In Memoriam: Faye Hunter

If you were following the wave of Southern indie bands in the 80s, Let’s Active was one of your listening staples.  Let’s Active co-founder, co-vocalist and bass player Faye Hunter influenced at least one of my high school friends to start playing bass and I’m sure there are many other female bassists out there who would say the same.  Her musical clout was epic.

In addition to being an influential musician, Faye Hunter was also more recently a live-in caregiver for her mother, a Beagle owner and a devoted friend to animals.  She regularly posted photos on Facebook of the donkey sanctuary near her home in Advance, NC where she volunteered:

faye and donkey I
Faye Hunter with child and donkey (via Facebook)
Faye Hunter with child and donkey (via Facebook)
Faye Hunter with child and donkey (via Facebook)

Faye also posted many shots of her beloved Beagle, Toby:

Toby (via Facebook)
Toby (via Facebook)
Toby (via Facebook)
Toby (via Facebook)

On June 25, Toby died and Faye posted the following on her Facebook page:

Please promise to run free and happy in doggie heaven, my most precious and good and adored little Toby. You suffered so much early in life, but once you found my house you were safe and showered with kindness and love. I love you, I love you forever and always, and my heart hurts. R.I.P.

and on July 2:

It has rained every single day since my Toby left us. In my heart it has too.

Faye died on July 21, 2013 at her home, a victim of suicide.  An obituary in the Winston-Salem Journal indicates she wanted any donations made in her memory to go to The Elephant Sanctuary in TN or an area animal shelter.  Let’s Active co-founder Mitch Easter told NC public radio:

“She was definitely artistic, but every bit as much as that she was a deeply kind person and she was an animal person,” Easter said. “There wasn’t a single animal of the face of the earth that she wouldn’t try to help if it needed help. She was just a great person, a really great person. Very distinctive, bright, interesting person.”

Faye and donkey (via Facebook)
Faye and donkey (via Facebook)


If you need to talk to someone, call 1-800-273-8255 anytime, day or night.  You can also Google other help centers.

8 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Faye Hunter

  1. Wow . The world has lost a special lady. Wish there were more like her who make the world a better place. Mays she rest in peace
    Thank you for sharing, sweet Shirley.

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  2. How sad that such a talented woman should be so unhappy. I hope she has been reunited with her beloved Toby and is not at peace.

  3. My heart hurts for anyone in so much pain. I so wish she could have found some respite here. The exhaustion of living can kill you. Thank you for remembering and honouring her, Shirley. You are a good, good person.

  4. Oh it makes me ache. I moved to Nashville in the 80s with a record deal. I never met Faye but knew of her. It saddens me that such a spirit left us without peace. May she have it now…thank you Shirley.

  5. Very sad…I remember the band well. How sad that such musical talent and obvious compassion veiled such a troubled soul.

    Hopefully she has found peace.


  6. Being the sole caregiver of an elderly and/or ailing parent can be exhausting and depressing, even financially draining. Add this up with the loss of a beloved companion animal and it can be overwhelming. We all have bad days but things almost always work themselves out, it seems for Faye the bad days just didn’t stop coming. Faye, I’m repeating this quote from someone else: “May the beyond catch you gently”, where you’ll find no more bad days, only Toby and the others walking beside you.

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