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  1. I guess I will use this opportunity to share 2 beautiful cats I am fostering because of an adoption gone bad. They are bonded and should stay together. Buffy is a handsome buff and white male, Chantilly is a feisty little calico female. They will go to a “don’t kill for space” humane society, but have had so many changes and upsets in the past few months, it would be great if they could go directly to a wonderful forever home. I would love to keep them, but my 3 seniors are not handling this well at all (and they haven’t even seen each other). I’m in central Michigan.

      1. They will be marketed through the humane society. Anyone have any hints for a really effective write-up that might garner some interest, even though they aren’t there to meet? I know that some places (UPAWS comes to mind) do a wonderful job of presenting their animals as individuals without creating sob stories.

      2. Lookup the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue on Facebook. Someone there writes some of THE best “this dog needs a home” write-ups I’ve ever seen. Go read a few, maybe you’ll get some ideas!

  2. The Jackson Rabies Control in Jackson, TN has long been the focus of citizen complaints of everything from animal cruelty and abuse by the staff, to unnecessary and retaliatory killings to shut the citizens up. It’s a heart-stick facility, and there have been reports that the animals (cats and dogs) are not fully sedated when stabbed. That’s just the tip of the atrocity iceberg, according to photos and first-hand accounts.

    A group is again making a valiant effort to force reform there. We need all the support and help we can get, because so far, the people who are capable of making change are just laughing. They think that, as it has been in the past, this will just blow over. Well, not this time.

    Please support our efforts on Facebook – Reform Jackson Rabies Control – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reform-Jackson-Rabies-Control/216169358540857

    Sign our petition – http://www.change.org/petitions/citizens-to-the-rescue-of-jackson-tn-animals-change-the-conditions-and-treatment-of-animals-in-jackson-rabies-control?utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

    And, if you’re around Jackson next Saturday, attend our protest – https://www.facebook.com/notes/reform-jackson-rabies-control/reform-jackson-rabies-control-protest/221202661370860


    1. Update – the citizens who want to reform Jackson Rabies Clinic held a very successful protest on the square in Jackson yesterday. The turnout was excellent. The Jackson Sun reported on the reform movement on the front page today.


      We still need signatures on the Petition and more LIKES for the Facebook page. The government and shelter officials are literally laughing at us.


  3. I need networking and fundraising help. If you are on Facebook and would share our page, especially the newest link, I’d appreciate it. https://www.facebook.com/FundOurFosters The kitties are in western NY, just south of Buffalo.

    My goal is to have the lovely lady boarding them adopt out three of them, and I hope desperately to find foster for the other three while I get back on my feet. I realize I can’t find foster for all six, and she already has a probable EXCELLENT home for Patches. Of course, if there was foster for all of them and I could get the bill paid and they could go to foster ASAP, it would be a serious miracle.

    I don’t want to give these two up, but if I have to choose, I guess these are the two that would rehome easiest.
    Tess is a total stinker, and absolutely awesome. Spayed, UTD ion shots until spring of ’14.

    Gwen has chronic upper respiratory issues, so might be considered special needs. Spayed, leash trained, UTD on shots til spring ’14.

    I’d like to keep these three, because Hellboy and Cleo are littermates and have pretty much never been apart, and Tabitha is getting up there in years. If I can only find foster for two, though, it would be Tabitha and Cleo.
    Hellboy is not the brightest bulb in the box, but super duper friendly and realllly laid back. Also kinda chunky. Neutered and UTD on shots til spring ’14.

    Cleo is my heart kitty, and the most devastating one to lose for me. She’s small, smart, spayed, silly, and UTD on shots til spring ’14.

    Tabitha is 12, and the epitome of grouchy cat. She is not spayed due to her age, and UTD on shots until spring ’14.

    I have nowhere else to turn at this point.

    1. Shared and liked, can’t unfortunately do much more, could pet pride step up for foster? http://www.petpride.org/ They are somewhat nearby. We have three dogs and two are not very good with cats or I would try to foster, don’t think that would work well for the cats. And if you haven’t tried these groups maybe give them a call? You’ve probably already tried but I thought I’d add the list anyway. Please let us know how things go, our thoughts are with you. Care Credit, a credit card company for veterinary care

      American College of Veterinary Surgeons
      (301) 913-9550

      Hearts United for Animals
      (402) 274-3679


      MaxFund (for animals with no known owner)
      (303) 595-4917

      American Animal Hospital Association Helping Pets Fund
      (866) 443-5738

      Angels 4 Animals

      Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance

      The Pet Fund

      1. Thank you for compiling these. I’ve contacted most of them already, and the majority only help with vet expenses, which I’ve already paid (in the $6k area earlier this year). Y’know, before all this other stuff happened to us.

    1. Arg, somehow the link attached to the sentance afterwards and doesn’t work, can you fix it so that there’s a bigger space between the end of the link and the “(according….”?

    2. This is why I carry a Lifehammer in my car. Yes, I will break a window (and a law) to save a dog in that situation. Hell, I’ll even pay for the window.

  4. I ask readers of YesBiscuit to please sign, and share, this petition to the President urging action on the military housing breed bans. As you may have read, he did respond in a very encouraging way to a previous petition with a statement AGAINST BSL. The federal government actually has no role in BSL generally since it’s a state/local issue. But he CAN change the military policies. Here’s a Best Friends press release with the “back story”:
    and here’s the new petition (only US citizens can sign).

  5. From Village Animal Clinic (http://www.villageanimalclinicllc.com/) in Columbus, Ohio regarding the recent dog deaths in Ohio that looked like some kind of contagious HGE –

    “Very Important Health Alert for Dog Owners

    Dr. Brown talked to Dr. Forshey, the state veterinarian, and he confirmed that they are working on identifying the cause of death in several dogs. They suspect that it is a virus, possible Circo virus. This virus has not been found in dogs before (it’s found commonly in pigs). They have sent tissue samples to UC Davis, which is the only lab that can identify the virus. Ohio State has already ruled out common causes like salmonella, parvovirus, campylobacter, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE).

    He thinks they will have it figured out by Monday and will have a national news release. Ohio is the only state seeing it so far (figures!).

    The important thing is that dog owners need to get their dog to the vet ASAP at the first sign of vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Dr. Forshey indicated that most of the dogs are surviving if treated early. There is, of course, no vaccine available.

    This information was available 8/29 on our Facebook page. If you have not “liked” us on Facebook yet, please do so to make sure you receive important information like this in a timely manner. Please share this information to your own Facebook feed so we can reach as many dog owners as possible.”

    1. They have just taken a giant step back into the dark ages, and nothing has been done to help the animals or allow volunteers and rescues to help the animals. Shame on you, Genesee County, shame on you.

  6. A Rabun County grand jury has indicted the former director of the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter.

    Lowanda “Peanut” Kilby faces 60 felony counts accusing her of taking cash donations from people with the promise the shelter would not kill the dog they were forced to give up. A FOX 5 I-Team investigation found that time and time again, those sponsored dogs were still euthanized.

    Read more: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/23342694/former-rabun-county-animal-shelter-director-indicted-on-60-counts#ixzz2dy9pTYsF

    1. And people like this is a small part of the reason others don’t want to donate to me, or to the shelters I’ve worked with. They are afraid the money isn’t going where it is supposed to.

  7. I came across this on Bark magazine: Finding Rover, a high tech means to find lost dogs. It is an Iphone and Android app where you take a picture of your dog (an app for cats is in the works) and it gets added to the database. If you report your dog missing, it will send out an alert. If someone finds a dog, they can take a photo and using facial recognition, it attempts to match it to dogs in the database. While it is very new and there are not tat many dogs in the database, as more people use it, its usefulness will grow. Imagine if a shelter was able to simply take a photo of a stray dog and find their owner immediately?

  8. my neighbor and I went to the landfill yesterday. The men working there know I rescue dogs. They told me there was a litter of kittens there, the mother had not been seen for three days. They told me, if I didn’t take them they would kill them. I brought them home. The vet says they are about 3 weeks old. I need to find someone to take these babies. I have 6 dogs and I am overwhelmed with rescues and I’m not trained for bottle feeding I’m in NC can anyone help? here’s the Facebook link…https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=622829797750527&set=a.622829711083869.1073741845.100000705384440&type=3&theater..

      1. I did ask my vet if they had a list of rescues or fosters… NOPE.. and my local shelter will kill them.. especially if the director found out it was me trying to get them help

  9. I just searched for cat rescues near you. Maybe you could do that and contact them and explain your situation. Keep us posted and don’t give up. I posted on your Facebook page.

  10. Interesting campaign rebrands homeless dogs into distinctive and unique breeds. Not sure what it costs or if labor was donated. Video in English –

    . Adoption rate and traffic to adoptable pets increased.

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