Will Campbell Co Return to Killing When the Pound Reopens?

The Campbell Co pound has been closed for months while the TN Bureau of Investigation looked into allegations of abuse under director Betty Crumley.  Although the TBI investigation is ongoing and the agency has no timeline for completion, the county plans to reopen the pound next week.

When it reopens, the pound will have a new director and some new staff.  It’s unclear whether the former director and staff will be welcomed back after TBI completes its investigation.  In the meantime Campbell Co mayor William Baird is planning to submit new shelter guidelines to the county commissioners for approval.  Those guidelines, if they exist, have not been made public.  But if they include the killing of healthy/treatable animals, it will mean a return to savagery from the respite that’s been provided by the so-called irresponsible public during the pound’s closure:

‘Friends of Campbell County Animal Shelter’ tells 6 News animals were taken to the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley when the shelter closed in April. It’s a no-kill shelter and those animals have since been adopted.

It’s hard work but it’s not so complicated.  Don’t abuse and kill shelter pets.  Shelter them.   Volunteers have done it in Campbell Co.  Will county employees paid by taxpayers do as good a job as the public has done?

4 thoughts on “Will Campbell Co Return to Killing When the Pound Reopens?

  1. Hopefully, the investigation will come with criminal charges that will rule out any sort of reemployment of those people.

    I hope that things will change significantly, but I do not plan on it.

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