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  1. Some of you may be following the Florida trial of George Zimmerman. Although the case is beyond the scope of this blog to discuss, I was only recently made aware of one aspect of the case that is animal control related – why the defendant initially purchased a gun:

    The first time the dog ran free and cornered Shellie in their gated community in Sanford, Florida, George called the owner to complain. The second time, Big Boi frightened his mother-in-law’s dog. Zimmerman called Seminole County Animal Services and bought pepper spray. The third time he saw the dog on the loose, he called again. An officer came to the house, county records show.

    “Don’t use pepper spray,” he told the Zimmermans, according to a friend. “It’ll take two or three seconds to take effect, but a quarter second for the dog to jump you,” he said.

    “Get a gun.”

    Rest of article here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/25/us-usa-florida-shooting-zimmerman-idUSBRE83O18H20120425

    1. This article provides some interesting background information that I had not previously read. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I am a legal buff and tend to follow the high profile cases that make the national news and I hadn’t heard about this ACO aspect to the case until the defense attorney referenced it in his opening statement. He mentioned it as if it was the most normal thing in the world – Problem with a loose dog? Get a gun! Problem solved. I hope local AC doesn’t offer this advice to people on a regular basis. Sheesh.

  2. I have a couple of docs to send to you to post for your readers regarding a law that will protect certain pets from ending up in shelters. i just need to know where to send it to you. thx!

  3. I was very disturbed to learn that warrantless searches of small rescues will be allowed in Oregon, if a new bill gets through the House. It was just approved by the Oregon Senate.

    HSUS was reportedly involved in developing this bill.

    From a reader post at Vox Felina’s FB page dated July 1:

    “The bill, flying under the radar as an animal protection bill described as ‘Relating to animals; declaring an emergency’ is in fact a civil rights emergency. It has been forwarded to the House and will go to the House Rules Committee tomorrow after the first reading. E-mail and telephone Tina Kotek, Speaker of the House, and members of the Rules Committee.

    “This bill will accomplish nothing for animals. Existing legislation is effective and if passed it will deprive small rescues of their civil rights. . . . Having excluded the primary stake holders at the outset from any participation in formulating this bill, Senator Courtney and the sponsors, HSUS and Sharon Harmon, Director of the Oregon Humane Society (and drafter of the animal rescue provisions), continued to railroad this bill through despite objections. As noted by Senator Doug Whitsett in today’s Statesman Journal, Senate Bill 6 has ‘So many problems – including allowing for searches without a warrant – he hardly knew where to begin’ with his opposition.”


    A petition gives the name of a local person who may be helping to spearhead opposition.


    From the petition language:

    “Sections 10 and 11 give unfettered police powers to enforcement agencies for warrantless searches of the private property of rescues, often their homes and homes of foster families, without the need to show probable cause. The assumption that rescues as a class are abusive or at higher risk of offending is categorically false and unsupported by the facts. The target of any abuse or neglect bill should always be abusive individual or entities not an entire class. Rescues are not political entities. None were asked to be part of the development of SB 6 unless they dropped opposition to its passage.”

    Apparently once rescuers started calling to complain about the legislation, there was a move to declare an emergency as a way to make it effective immediately.

    1. I signed and shared, although I don’t know if a signature from MD will be worth much. This is absurd. If HSUS is involved, I’m sure it will be coming to MD before long….

    2. HSUS is also a member of the Agenda 21 group- quite a frightening read if you have $2,500 to buy the written agenda at Amazon.

      Destruction of property rights is high on their list.

    1. What an unbelievable story.

      “When our veterinarian took a look at [the kittens], she was able to see that they were in such bad health that euthanasia was the best course of action for them,” said the Virginia Beach Animal Control spokesman.

      VBAC is the same agency that cleared itself earlier this year when it left an elderly dog outside in 21-degree weather:



    1. DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF you do not have an extremely high tolerance for animals cruelty!! I’ve signed all of the petitions, and shared that, although I hope nobody with children watches that video where the kids can see it. IT IS AWFUL!!

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