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      1. OMG. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? I was never trained by a professional on how to walk my dogs!

      1. They’re all just, “What the? Funniest looking cat I ever did see…how did he DO that???”

  1. i read this in http://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/maricopa-co-cruel-and-unusual-treatment-of-a-stray-dog-and-10-puppies/

    marylanddogfederation Says:

    If I only had a dollar for every plea, every email, every facebook post, begging the irresponsible public to save-a-dog-about-to-die-in-a-”shelter”, I’d be rich. How many times have we read, “ONLY 12 HOURS TO LIVE!!!”? That is an arbitrary expiration date imposed by a shelter. How do we allow shelters to get away with this? Are we so concerned about saving “THIS ONE” or “THAT ONE”, we don’t realize we are giving tacit approval to these shelter policies? I don’t think people even realize what they’re asking for anymore. People, if WE need to SAVE animals from the “shelter”, then why should we even keep these places open????? Sorry. Preaching to the choir, just had to get that out.

    Actually that comment made a lot of sense to me.. very pertinent and thought-provoking.. particularly this sentence

    People, if WE need to SAVE animals from the “shelter”, then why should we even keep these places open?????

    Am very curious.. can people have a say in keeping a shelter open or shut down ? and if yes, they should start shutting them down the cruel ones right now..

    People are so unhappy with the way things are in so many shelters.. the high kill stats in many shelters, the lack of efforts to reunite pets with guardians, the cruel way of killing innocent pets, not caring for their welfare as they await adoption or death..
    can people power shut down these apologies of shelters??

    Please somebody enlighten me.. am puzzled.

  2. I agree totally with the above comment on shelters! In addition, I would like to see a STOP TO THE INCREASE OF POLICE KILLING PETS WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT! I recently saw a video where police handcuffed the owner for taking telephone videos of their activities! The owner was getting ready to leave and put his dog in back of the car. Police came and handcuffed him. The dog proceeded to jump out of the car to protect his owner. The police shot and killed the dog without a second thought! Is this how they get their kicks? This happened in Hawthorne, Ca and I hope the policeman lost his job!

  3. Just want to share some good news for a change . . .
    my local humane society had a “free love Friday” where they gave coupons for one free adoption if people donated an item from their urgent wish list. I was there all afternoon and they were lining up to adopt the animals. Of course, puppies and kittens were in great demand, but we also adopted out many of the dogs and some of the older cats. The director did this with the reluctant support of her staff who said they would lose too much money.

    And my favorite old lab, Nellie, was adopted into a great for her home (her third adoption ~ returned once for attacking the owner’s chihuahuas, returned again for barking). She’s a great old girl and is now in a home as a one and only and a new person who will dote on her.

    A good day around here . . .

      1. Rough count is between 50 and 60 adoptions yesterday. Yep, a good day for many . . .

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