i see what dear dogs are there in the USA and how much they deserve to live just like any other living being.. i can’t understand the reasons why such beautiful beings are killed for reasons like lack of space.. this has gotta change.. i sometimes think that people need to be comfortable and that’s good but why should dogs/ cats be taken away and wait for their lives to end? allowing dogs to live on streets works in Bangalore, India which is a big city.. i have lived all my life here and have had no problems of any sort with strays.. they just live quietly and are immensely grateful for every morsel they receive.. they are so innocent..
    here in Bangalore urban areas, the animal control neuter them, make a small incision in the ear of the dog to signify that and return them to the same spot of pick-up.. now except for these dogs there are few dogs and puppies are rare..
    the stray dog population sort of balances out due to various reasons such as food, disease and dogs migrate to other areas if they don’t find food or water.. so no problems of aggressive packs and such..
    in Bangalore rural areas i find more stray dogs as people are more kinder and feed them regularly.. in urban Bangalore i find lots of people don’t care and drive them away and so they go away else where.. at-least they get to live their lives..
    can’t permitting strays to live on the roads work for USA? is seems to work here in India ..
    and all these animal kill shelters in USA can be closed down and used as free vet hospitals or sanctuaries for the sick and old stray pets..
    i just want all the killing of dear shelter-pets to stop in all the shelters, just like all these people who write in this blog.. this just can’t happen in a animal- loving country like the USA who are blessed with such amazing beautiful dogs and cats..

  10. Our local shelters did participate, one had free cat adoptions and adopted out over a hundred and the other had one dollar adoption fee per pet. I don’t know yet how they did. The first shelter posted that they still can’t make no kill and of course it’s our fault. Still, they are doing low cost/free spay and neuter, have foster homes and pet retention services. I want so badly for them to make it no kill. they have several off site adoption events as well.

      1. Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester
        “We’re proud to have signed and honored the “Just One Day” pledge for yesterday, June 11, to not euthanize any adoptable animals for the day. We’re also thrilled to have adopted out 115 animals yesterday, including 108 cats for FREE. However, the harsh reality is that the number of animals being surrendered to the shelter is more than we are able to adopt. As of yesterday we had over 750 animals in our care (including 245 in foster care), and even though we found homes for 115 animals yesterday, 42 more were admitted and our Admissions area is swamped today. That’s why we need help from the community to make Just One Day a lifelong commitment. We’re asking you to partner with us to reduce euthanasia. You can help by:

        *Being responsible: Spay and neuter your pet, choose adoption, visit the vet regularly, wait to bring a pet into the home until you can afford the expense and time commitment, and choose pet-friendly living arrangements.

        *Using our resources: Many of our programs are designed to address the problems that people cite when surrendering their pets and other reasons animals come to the shelter. Learn about your options and commit to taking advantage of all the resources before surrendering your pet.

        *Donating: No tax dollars support Lollypop Farm. The only way our organization is able to help pets and people is through support from individuals and businesses in the community and beyond. Make a donation, volunteer your time, participate in our events, and share our message.

        Together, we can save more lives. http://bit.ly/1192TeO

        On re reading it’s maybe not so bad but most animals are spayed and neutered, many people volunteer, many adopt, so on and so forth. I think the public is doing a lot.

      2. I see what you mean. The “irresponsible public” is at the top of their hit list which seems odd, to say the least, when announcing the adoption of 115 animals for the Just One Day promotion.

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