The Worst Animal Cruelty Prosecutors in the Country

After failing to get convictions on any of the three managers indicted in connection with the 2009 MAS raid, state prosecutor Chris West was replaced by prosecutors Marques Young and Katie Ratton for the trial of former Memphis ACO Demetria Hogan.  Accused of selling an impounded Pitbull named Kapone out the back door and allowing another owned pet named Max to suffer until he died as she evaded police, Hogan had been indicted on “four counts of official misconduct, one count of forgery, one count of theft and one count of cruelty to animals.” Yesterday, District Attorney General Amy Weirich dropped all charges and the judge dismissed the case.

The Commercial Appeal breaks it down:

In the case of Kapone, [Young] said, proving that Hogan did not deliver the dog to the shelter – resulting in the theft and paperwork forgery charges – became more difficult upon learning that Hogan may have witnesses who said she did deliver the animal.

Oh let me guess – some fellow MAS workers, those paragons of virtue?

And in the case of Max, the dog whom, at the time of the indictment, no one disputed was alive when impounded by Hogan:

Prosecutors said a subsequent necropsy showed the dog could have died from the heat at the scene and not necessarily in Hogan’s animal truck while being taken to the shelter.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.  I was going to leave it there, and just let the pathetic excuse for a case offered by the prosecutors speak for itself but then one of them had to jam the knife in further and twist it around:

“It’s very sad when a dog has died or a dog is missing,” said Ratton, “but that doesn’t always mean a crime has been committed.”


As sorry as I am for what happened to Kapone, at least the so-called irresponsible public stepped up and helped him get back home eventually.  And even though no one connected to the case seemed to be interested in doing their jobs, the happy ending helped ease the pain of his theft.  But with Max, the dog whom no one disputed was alive at the time of impound, there was no happy ending.  As it was reported last summer, police were attempting to locate Hogan in order to arrest her for cruelty in connection with the “disappearance” of Kapone, and she was allegedly tipped off that police were waiting for her at the pound.  So instead of taking the dog she had on her truck at the time – a 9 year old Lab mix called Max – to MAS, she apparently drove around for a couple of hours until police left.  Max died during this time.  Per a necropsy report, his death was non-accidental heat stroke.

At the time I naively hoped that whoever tipped Hogan off would be charged and fired.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  And while I have no information as to the identity of the supposed witnesses who “may” have testified that Kapone was delivered to MAS by Hogan, I can’t help but wonder if they are the same individuals who tipped her off about police causing, to my mind, Max to needlessly suffer and die.

Bloody hell, Memphis.  I suppose the city will now reinstate Hogan with back pay and a new chokepole and send her back out on patrol to protect the city from animal abusers.

It’s very sad when a dog has died or a dog is missing such as happened in this case and in my view, it strongly suggests a crime has been committed.  But neither the DA nor the prosecutors could apparently be bothered to do their jobs.  Which is par for the course in Memphis.  And it wouldn’t surprise me one iota if Mayor Wharton and his cronies were pleased as punch with the outcome.  Yay Memphis.

15 thoughts on “The Worst Animal Cruelty Prosecutors in the Country

  1. Oh Memphis. Just when I think you can’t disgust me any more than you already have, you manage to take it one…more…step. What’s next? How degraded do you have to get before the place finally collapses in on itself from the weight of its own evil and hypocrisy?

  2. Another disgusting misjustice for the animals at MAS. Apparently the people of the city are ok with it all. I do live in TN but on the other side of the state. I have fought to get this shelter in line, even contacted the governor who told me “its a local problem”. To which I responded “local authorities are criminals and are doing nothing”. He said “I dont have the jurisdiction”. My response to that was “if you dont, then who the hell does”? Makes me ashamed to live in the state.

  3. Mikken said it so well ~ just when I think it can’t get any worse in Memphis, it does! Shame on everyone who is either involved or looking the other way.
    What a dreadful place Memphis must be, for people and for animals.

  4. If you have a respect for life, a respect for the law, respect for the court system, a respect for morals, a respect for God, then Memphis is NOT the place to be. Memphis has continually failed in providing justice of any sort. Once again, justice will have be served by God in His day of judgement, because Memphis will not do it’s job. What a slap in the face of humanity and justice that has been dealt by Memphis and the spineless overpaid District Attorney again. This sends a clear message that the Second Chance program is not working and the Mayor looks like an idiot, again. Closed door bargains were made for charges to be magically dropped at the last minute. What has happened to the once great city of Memphis? If Memphis were to go to the dogs, it would be a monumental improvement, without question.

  5. Cannot say it any better than James. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Un-freakin-believable. Pity any animal that lives in Memphis.

  6. It seemed like the case against Hogan was a slam dunk as they say. This is incredible. Pity the animals, but also pity the people of Memphis.

  7. This makes me so angry… So why doesn’t the Humane Society or whoever step up.. what happened there was a crime. Did they really think this would be forgotten about in time? I haven’t forgotten!

  8. This is so damned disgusting. I am so outraged. I forwarded this to all my contacts on the MAS list and the MAS board. This just gives MAS and the city of Memphis free reign to do what they damn well please with the animals there, and to not suffer any consequences for cruelty. Our leaders must be really happy, standing around cheering and giving high fives for being given permission by the DA to kill, kill, kill.

  9. I was curious and looked up Amy Weirich. She was elected (last year), not appointed, and she is a Republican, while Wharton is a Democrat. But none of that seems to have made her thinking more independent. I wish the local press would dissect the Hogan case, as it would make it clearer why Weirich abandoned the charges . . . and why she did so now. Certainly, her motivation to convict Hogan was far lower than I would have expected, given the unpopularity of MAS and the recent high-profile torture cases.

    It’s strange how MAS has become a locus for so many different kinds of problems: not just cruelty to animals, but incompetence (I’m thinking of the vet) and corrupt practices like choosing to avoid justice that could have been easily achieved. Killing is a magnet that attracts a lot of other bad things with it.

    1. You are right. However, Memphis government and city leaders have been corrupt for years. had she been convicted it would have looked bad for MAS, as if it doesn’t already. It is despicable, disgusting and unforgiveable that they let her walk. I can only say that the powers that be are in bed with each other, and I am sure they are all out celebrating with high fives and such. The DA just gave MAS free reign to kill, kill, kill,

  10. I am ashamed to even say I am from Memphis. I am ashamed of how the DAs & judges have thrown justice out the door with all the cases of abuse, theft, misconduct & torture coming from MAS. I’m ashamed of our mayor who hires 2 time felons, looks the other way at abuse at MAS when he promised to clean it up when he took office. I’m ashamed of the mayor’s choice of administrators for MAS. I’m ashamed of MAS employees & the people who won’t stand up to hold those accountable in complicity with crimes committed at MAS. I’m ashamed my city will even employ freaks like Demetria Hogan, Lightfoot or Elliot. I am ashamed of the way this city has little or no respect for animals.

    Words of Mahatma Gandhi keep coming to mind: “A nation (Memphis?) and its moral progress can be judged by the way they treat their animals.” and “The life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.” Memphis has failed as a nation & in their moral progress. Shame on Memphis & those making poor decisions in government here.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I send these posts to all my MAS contacts, City Counci, Mayor, senator, governor, MAS board and anyone else within reach. I tried seeing the Mayor, but he is not available for animal lovers. I keep trying though. I sent this one as well, but as always, do not foresee a response.

  11. There comes a time when government no longer serves the people. We are in those times at all levels of government.
    Where government exists to serve itself.
    It’s now time to organize and take back your government by whatever means necessary.

  12. I find myself coming back reading posts & everything about the LAST failure in prosecuting MAS’ criminals. I can’t find the words to express my disgust, disappointment & anger with Memphis’s failures stemming from MAS, their killing director, their criminal abusive employees, the Mayor that makes excuses for them and the court system that gives a pass to MAS’ criminally inclined employees. I’m not even going to mention the city’s killing of Don Moore through efforts of MAS.

    Please, let me out of here!

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