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  1. A rescuer in North Carolina has had a stroke and her family needs to find placement for all the animals. Here’s the message posted by another rescue group: “RESCUE IN DISTRESS! Please share with all rescues, foster parents, and animal lovers. We received a message that Amy Hobbs who runs the rescue called H.A.R.T. Foundation in Lexington, NC (Davidson County) had a massive stroke and will no longer be able to run this rescue. Her sister is asking for help to place over 30 dogs that they have on the property. There is a mixture of small to large dogs here. We were told the dogs can be found on Petfinder, but the web site as well as the Petfinder list isn’t working, at least at this moment. The dogs are all current on their rabies vaccinations and some have been altered. Over half of the dogs are small breeds (Chihuahua, Chi mixes, Doxie mixes, Terrier mixes, etc.). These dogs need to be moved as soon as possible as their food supply is depleting and it is hard for the family to care for the dogs. If anyone can offer any assistance please contact Amy’s sister, Deborah Hobbs at 336-596-8414. Again these animals are in desperate need of help immediately. Thank you all so much for passing this along.” (Link to the original post on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ruffloverescue/posts/10151443022566954)

    I don’t have more info, so anyone interested in helping will have to call the number above.

  2. Please network to save this last dog standing at Robertson County Animal Control in Springfield, Tennessee after mass killing from a parvo outbreak.

    Contact is: Sara Geny forgetmenotrescue@gmail.com

    You may have seen on the news the tragedy of the Robertson County Animal Control dogs being euthanized in one day. Rescue was notified with no notice to get animals out. A few dogs were put into quarantine watch – and they are fine. the shelter is nearly empty of dogs. So unnecessary…

    There is ONE dog that never went in the shelter. He is in an outdoor holding run that was not exposed. However, he has only been given today and that is not much time to find rescue. Here is his picture…it is a tragic icing on the cake to let this one die too.
    He’s friendly and has hair loss – I will link my facebook post with his photo. He doesn’t have much change at this facility.



    PLEASE share if you can – there is no reason for this dog to die.

  3. Dr. Kate Hurley, Director of the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program. is presenting a webcast on sheltering cats. In this free webcast through Maddie’s Institute, Dr. Hurley will examine assumptions underlying traditional sheltering practices and compare them to the most recent evidence-based information regarding the impact of stress on sheltered cats.


  4. James Gandolfini’s last film was about a Pit Bull.

    From the June 20, 2013 post at The Happy Pit Bull:

    “Gandalfini had a soft spot for animals, especially Pit Bulls. It’s unknown if it was coincidence or compassion that brought Gandolfini to sign on for his latest film “Animal Rescue”. According to IMDB, ‘Animal Rescue’ is a crime-drama centered around a lost Pit Bull, a wannabe scam artist, and a killing. The film will very likely bring much needed attention to Pit Bulls and shine a light upon the discrimination BSL laws place on the breed. The film will also showcase to the world just how misunderstood the breed is and what amazing, loving, loyal dogs they are.”


  5. OH, I just remembered something else I wanted to share! I foster for two Boston Terrier rescue groups, and one of them, Boston Terrier Rescue of NC has been named by Ramey Kemp & Associates as their chosen charity to get a $10,000 donation if Ramey Kemp wins a magazine’s “Best Business in the Triangle” poll. Please help us by going here and voting for Ramey Kemp & Associates: http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/socialmadness. It requires you to sign up/log in, but it’s free and they do not spam you. You can vote once a day. $10,000 would pay for a lot of vet care! Thanks!

  6. James Gandolfini – so special – thank you – I will look for the movie with the great actor and the pit bull. Bless his family and peace.

  7. My husband told me that this story, about recent enforcement of a Beijing law forbidding ownership of large dogs, would be hard to read, and it was. Be warned.


    Anybody who wants to join me in tweeting the NYT to complain about the cutesy headline topping this horrifying piece, feel free. @nytimes

    List of the many, many dogs banned in Beijing:


  8. NY state is considering an act to amend current insurance law, forbidding insurance companies from denying insurance, or charging more for insurance, due to the BREED of dog owned by the person seeking insurance. The law will still allow insurance companies to charge more or deny insurance in cases of confirmed dangerous dogs, just to not make that designation due to a dog’s breed.


    1. That is an amazing post! Hope the pup gets a home very soon. It was a fun post to read ~ makes me want to look at others.
      Poor Bentley . . .

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